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Individuals of all economic strata are shedding their jobs, hometowns, and lifestyle to embrace a wider experience and a more meaningful existence.
exotic travel locations

World Travel Books

The Travels of Ibn Battutah
by Ibn Battutah

Ibn Battutah was just 21 when he set out in 1325 from his native Tangier on a pilgrimage to Mecca. He did not return to Morocco for another 29 years, traveling instead through more than 40 countries...
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World Travel Books

The Grown-up's Guide to Running Away from Home: Making a New Life Abroad
by Rosanne Knorr

Whether planning a monthlong escape or a whole new life in another country, this empowering guide will encourage mature would-be expats to pursue the overseas adventure they've been craving...
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World Travel Books

Sacred Places of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Most Peaceful and Powerful Destinations
by National Geographic

Showcases 500 of the world's most powerful and spiritual places and guides modern-day travelers who wish to visit them how to do so with 300 locator maps pointing out pilgrimage routes, temples, mountains, churches, and holy places...
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World Travel Books

World Party: Rough Guide to the World's Best Festivals and Events
by Rough Guides

It's Party Time! - The Rough Guide World Party is a detailed guide to the world's best events and festivals. If you"ve ever thought of partying in Rio, throwing tomatoes in Spain or riding a camel in Pushkar, this guide is for you...
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World Travel Books

Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Greatest Trips
by National Geographic

Compiled from the favorite trips of National Geographic's travel writers, Journeys of a Lifetime spans the globe to highlight the best of the world's most famous and lesser known sojourns as it presents an incredible diversity of possibilities...
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World Travel Books

Make the Most of Your Time on Earth
by Rough Guides

A Rough Guide to the World with 1000 must-do experiences from around the world, Make the Most of Your Time on Earth is a book that will inspire everyone. Perfect for both the seasoned traveller and the armchair dreamer...
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World Travel Books

Secret Hotels: Extraordinary Values in the World's Most Stunning Destinations
by Erik Torkells

Compiled by the editors of Budget Travel magazine, this out-of-the-ordinary guidebook acquaints you with an enticing array of lodgings—from beachside cottages, to hilltop villas, to gracious, family-run guesthouses...
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World Travel Books

Where To Go When
by Joseph Rosendo

Answering the difficult questions that today’s adventurous travelers ask—where’s the best place for a beach holiday in March? What are my options if June is the only time I can take a holiday...?
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World Travel Books

Retirement Without Borders: How to Retire Abroad in Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, and Other Sunny Foreign Places - And the Secret to Making it Happen Without Stress.
by Barry Golson

Barry Golson knows all about retiring abroad — he and his wife, Thia, have lived in six different countries. Now they choose expatriate-friendly locales around the world for their low cost and their high quality of living and explain how to investigate and settle in each country...
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World Travel Books

Off the Tourist Trail: 1,000 Unexpected Travel Alternatives
by DK Publishing - Forward by Bill Bryson

Off the Tourist Trail is a guide to the world's unspoiled sights and experiences. It takes a hundred clichéd tourist destinations - everything from over-visited national parks to overrated museums - and reveal 1,000 fresh and fascinating alternative options...
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World Travel Books

The Expert Expat: Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroad
by Melissa Brayer Hess & Patricia Linderman

Moving abroad to live and work with family in tow is not easy. Linderman and Hess have covered all corners in this newly updated and expanded edition of The Expert Expat, which now includes invaluable information on safety and security and advice on moving with children...
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World Travel Books

Expat: Women's True Tales of Life Abroad
by Christina Henry de Tessan

Tourists merely visit, but expatriates get to live in another culture. Some of the women represented in this collection of 22 "tales" have lived abroad as students, teachers, or aid workers...
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Yabanci is a book by a Dutch woman who moved from Holland to Turkey to starta new life in a Turkish village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A great read for those who are considering a move abroad or have lived in a different culture. Available in English as an ebook or in Dutch in both print and popular ebook formats.. take a look

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