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Bahar Saygılı

Bahar SaygılıBahar Saygılı, born March 21st, 1986 is a triathlete who is on the national team and the first female triathlete from Turkey.

She hosts a sports program on TRT's World Travel Channel and since 2012, she is an academician at the Marmara University School of Physical Education and Sports where she teaches Triathlon.

Bahar is also a motivational speaker and sports activity consultant.

Bahar Saygılı is a small diminuitive woman, but an extremely strong and fierce - not to mention beautiful competitor.

She completed her undergraduate education at Marmara University Physical Education and Sports department and in 2006-2007 she also studied at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens within the Erasmus Student Exchange Program.

Bahar completed her master's degree at Marmara University Institute of Health Sciences Movement and Training Main Science Department.

During the preparation of her thesis, she worked with Turkish triathlon national team athletes.

In September of 2014 she appeared as a speaker at TEDX - Istanbul.

Bahar Saygılı2016 Ironman African Championship 2nd place (Ironman World Championship Hawaii-Kona won the slot.) The only Turkish female
2016 Ironman World Championship - Hawaii / Kona 72nd place
2016 Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote 3rd place
2016 Ironman South Africa Championship 2nd place
2015 Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg 3rd place
2014 Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg 2nd place
2013 Ironman 70.3 Norway 4th place
2012 Ironman 70.3 World Championship 20th (Las Vegas, United States)
2012 Wiesbaden 70.3 European Championship 11th place
2012 Abu Dhabi Triathlon age group 1st, general women's classification 6th (146)
2011 Aux En Provence Half Ironman participant (first Turkish woman)

Olympic Triathlon

2008 Universiade World Championship national team sportsman
2007 2nd Duathlon of Athens
2005 Erdek European Cup Young Ladies 1st place
2005 Greece-Lerapetra, Create Young People Balkan 3rd
2004 Bulgaria-Sofia, Youth Balkan 3rd

Bahar SaygılıWhen training as an Ironman competitor she sometimes uses the Gloria Sports Arena - Turkey's first sports-minded hotel, which is for amateur sportsmen and sportswomen and also hosts professional teams.

The hotel, which has 6800 square meters of inland sport complexes located in Belek, was founded in January 2015 by Nuri Özaltın.

With over 50 individual and team sports facilities, the hotel welcomes foreign and individual teams and athletes throughout the year. One of the greenest areas in Belek, Turkey that has clean air and the perfect climate conditions throughout the year.

The onsite food is great for athletes with plenty of choices.

Being able to easily calculate the calories eaten is very important in terms of the continuity of an athletes performance and this is possible the Gloria Sports Arena.

All the staff members are very knowledgeable with general knowledge of the type of sport you are doing.

Apart from sports facilities, there is another important area in GSA. It is the GSA Athlete health center.

In this field, where the experienced physicians and physiotherapists are in attendance, the athletes are able to work on physiotherapy, performance improvement and the techniques that accelerate the resting process are applied.

The equipment in the ice lab was Bod Pod (body analysis), Kistler Force Platforms (doing walking, bounce, balance, and posture tests), Hydroworx Pool (allows you to run in a gravity-free environment), and SpeedCourt (tests speed, agility and coordination).

Bahar SaygılıIn football it is not allowed for athletes to have sex before a game. Is that the same in triathlon sports?

"I want to explain this topic scientifically. When we look at the relationship between sport and performance in general, pre-performance sex shows negative performance in men, whereas for women it gives positive results. So for football and triathletes the situation is exactly the opposite."

When asked how she became involved in triathlons her response was:

"I will not tell a sad story like everyone else. My family first suspected me of hyperactivity. Then my coach saw talent and I so I started doing triathlons."

"I remember fainting before the first race. At the age of 14, a girl with a Safinaz costume swims 1500 meters, rides 40 kilometers, runs 10 kilometers, and there is no triathlon federation...?"

"That's what I said when I started. Now it's 14 years since that beginning."

Bahar sings the praises of fruits. Peach is the most popular fruit of the summer. Although there are many kinds, the preferred favorite is the Natural Blond Peach.

"What is the difference between this blonde and the other 70 varieties or so of peaches in Turkey?"

"Despite the fact that the outside is yellowish, it is as sweet as you can imagine but hard as you can imagine."

"Natural Bliss Peach grows in our country in Çanakkale region. We can not go through certificated and passing 600 residue analyzes to indicate that they have received no residue certificate. It is so delicious and delicious!"

"When we look at the contents of peach, it's great that it contains A, B, C, and E vitamins. The vitamins A and E are vitamins dissolved in fat. B and C are water-soluble vitamins. As such, for the endurance sports (exercises exceeding 40 minutes) we need to have both our oil and water values ​​in order to fully benefit from these 4 vitamins. Particularly vitamin B plays an important role in recovery after training in athletes. Calcium and the minerals found in ceftonin in iron and potassium."

"Some vitamins provide better absorption in the body to take some minerals. The association of iron and vitamin C in peach is very valuable in this sense. In the winter the banana provides our bodies with potassium, magnesium and iron. So, in this case it is a full athlete's fruit."

"To have energy before the training and perfect fruit in the name of providing post-training recovery comes from the Natural Blond Peach."

Bahar SaygılıCape Argus is one of the most important competitions in the world known for cycling and is held in Cape Town on the first week of March every year. The experience of cycling on Cape Argus roads and alternative routes cannot be told in neither photos nor text.

"The Cape Argus cycling competition takes place on a 109 kilometer track with 35,000 participants each year."

"Famous for Cape Town's east, it is famous for its promenade, the Upper Burns and the uphill slopes that lead to Simon's Town."

"It is very difficult for my 120km and 160km training on this track. For me to climb about 3 kilometers on a 10% slope, it was a program that could only be done in Cape Town."

"The most famous of the slopes is Suikerbosse! Every morning it was great to start with this route. The total length of the race track in Binsem is 1100 meters."

"I could not believe my eyes while I was practicing the 15 days for the Cape Argus race. During my stay I had 120 kilometers of training on the first weekend and 160 kilometers of training on the second weekend. I started doing these trainings on Saturdays, and I was constantly on the road."

"There was not a single moment I did not sit on a bike for 120 and 160 kilometers. It was like I was in the race, and I have never seen a bike track with so many crowds with lots of people in an Ironman Triathlon race."

"Perhaps the entire Cape Town population were cycling. The city center is definitely empty."

Bahar Saygılı"Before arriving I was warned that foreigners who come to Cape Town as a tourist hear something about it being very dangerous. I have to admit that on the last plane I said I wish I had a tear-gas spray. I have to say now that all the rumors are unfounded."

"I have never encountered a negative, frightening or dangerous situation."

"Even around the towns and villages of poor and mostly black people who live in the vicinity of the beautiful place where I ride bicycles while traveling, swimming, walking, touring - the most luxurious places, the backcountry or cycling in and out of town."

"I was doing it alone. Is there a safe track for 150 kilometers in Turkey where you can go without getting nervous?"

"I practiced swimming in the public pool at the Pavilion, which has a full olympic semi-Olympic and a diving pool next to the Atlantic Ocean at Sea Point."

"This pool, which has 21 annuities, costs not even 4 Turkish lira."

"Again, the question of what kind of pool similar to this is being operated in our country like must be asked...?"

"I felt very fortunate to be able to feel myself fortunate in my jogging workouts, starting from Sea Point to either the Waterfront, which is a frequent destination for all tourists, or the spectacular sea view towards Camps Bay."

"In short, Cape Town is a paradise for those seeking sporting holidays or for those seeking different experiences."

Bahar SaygılıNational Triathlete Bahar Saygılı, who represented Turkey successfully in the international triathlon races, took second place in the Ironman African Championship in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa with a rating of 10.45.51. on April 10, 2016 and in which 1850 athletes participated.

The national team triathlete, who completed the 3800-meter swimming segment in 1 hour and 6 minutes, succeeded in finishing the 180-kilometer cycle segment in 5 hours and 43 minutes despite the strong breeze.

Saygılı completed the 42.2-kilometer running race, which was sometimes difficult due to the slopes, with a 3.48 performance, and finished the race with 10 hours 45 minutes 51 seconds.

This means that Bahar has won the chance to win slots at the Ironman World Championship in Konya-Hawaii on October 2nd, 2016 thanks to her success at the Ironman Africa Championship.

"I want to talk about the swimming races I enjoyed very much. The Samsung Bosphorus Intercontinental Swimming Marathon organized by the Turkish National Olympic Committee (TMOK)."

"The second is the Gelibolu 1915 Swimming Event held in Anzac Bay for the first and last time this year in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Çanakkale Victory."

"The Bosphorus Intercontinental Swimming Marathon, organized every year in Istanbul in July, took place with an incredible participation this year."

"In the first Bosphorus Marathon in 2000, It was a hundred years old and I was 14 only years old. At that time, the race ended in Ortaköy and started with fewer participants."

"The last few races in the festive atmosphere of the last few years are so beautifully organized that we are able to observe Istanbul while in the cool waters of the Bosphorus."

"Anyone who wants to watch the beauty of Istanbul in the waters of the straits and who is confident in their swimming condition should definitely participate in this race."

Bahar SaygılıIn 2015 there were 1,100 foreigners and 800 Turkish athletes who participated in the competition, which was attended by 1900 people.

"I have enjoyed the marathon with no regrets due to the route and strategic mistakes in the race that I have so far been able to swim for the 5th time."

"I felt great pride and joy to be a part of this marathon that I think is the most valuable sporting event in Istanbul. Thanks TMOK!"

"Lastly, I got the opportunity to participate in the Memorial Survival held at Gelibolu Anzac Bay on the 1st of August."

"It was very meaningful for me to know that there was an independence struggle exactly 100 years ago at this location and to remember all the soldiers who participated in this struggle."

"The medal I received at the end of the event is perhaps the most valuable thing I've ever received."


TEDX Speech in Istanbul


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