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Esra Bilgiç

Esra BilgiçEsra Bilgiç, born October 14th, 1992 in Ankara, Turkey is a beautiful Turkish actress and model whom is currently attending Law School.

She portrayed Halime Sultan in the historical adventure television series Dirilis: Ertugrul. From 2014, she starred in the Television series Dirilis: Ertugrul telecast on TRT 1.

She appeared in 116 episodes of the show that ran from 2014 to 2018. Her co-stars were Engin Altan Düzyatan and Hülya Darcan - Bilgiç appeared as Halime Hatun in the series.

Bilgiç has been dating professional Turkish football player Gökhan Töre since 2014. The couple were married on the 21st of October 2017.

She is a student at Bilkent International University, Istanbul studying Law at the City University of Istanbul.

She has studied International Relations at Bilkent International University in Ankara, Turkey. She also has studied drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

She won the Best Female Actress in a Series at the Anadolu Medya Awards, Best Actress of the Series at the Turkey Youth Awards as well as nominated for Best Female Actress in Series.

Esra BilgiçLeading new Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç, who played the role of Halime Sultan in historical drama serial Dirilis: Ertugrul, has expressed her concerns over women’s rights in Afghanistan after the rapid Taliban takeover.

Esra turned to Instagram and shared a photo of burqa-clad Afghan women, taken by US photographer Steve McCurry to express her concerns. She has more than 900,000 followers on Instagram.

She wrote in the caption in her own Turkish language which reads: “Last year, on September 20, I learned and wrote that the mother's name will now appear on the child's identity card in Afghanistan.”

Bilgiç further said, “It hasn't even been a year. Today, women have lost their freedom in Afghanistan. We must continue our struggle for all women of the world.”

The Taliban are in control of Afghanistan after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country and by default conceded victory to the insurgents after the 20-year war.

Not to mention the travesty created when western forces hastily departed the country. Bilgiç snapped at a Pakistani Instagram user who asked her not to wear ‘western dresses’.

His rude and ignorant comment sparked a string of other Pakistani men to also criticize her photos. Typical tolerant religious goof-balls.

Esra BilgiçBilgiç confronted the Pakistani follower who called her 'baji' and asked her not to wear western dresses, but social media praised the actress for standing up to this zealots moral policing.

Fed up with the moral policing, Esra Bilgiç finally gave a shut-up call to the Pakistani troll who criticized her for wearing a western dress in a picture posted online by the actress earlier this week in Instagram.

The Pakistani internet user, named Ali, posted a rude unwarranted comment on her picture on Instagram in which Esra Bilgiç is seen wearing a cream-colored top and a blazer. The photo was quite conservative.

“Please don’t wear such dresses Halima baji, not good,” Ali wrote, referring her to the character of Halime Sultan – a Muslim princess – played by Bilgic in the Turkish series, Dirilis Ertugrul.

After bearing months of unpleasant and strict moral policing, Bilgiç finally retorted and dissed the hateful comment. In her reactionary post, Esra Bilgiç said- “Let me give you a little advice: Don’t follow me, thank you.”

Esra Bilgiç, who has appeared in advertisements for Pakistani brands, broke her silence after confronting incessant moral policing from Pakistani fans who barged into her Instagram account with rude and boorish comments for wearing western dresses.

Esra BilgiçThe annoyed and frustrated Bilgic decided to silence the trolls after making every effort to evade the swarm of questionable comments on her posts.

Previously, Esra Bilgiç kept the comments section on the post open. Later, Bilgic tried to ignore the moral policing by her Pakistani fans and kept the comment section on her “swimsuit post” closed. But it seems that severe trolling was taking a toll on the Turkish actress and rightly so.

Esra Bilgiç aka Halime Sultan posted her images of visiting the sea. In the Instagram post, Esra Bilgic is seen reading a book in a swimsuit on a pier.

Now, despite fearing intense moral policing from Pakistani fans for wearing a bold dress on the beach, the actress kept the comments section on the post open. Earlier, Pakistani fans went berserk when they saw Esra Bilgic in a bikini/swimsuit on Instagram and unloaded with a slew of ignorant commentary.

Bilgiç had received massive adulation from Pakistani followers - first for her role as the quintessential warrior princess, Halime Sultan, in the famous Turkish television serial, Dirilis Ertugrul, and then for her appearances in Pakistani TV commercials.

Even after Pakistani fans swarmed the social media accounts of Esra Bilgiç with rude and unpleasant comments, they blasted her for not emulating the traditional Halime Sultan in her real life.

They commented that since she played the role of a noble and modest woman in the television series; then she should emulate that character in real life as well.

Some even asked the Turkish government to take action against Bilgiç for disrespecting the ‘Halime Sultan’ fictional character. Such is the twisted thinking of religious zealots.

Esra BilgiçEsra Bilgiç aka Halime Hatun became a national crush in Pakistan and became an overnight sensation when Ertugrul started airing on Pak’s Television in Urdu.

Seeing the popularity of the Turkish actress, a famous cellular company of Pakistan selected her as the face of the organization.

She is now brand ambassadress of some of the country’s brands. Esra Bilgiç recently did a commercial ad with Q mobile.

The mobile network Jazz has also signed her as their brand ambassador and to further endearf her fans in Pakistan she has made a video.

Now she can be seen on a video where the actress can be seen learning the Pakistani words like ‘Gen 1 baat’ (Genuine talk), ‘ Bohat Ala’ (Magnificient), ‘Kya Scene Hai'(What’s up), ‘Scene On Hai’, ‘Jo Baat Hai’, ‘Jugaar’ (Adjustment) and many more.

Numerous Turkish words are also common in Urdu language - hence suggesting the Urdu language in part is derived from, in addition to Arabic and Persian, the Turkish language.

This is one of several ways that someone might learn the Turkish language - by watching Turkish dramas not dubbed in Urdu but with Urdu or English subtitles.

Turkish drama series Ertuğrul swept over Pakistan with its Urdu-dubbed version airing on small screens and even today its episodes can be watched on YouTube at any time.

Esra BilgiçPerhaps these fans expected Esra Bilgiç to be living the same traditional life she played in Dirilis Ertgurul. The disgruntled fans even went as far as to say that they have started hating her after seeing present day her pictures.

As of 2020, she is the leading actress in the crime drama television series, Ramo - a Turkish crime drama and action television series written by Yılmaz Şahin and directed by Yağız Alp Akaydın, starring Murat Yıldırım in the titular role.

This show is about a feud between two families and a love story between Ramo (Yıldırım) and Si̇bel (Esra Bilgiç). It was filmed in Adana, Turkey and premiered on the 14th of January 2020.

It airs on Show TV and it has been well received in Turkey as well as in Pakistan. She has the role of Si̇bel - the female lead character who is a well-educated woman who is the daughter of Cengiz and the love interest of Ramo.

The leading roles of the series are Murat Yildirim and Esra Bilgiç - the other main characters of Ramo the Turkish TV series are İlker Aksum, Yiğit Özşener, Görkem Sevindik, Idil Firat, Cemre Baysel, İlhan Şen, Sacide Tasaner and Macit Koper.

The series, which took place in Adana, depicts the story of the extraordinary life of Ramo. Ramo, who is played by Murat Yıldırım, rebelled against his master. Thus, the deep conflict within the axis of the family, justice, revenge, friendship and love reveals.

Her complicated relationship with Ramo when he and her father fight, plays out as a main plot of the story. The series is currently available on NetFlix.

Esra BilgiçEsra Bilgiç aka Halime Sultan left fans in tears as she shared tragic scenes from her romantic thriller 'Ramo'.

Esra, who enthralled fans with her stellar performance in Turkish historical drama Dirilis: Ertugrul, shared a new trailer of her ongoing series on 'Ramo'.

In the one scene, Bilgiç is seen in trouble as she's taken away by the kidnappers. The Turkish beauty's admirers went crazy on social media after watching the trailer, showing their beloved star in trouble.

The actress turned to Instagram and shared the trailer of the upcoming episode. The video has also made her fans emotional and even many of her fans burst into tears shortly after watching the trailer.

Esra Bilgiç has received massive applause from her excited fans for her outstanding performance in the second season of the Turkish hit series 'Ramo'.

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Esra Bilgiç Esra Bilgiç Esra Bilgiç
Esra Bilgiç Esra Bilgiç Esra Bilgiç
Esra Bilgiç Esra Bilgiç Esra Bilgiç
Esra Bilgiç



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