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Hanna Edwinson

Hanna EdwinsonHanna Edwinson, born on the 10th of July, 1996 in Sweden is an internationally represented model with agencies in Stockholm, Barcelona, Germany, New York and several other locations.

Edwinson has done advertisement work with companies such as GUESS and numerous others. She is also a social media influencer on Instagram.

She posted her first images to her self-titled Instagram account in November of 2011 and has earned over 99,000 followers on this social media account.

Last year after some time away from social media Hanna dropped in on her Instagram page to explain (kind of) her absence:

"June 2021 and you’re still here? I call that 💘resilience💘. I don’t have a good reason for not posting, Instagram just became one too many things to worry about."

"Decided to just stop worrying so much, and just post what I feel like (hopefully) - also I am a little tipsy which helps, so stick around if you want" :)

Hanna EdwinsonDuring the pandemic she dropped by Instagram to post. "Will pretend and post like I’m still in Australia for another month like planned. Currently in a voluntary self quarantine - aka normal life back in Sweden."

"Refuse to make a whole corona-post but just stay safe, listen to your government and not random influencers or fb posts."

To her boyfriend she said: "So grateful for everything we get to experience, that our strange lives somehow fit together perfectly. Proud of everything you are."

To her Instagram followers: "I want to say I’ll be better on Instagram but we all know I would be lying. Follow me anyway please...?"

Originally from Sweden, she decided to move to London, England in the fall of 2015. She has a sister named Tova whom she adores.

Her Wish List includes getting a good tan without burning her face off, to stop being so transparent and to get a good dog.

Hanna EdwinsonShe also wants everyone to know that she misses Mexico and quesadillas, it’s snowing in her current location, and will one ever get tired of Cornetto ice cream...? Also, please don’t give her a single comment about being topless as it’s

1. more comfortable

2. men with bigger boobs than hers are swinging theirs around and it doesn’t seem to be a problem

And for her Instagram followers - "Hello and thank you for following the worst instagram person in the world - I do appreciate it!"

"You know you had a good time when you haven’t had time to post anything, and the few pictures you have posted are all with a stupid drunk grin on your face. Such a good weekend with such great girls, perfect way to end this round in Los Angeles"

"Welcome to my International women’s day rant!!! It truly warms my heart seeing so many strong women being celebrated!!!"

"But at the same time this day slightly annoys me. Not the existence of it, but some of the reactions to it."

"This is not a day of congratulations, flowers and a pat on the head."

Hanna Edwinson"Not a day to make fun of. It’s a day to be reminded of what’s actually going on in the world, how the toxic masculine culture harms women" (and basically everyone else).

"It pisses me off that anyone can actually be against, and mock, a day of talking about women rights when 2/3 of the adults that are illiterate are women? When 60% of the chronically hungry are women?"

"When there exists a common freaking fact that women and girls don’t have the same right to their bodies as men - don’t have the same right to speak and dress as they like?"

"And that last part is so accurate, EVERYWHERE. I LOVE my country. Sweden is one of the most equal countries in the world."

"But, I will never stop being an angry feminist for my own sake too, as long as I can’t spend one night on the town without getting into fights with disrespectful men."

"As long as my dad still makes some of my phone calls to airlines, authorities etc, because we both know that he, as a man, is being taken more seriously than I am."

Hanna Edwinson"I will never stop being an angry feminist as long as women make less than men for the same fucking labor."

"With that said, I love International Women’s Day!! I love all the strong women that surround me! And I love all the men that gets it!! Women rule!" ❤️

Hanna's favorite part about California is that she can tan through her bedroom window.

Miami's all fun and games until you realize that your Swedish and it's December. (Tanning next to an Australian beach babe doesn't help at all.)

"A July day in Istanbul would not be wrong. And I have the continent's most boring Instagram."

"On another note, here’s a funny story about the mess called ‘my life’. Woke my man up at 5.20 Sunday morning for him to drive me the 45 minutes it takes to the airport."

"I’m supposed to fly to Texas and @sherrihill for work and the route scheduled this time was Stockholm-Helsinki-Chicago-Austin, which is a pretty rough travel - 2 stops is never a good thing."

Hanna Edwinson"When we got to the departures hall there was no 8.30 flight to Helsinki. Weird, I thought, asking my boyfriend - it is Monday today, right?”

"It was not. The fact that he just laughed about it, gave me a hug AND drove me back the next morning is beyond me - also, this time I realized I had forgot my phone about 15 minutes after leaving the house".

"Anyways. Made it to Helsinki, made it to Chicago at 3pm, waited for my next flight until 10pm and then it got cancelled. So now here I am - 36 hours in on a trip that usually takes -14 hours, keeping all my fingers crossed that my flight today doesn’t get cancelled."

"I’m in a surprisingly good mood considering the lack of sleep but really, American Airlines? How can you not help a young woman book a hotel in a foreign city when her flight gets cancelled?"

"How can it take 2 hours to reclaim a bag? How is the first flight you can find to Austin late afternoon the next day?"

"But just gotta say, I’m so so thankful for the help from @sherrihill who’s been so understanding and helped me book a hotel in a city I know nothing about - and calming me down about missing a day of work."

Hanna Edwinson"The weekend was too good. Thinking I’m in some kind of Truman show at least once a day. How are these people my friends?"

But no, I always get my makeup done topless don’t you...?

"Completely forgotten to put this out there but a while ago I finally got my visa!!! So so happy to be working out of New York the following months with @nextmodels"

"After a few unexpected days off I'm very happy to go back to work and go to Hong Kong tomorrow."

"Posted this photo yesterday but got about two likes in fifteen minutes so hoping it was something wrong with instagram and you all didnt just turn on me?"




Hanna Edwinson Hanna Edwinson Hanna Edwinson
Hanna Edwinson Hanna Edwinson Hanna Edwinson
Hanna Edwinson Hanna Edwinson Hanna Edwinson
Hanna Edwinson



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