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Şükran Ovalı

Şükran OvalıŞükran Ovalı, born on the 1st of April 1985 in the Eşrefpaşa district of İzmir, Turkey. She is a Turkish film and television actress.

Born in İzmir, she spent most of her childhood in Bahçelievler, İzmir. After studying at Mustafa Urcan Primary School and Fevzi Çakmak Secondary School, she finished her high school education at Göztepe Selma Yiğit Alp High School, after which she went to Istanbul. Şükran is the only child of the family.

While Şükran was living in Istanbul she studied acting at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center.

She made her television debut with the series Sırlar Dünyası, after which she appeared in various other television series. In 2006, she had her first cinematic experience with a role in the movie Pars: Kiraz Operasyonu.

After the departure of Nurgül Yeşilçay - a famous actress, Şükran Ovalı was included as the leading role in the series "Shattered".

Ovali is an actress, known for Sour Apples in 2016, Yeni Dünya in 2015 and as Derya in Matter of Respect in 2014.

She also appears as Nuran in the 2012 series Kötü Yol and Umay Abali in the 2014 series Cinayet. She has been married to Caner Erkin since January 2nd, 2017 and they have one child.

Şükran OvalıIn the early 2000s, Şükran starred in the then-ratings-breaking series of Milky Way TV called "The World of Secrets". In 2007, she later joined the series "Rag Doll", starring Oya Aydogan and Evrim Akin.

Şükran appeared in both seasons of the show as Merve, which attracted his producers. In 2016, she replaced Nurgül Yeşilçay, who left the set in an eventful manner, on the series "Shattered".

Şükran Ovalıl first appeared on camera in 2006. The actress, who starred in the series Ezo Gelin, continued her career in the series.

In 2007, she starred in Give Up My Heart and Rag Doll. In 2008, she starred in Love Burns. In 2009, she starred in Heroes and A Cloud in 2010, Behzat Ç. An Ankara Police Department, 2011 Reis, 2012 Bad Road and Leyla and Mecnun.

She made her name in 2013's "Murder" in 2014, The Matter of Honor in 2014-2015, Family and Shattered in 2016.

She's also a player who's been in the center of attention with her personal life. On January 2, 2017, She married Caner Erkin. She is Caner Erkin's second wife.

Caner Erkin was previously married to Asena Atalay and the former married couple also have a son. He divorced his ex-wife Asena Atalay on January 29, 2016.

Şükran is a strong Besiktas fan who said that she went to the stadium to watch most of Besiktas' games.

Şükran OvalıThe beautiful actress, who took part in the Cloth Bebek series for 2 years, the first project she took part in, was transferred to the Aşk Yakar series, which was on the screens at the same time as the series continued.

Ovalı, who took part in the films Alia and Ev after her television series career, received acclaim with her performance in these projects.

Because of the kissing crisis shattered Şükran Ovalı, who was the name considered to replace Nurgül Yeşilçay, who had to leave the series, was included in the series with Erkan Petekkaya's consent.

You can find all the details you want to know about Şükran Ovalı, who plays the character of Şebnem Aksak in the TV series Small Murders, which is currently broadcast on Star TV screens.

The famous singer and former model Demet Akalın reproached the couple Caner Erkin and Şükran Ovalı, who have been next-door neighbors for many years, in the program "Sabah with Demet and Alişan.

Akalın said, "Even though they have been my next-door neighbor for years, they have not even invited me for a coffee until today."

"Just how are you, good morning, good evening, good year. But I have another neighbor - he brings me ravioli and chocolates right away."

Şükran OvalıŞükran Ovalı, who is a strong Beşiktaş fan was married to Beşiktaş football player Caner Erkin in January 2017 and they have a daughter named Mihran.

They were married in Rome in 2017. Later both took a break from their respective work for a while for the birth of thier daughter.

Fenerbahçe's star football player Caner Erkin opened his pocketbook for the comfort of his wife Şükran Ovalı and 2-year-old daughter Mihran Ela.

Erkin bought a 1 million TL Mercedes Vito and allocated a private driver for his wife to travel comfortably in the car with their daughter.

The famous football player, who preferred the VIP vehicle of Vito's "Tourer Select" series, chose his new car from the gallery named One1 Car in Maslak 1453.

Fenerbahce football player Caner Erkin also bought a necklace worth 400 thousand TL as a wedding anniversary gift for the famous actress Şükran Ovalı, whom he married in January 2017.

Celebrating the 4th anniversary of their marriage, Erkin once again made a big surprise to his wife Ovalı. Erkin, who previously bought 4 houses for 2.5 million TL from Çekmeköy for their daughter Mihran Ela, also purchased a special gift from the Grand Bazaar for his wife for her wedding anniversary.

The professional football player, who was planning to celebrate their anniversary in Rome, where they got married, could not take her there due to the pandemic So he had his wife made a very special necklace since he could not fulfill this dream in Rome.

Şükran OvalıŞükran Ovalı was holidaying on the Aegean coast with her daughter and fellow actress Gözde Seda Altuner.

She posted a lavendar and pink striped swimsuit on her social media account and when asked the cost of the swimwear it was learned that it was 6,000TL.

The swimsuit, which was sold by a famous brand worn by the actress surprised everyone.

Recently, Şükran Ovalı, who played a role in the TV series Vatanım Sensin, has breathed life to the character of Şebnem Aksak in the TV series Little Tefek Murders, which is broadcast for the second season on Star TV.

TV Series and Major Films starring Şükran Ovalı:

2018 – Small Murders (Şebnem) (Television Series)
2017 – Poyraz Karayel: Global Capital (Yasemin) (Motion Picture)
2017 – Vatanım Sensin (Seher) (Television Series)
2016 – Sour Apples (Safiye) (Motion Picture)
2016 – Devil Feather (Joy) (Movie)
2016 – Family (Ezgi) (Television Series)
2015 – New World (Angel) (Motion Picture)
2014 – A Matter of Honor (Derya) (Television Series)
2014 – Ulan Istanbul (Television Series)
2014 – Murder (Umay) (Television Series)
2014 – Shattered (Psychologist Ayşe) (Television Series)
2012 – Bad Way (Nuran) (Television Series)
2011 – Reis (Nazlı) (Television Series)
2011 – Nar (Movie)

Şükran Ovalı

2010 – Behzat C. An Ankara Detective (Aslı-Ayla) (Television Series)
2009 – Heroes (Ayşe) (Television Series)
2009 – Ev (Vildan) (Motion Picture)
2009 – If I Were a Cloud (Spring) (Television Series)
2009 – Love Triangle (Television Movie)
2008 – The Stranger Inside Me – I Love You (Television Movie)
2008 – Cin Geçidi (Pınar) (Short) Film)
2008 – Aşk Yakar (Television Series)
2008 – Alia (Silk) (Motion Picture)
2007 – Vazgeç Glum (Cemile) (Television Series)
2007 – Doll (Merve) (Television Series)
2006 – Pars: Operation Cherry (Zeynep)
2006 – Ezo Gelin (Gülden) (Television Series)
2002 – The World of Secrets / The Door of Secret (Television Series)

Şükran Ovalı

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Şükran Ovalı Şükran Ovalı Şükran Ovalı
Şükran Ovalı Şükran Ovalı Şükran Ovalı
Şükran Ovalı



Year Title Role Notes
2006 Ezo Gelin Gülden Supporting role
2007 Vazgeç Gönlüm Cemile Supporting role
Bez Bebek Merve Supporting role
2008 Aşk Yakar - Supporting role
2009 Kahramanlar Ayşe Leading role
Bir Bulut Olsam Bahar Supporting role
2010 Behzat Ç. Bir Ankara Polisiyesi Aslı-Ayla Guest appearance
2011 Reis Nazlı Leading role
2012 Kötü Yol Nuran Öğütçü Leading role
Leyla ile Mecnun Sena Guest appearance
2013 Avrupa Avrupa Melisa Supporting role
2014 Cinayet Umay Abalı Leading role
2014–2015 Şeref Meselesi Derya Leading role
2016 Paramparça Ayşe Supporting role
2016 Familya Ezgi Alagöz Leading role
2016 Vatanım Sensin Seher Supporting role
2020 Menajerimi Ara Herself Guest appearance
2021 Şeref Bey
2021 Dijital Sahne: Üç Kız Kardeş


Year Title Role Notes
2006 Pars: Kiraz Operasyonu Zeynep Supporting role
2008 Alia İpek Supporting role
Cin Geçidi Pınar Short film
2009 Ev Vildan Leading role
2011 Nar - Supporting role
2015 Yeni Dünya Melek Leading role
2016 Şeytan Tüyü Neşe Leading role
Ekşi Elmalar Safiye Leading role
2017 Poyraz Karayel: Küresel Sermaye Yasemin Leading role


  • 22nd Sadri Alışık Theatre and Cinema Awards - Selection Committee Special Award (Ekşi Elmalar)



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