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Lena Erdil

Lena ErdilLena Erdil, born on February 28th, 1989 in Izmir, Turkey is a professional windsurfer competing in the PWA World Tour. She is currently sponsored by Red Bull.

When she was two years old, her family moved to Germany, but would return often to Çeşme, Turkey, with her father for summer holidays.

It was during these family holidays that she learned to windsurf. Throughout her high school years, Lena continued to return to Çeşme and began racing when she was 15 years old.

In 2005, she became the Turkish junior champion, so she decided to spend the following year camping and windsurfing in Hawaii and Bodrum.

Lena received an athletics grant from Sussex University and in 2009 the university awarded her the right to study philosophy and politics.

Though she was born in Turkey, Lena grew up in Germany and Belgium. She finished school at the University of Sussex in the UK with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and Philosophy.

In 2008 Lena came in fourth place in the PWA World Championship in Çeşme, But she won her first race during the Aruba leg of the PWA Championship in 2011 - the same year that she joined the Red Bull family.

Lena ErdilLena has since earned top 10 finishes in the PWA Championship in Women's Slalom, with her ultimate goal to become World Champion sometime in the near future.

She also runs the Lena Erdil Windsurf Center in Ortakent Bay, only a 20 minute drive from Bodrum Center in Turkey since 2007.

She hosts events such as the awesome Pro-X-Train training camp for professional athletes to get ready for competition - by competing.

In 2016 Lena was more than stoked to win her first event in Korea.

"It was so epic to finally win my first ever PWA event!

Its something I have been dreaming of and working for for a long time, its amazing when in the end all comes together and you get to take that top spot on the podium".

"In Denmark I was stoked to win one of the races I did, unfortunately I messed up completely in the other one which ultimately meant that I lost out on overall first place by the smallest of margins".

"It was super exciting to get so close to first overall and finish the season with second place, but I am never disappointed in either."

Lena Erdil"The girls racing is super tough and a lot of girls work hard and the level is always rising.

I am super happy to be a part of this 'evolution' and am stoked to keep pushing the bar up every year."

"In 2017 my goal was the same - I wanted to be world champion, win events and just generally be the best I could be - which means a lot of work in and out of the water".

"I work with a good mix of gym, technical and on the water training. So since I have been getting really good results from this combo, I will stick with this formula".

Up until February I will be wavesailing mainly - I love this discipline and was stoked to make another secret goal of mine come true in 2016 and compete on the Aloha Classic in Maui, my first ever wave event."

"I don't think i will add many wave events to my competition calendar next year, but I love wavesailing and think it really helps my slalom sailing as well."

In 2017 I would like to see more events for the girls and generally always more girls getting involved - we have great numbers and level of participation at the moment, but we miss events".

Lena Erdil"I hope we will have at least 4 events in 2017. In general I would also like to see windsurfing competitions getting televised.

With all the new angles that drown shots offer and the general evolution of filming techniques, windsurfing is such an amazing sport to watch so I would love more people to know about it!"

The Lena Erdil Windsurf Center has been welcoming keen windsurfers and those who want to learn since 2007.

Starting off as a small family business it has grown with the years. It's now a fully equipped professional windsurf center that also offers other activities such as sailing (catamaran and laser), SUP and canoes, beach volleyball, waterski and wakeboard, as well as its own restaurant and beach bar.

The center is owned and run by professional windsurfer and Redbull athlete Lena Erdil, who has implemented her own high standards of tuition and equipment guaranteeing for a truly unique active holiday experience!

You can find out more about Lena at www.lenaaylinerdil.com

The Center is based in Ortakent Bay - only a 20 minute drive from Bodrum Center - reknown as being the windiest bay on the peninsula.

Thanks to its location on the south-western coast of Turkey it enjoys a long hot summer season, with warm weather and almost no rain from April through to November!

Lena ErdilIn the hotter summer months, from June – September, Ortakent bay is blessed with a local thermic wind that blows nearly everyday!

Since 2011 the center has been renewing its kit every season, so you will find that the centre is stocked with the latest quality equipment. Their chosen brands are Patrik Boards and Loftsails, as such they are unique in offering the combination of these two prestigious brands.

Another feature that sets them apart from other centers is that all their sails are rigged on 75% carbon rdm masts, making them lighter and easier to handle.

Competition Results


2nd PWA Slalom Women 2016
3rd PWA Slalom Hivde Sande, Denmark 2016
1st PWA Slalom Ulsan, Korea 2016
1st IFCA Slalom World Championship
1st Turkish Slalom Championship

Lena Erdil 2015

1st Women IFCA Slalom World Championship, Sylt Germany
1st Turkish Windsurf League, Bodrum
3rd PWA Slalom Women 2015
3rd PWA Noumea 2015
6th PWA World Cup Alacati 2015
2dn PWA Ulsan 2015
1st Turkish Slalom Championship


2nd PWA World Cup Slalom Women 2014
2nd PWA Airwaves Noumea Dream Cup 2014
3rd PWA Slalom World Cup Alacati, 2014
3rd PWA Slalom World Cup Turkmenistan 2014
1st Turkish Slalom Championship


7th PWA Women Slalom Ranking 2013
7th PWA Alacati Turkey 2013
7th PWA Ulsan Korea 2013
1st Turkish Slalom Championship

Lena Erdil

For more information see www.ortakentwindsurf.com

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