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Dalyan Turkiye - Hikes and Tours

Dalyan, TurkiyeDalyan is a holiday resort town in Muğla Province located between the well-known districts of Marmaris and Fethiye on the south-west coast of Turkey.

The town is an independent municipality, within the administrative district of Ortaca.

Dalyan achieved international fame in 1986 when developers wanted to build a luxury hotel on the nearby İztuzu Beach, a breeding ground for the endangered loggerhead sea turtle species.

The incident created major international storm when June Haimhoff and David Bellamy championed the cause of the conservationists.

The development project was stopped and the beach is now a protected area.

Life in Dalyan revolves around the Dalyan River - Turkish: Dalyan Çayı which flows past the town from Köyceğiz Lake.

The boats that ply up and down the river, navigating the maze of reeds, are the preferred means of transport to all the local sites.

Dalyan, Turkiye
Dalyan was originally a smaller town which was once a village of fishermen and cotton farmers.

Centrally located in the midst of the best of holiday locations on the south coast of Turkey, it has many advantages as a holiday destination.

It is close to the famous Iztuzu Beach where the protected loggerhead turtles lay their eggs each summer.

Just a 30 minute drive from Dalaman International Airport, it lies right in the middle of one of the most visited tourist locales along the Mediterranean coast.

Spectacular nature abounds everywhere around Dalyan that can be seen and experienced by taking boat trips, jeep tours, or by going hiking on a trail system recently layed out and marked by a local tour company owner named Murat Demirci.

Through his and his wifes travel company you can book guided treks to enchanting locations which exist in every direction through their accredited tourism agency - Mountains and Seas Travel.

Dalyan, TurkiyeMountains and Seas Tourism is located centrally in Dalyan and between Murat and his Dutch wife, Sonja who guide the tours, they speak Turkish, English, Dutch, German.

You can pre-book holiday amenities through thier website or by stopping at their office in Dalyan.

They offer bicycling tours and hiking on the ECO-Trails as well as sea and lake kayaking.

They also offer numerous childrens activities like sea kayaking, kids hiking, canyoning and camping packages tailored for children.

Since the ECO Trails were mapped and marked by Murat, his knowledge of the area is extremely complete and with a TURSAB accredited license you can be assured of safe and perfectly reliable outing.

Check with Mountains and Seas online and on Facebook at:

Visit www.mountainsandseastravel.com

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Dalyan, TurkiyeMany of the trails layed out for the ECO Trails have been filmed on video by Ellis Flipse - a Dutch woman who lives across the river from Dalyan in a small village beyond the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos.

Join her Youtube Channel and see many of the ECO Trails and the entirety of her through hike on the Lykian Way trail - a 540 kilometer trail that follows the coastline from near Fethiye to it's conclusion near Antalya.

She is currently hiking and filming the Carian Trail and has a few of the initial videos uploaded on her YouTube Channel and will complete the Carian this coming spring.

The Carian is an 820 km long-distance footpath exploring the South Western corner of Turkey through the modern provinces of Muğla and Aydın.

Ellis Flipse YouTube Channel

See more at www.athomeinturkey.com

Dalyan, TurkiyeIt is the ideal destination on the Turkish Riviera because of it's spectacular natural beauty and it's convenient proximity to the best that a holiday in Turkey has to offer.

Above the river's rock cliffs are the colorful façades of Lycian burial tombs cut from rock around 400 BC. The ruins of the ancient trading city of Kaunos are just a short rowboat trip across the river from Dalyan.

To the south of Dalyan on the Mediterranean coast lies İztuzu Beach which is a popular area for sunbathing and swimming. There are regular boat and minibus - (Turkish: dolmuş) services to the beach.

Visitors should be aware of the wooden stakes in the beach that mark turtle nesting sites. The road route is particularly scenic offering views of Sülüngür Lake. Iztuzu Beach was voted the best beach in the world in 1995.

The boats that ply up and down the river that runs through Dalyan, navigating the maze of reeds, are the preferred means of transport to not only Iztuzu Beach, but also Ekincik and Bakardi beaches.

Just a 30 minute drive from Dalaman International Airport it lies right in the middle of some of the most visited tourist locales along the Mediterranean coast. Dalaman Airport is an international airport and is the major hub for the southwest coastal resorts.

Dalyan, TurkiyeAcross the river that runs through Dalyan from Köyceğiz Lake lie the ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Kaunos.

To see this historical site on the other side of the river it can be accessed by ferryboat that transports cars, motorbikes and individuals across the river.

The other option is to ride across on rowboats usually manned local women. Once across on the rowboats it is short walk up the road to the entrance of Kaunos.

This once opulent, bustling center of commerce between the Mediterranean and Aegean seas dates from the 4th century, and represents an astonishing multi-cultural tapestry of Persian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine influences.

In addition to the acropolis, Kaunos' key features include elaborate, cliff-side, rock-cut tombs with imposing facades typifying the Greek Hellenic tradition, as well as extraordinary Roman baths.

There's also a 4th- century Byzantine church, a number of both Greek and Roman temples, and a magnificently-preserved, 2nd century amphitheater that seated 5,000 spectators - offering breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding countryside.

Dalyan, TurkiyeAbout ten minutes upriver from Dalyan, the Sultaniye Thermal Baths is a place to apply the "beauty mud" and then relax and rejuvenate in 105-degree thermal sulphuric pools.

A breeding ground each year for some 300 nests of the endangered loggerhead sea turtle, Iztuzu Beach is a three-mile strip of land that forms a natural barrier between the sea and the fresh water of the Dalyan River delta.

The white sands of this beach are open only during daylight hours in the summer - offering an idyllic spot for swimming and sunning.

Environmental rules, such as no pets or vehicles, are in effect, and beach-goers are kept well clear of the nesting zones, where the female Mediterranean loggerhead has come to lay her eggs since the beginning of recorded history.

Hundreds of loggerhead and green turtles injured by boat propellers, nets and fishhooks have been saved thanks to the efforts initiated by British environmentalist June Haimoff, aka Kaptan June.

Her Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation is headquartered at the south end of Iztuzu Beach, where a dozen or so sea turtles can usually be seen convalescing in the tanks.

Dalyan, Turkiye

Kaptan June's original hut has been renovated and returned to the beach as both museum and information center.

Encircled by a mountain range and covered with lush wetlands, diverse flora, reed beds, marshes and coastal habitat, the Dalyan delta is a nature lover's paradise.

Flying fish, terrapins, tortoises and more than 125 species of birds, including kingfishers, storks and herons, are endemic to the region. Dalyan's colorful fleet of tour boats offer unforgettable glimpses of natural beauty, culture and history.


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