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Gisela Pulido

Gisela PulidoGisela Pulido, born in Premia de Mar, Barcelona, Spain on the 14th of January of 1994 is a Spanish kiteboarder.

Pulido was proclaimed Kitesurfing World Champion for the first time in November of 2004, when she was only 10 years old.

After this success, she was awarded a Guinness World Record that accredits her as the youngest world Kitesurf champion in history.

A year later, in October 2005, she got the Kitesurf gold medal at the Gravity Games H2O in Perth Australia 2 and one month later, in November 2005, she revalidated her title of world kitesurf champion in Noumea , New Caledonia .

Gisela Pulido was proclaimed in November of 2006, when only 12 years old the title of Kitesurfing World Champion for the third consecutive time.

In February 2007, Gisela Pulido became the youngest nominee for the Laureus Awards and was proclaimed Champion of the World in kiteboarding for the fourth straight time winning the race held in Germany in August of 2007.

Gisela PulidoIn October 2008 she again was named the World Champion for the fifth consecutive time after winning in Chile in the city of Matanzas, in the tenth round of the PKRA circuit (Professional Kiteboarding Riders Association).

In November 2010, she was proclaimed World Champion in Noumea ( New Caledonia ), in the penultimate round of the Championship (2010 is the first year with a single official Championship, according to the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

She repeated this feat in the 2011 World Title Championship in the German town of Sankt Peter-Ording after snatching the victory from the Polish Kiteboarder, Karolina Winkowska.

In 2017 Gisela Pulido received the honor of being named the adoptive daughter of the province of Cádiz.

A biography of Gisela Pulido is really like a chronicle of what is probably the youngest world champion in the history of sports.

Gisela was born in Barcelona in January 1994. The first years of her life were spent in Maresme, a region of great tradition in the practice of nautical sports, where Pulido shows a great interest in everything related to the sea from an early age.

Gisela PulidoAnother of her great passions is sports, especially those that involve a certain degree of risk - a hobby she shares with her father. Endowed with a great competitive spirit she obtained her first sporting successes in swimming.

Gisela came into contact with kiteboarding in the summer of 2001 and it was in July of 2002 when she received her baptism as a kitesurfer.

The young athlete evolved remarkably in the practice of this sport and, in the absence of competitions in Spain to demonstrate their skills, she participated in the 2003 Junior European Championship.

Being only 9 years of age she is classified in 1st position (sub-14 category) and in 2nd position (sub-18 category). "

From these perspectives, the Pulido family faces the dilemma of either supporting the practice of her kiteboarding in a professional way or maintaining the activity at an amateur level.

With the arrival of the first sponsor (Rip Curl) Gisela finds the support to convince her father to let her participate in professional competitions.

Gisela PulidoThe agreement was that if she got on the podium she will continue to compete, if not then you must wait to be older.

The father accepts convinced that the young Gisela will not achieve her goal and that will allow her to save time in what undoubtedly points to the great vocation of the girl.

To their great surprise in April 2004 Gisela ranked 3rd in the KPWT stage at Sables D’Olonne in France.

A month later, she was named Junior European Champion U21 and in June of 2004 she obtained her first victory in a stage of the World Cup in Istanbul.

Gisela ends an incredible year in New Caledonia, where she was proclaimed World Champion on the KPWT professional circuit in November 2004 at the age of only 10.

Faced with a similar scenario, the Pulido family moves their residence to Tarifa so that the young woman can combine the professional practice of kiteboarding with her studies.

Gisela PulidoGisela's life undergoes a radical change as she travels the world and the hours of training increase dramatically.

This forces their Red Bull Diagnostic & Training Center coaches to limit their browsing times, in order to control how kitesurfing affects their physical development at such an early age.

The year 2005 marks another year of success for Gisela in her kiteboarding career, dominating the Kitesurf World Cup (KPWT) and sparking the interest of the press and sponsors.

She again achieves spectacular victories in Brazil and Australia at the prestigious Gravity Games and is proclaimed World Champion.

Without a doubt, 2006 is the most important year in Gisela's sports career. Her physical development is correct and that allows her to train more intensively and progress at a technicals level.

She gets important sponsorships with Telefónica Movistar and Adecco. She is the leader in the KPWT World Cup and, for the first time, she is going to face the World Champion in the PKRA circuit, Kristin Boese.

Gisela PulidoFor Gisela this is a dream come true and in what is undoubtedly her most important victory, the one she wins against Boese in Fuerteventura in August of 2006.

In September she becomes the Champion of Spain, adding a new title to her record. Gisela culminates a great season with 4 victories on the World Tour and is proclaimed in Noumea, New Caledonia Three-time World Champion KPWT.

2007 is the year that elevates Gisela to the level of a great athlete. The recognition begins in March when she is nominated for the Laureus World Sports Awards in the extreme sports category, breaking a new record by becoming the youngest athlete ever nominated for this award.

Laureus World Sports Awards, (considered the Oscars of sport) open the door to the select club of the 5 best extreme athletes in the World.

In March she receives authorization from the Professional Kiteboarding Riders Association (PKRA) to be able to participate in all the World Cup events.

Gisela PulidoAfter revalidating her title of Champion of Spain, in September 2007 she was proclaimed champion of the World PKRA for the first time, in Germany.

Gisela dominates the professional circuit with 6 victories and 2 second places, in the 8 stages in which she participated. In November 2007 Gisela received the Guinness World Records as the youngest World Champion in the history of the sport.

In December she was awarded at the Brand's 70th Anniversary Gala, as one of the 100 best athletes in Spain, being the youngest athlete to achieve this distinction.

2008 is a difficult year in Gisela's sports career. The World Cup becomes a much more demanding competition. The World Tour went from 6 events in 2004 to 10 stages in 2008. For Gisela, it is a challenge to combine school attendance with competition trips and events with sponsors.

On the other hand, the technical level of his rivals does not stop increasing and this forces Gisela to train longer and with greater intensity.

But, 2008 is also a year full of recognition for Gisela, receiving two important distinctions: Best Catalan Athlete for the Sports World and Best Athlete of Andalusia for the Sports Press Association.

Gisela PulidoThe 2008 World Tour was the most difficult Gisela has ever faced. With 6 victories over the total of 10 events, she obtained in October her fifth World Crown in the cold waters of Matanzas, Chile.

2009 is a year full of challenges for Gisela. The main objective is to defend her world title, and also to create her new kitesurf school, Gisela Pulido Pro Center.

2010 is a historic year for kitesurfing. For the first time, an individual world title will be awarded by discipline, and with official recognition from ISAF. Gisela enters the history of the sport again, after proclaiming herself World Champion in freestyle and in the wave division.

The year begins for Gisela with a hard training in Dakhla. The objective is to improve her technical level and arrive in good physical condition to the first stage of the World Tour held in Thailand.

Gisela surprises the judges with the execution of a new maneuver, the "kiteloop slimchance" and achieves victory on Asian soil.

The fight for the world title in 2010 has been the most difficult in the history of kitesurfing.

Gisela PulidoGisela faces her biggest rivals, Bruna Kajiya and Karolina Winkowska, who throughout the season prove to be the strongest competitors.

To overcome these two obstacles, Gisela offers her best kitesurfing, but after 10 hard events with a presence on 5 continents, she was crowned 2010 World Champion in Gold Coast, Australia.

At the media level 2010 is also an important year for Gisela. The international press echoes her sporting exploits, such as crossing the Strait of Gibraltar competing against the Ferry that crosses from Tarifa to Tangier.

They also herald her as the first woman to sail in The Twelve Apostles in Australia. This year Gisela also receives the Fun Fearless Femail award from Cosmopólitan Magazine.

Gisela is confirmed as the best kite surfer in the history of sport, with her 8 consecutive world titles in freestyle. Gisela walks towards her coming of age with a very promising future.

Her results in competition surprise even the athlete herself, after proclaiming herself World Champion in the absence of 2 World Cup tests to play.

Gisela PulidoAt a sporting level, Gisela has become the most technical and consistent rider, and begins to offer her first traces of power in the execution of her maneuvers.

In this year Gisela receives the medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit awarded by the Higher Sports Council.

Her popularity continues to increase, appearing on all the lists of the best Spanish athletes in 2011. And to end the year, she is recognized with the Woman Today Award, as one of the most admired women of the year.

At a sporting level, 2012 is not the best year for Gisela. A change in the scoring criteria, where the maneuvers performed with greater power start to be valued more, compared to maneuvers of greater technical difficulty - They leave Gisela at a clear disadvantage.

Gisela, due to her age, is still far from reaching the most powerful executions.

The young athlete, despite having won the most important competitions of the year, held in France and Germany, and being the leader of the World Cup practically all season, is relegated to third position in the PKRA ranking.

Gisela PulidoGisela participates for the first time in one of the most prestigious competitions in this sport, the Triple-S, achieving victory in the wave and freestyle disciplines.

Her career continues to progress, publishing a book about her history: Sin Miedo A Caer, written by Natalia Arroyo. She also graces the cover of one of the most relevant fashion magazines, Mujer Hoy.

In 2013 Gisela was focused on regaining her World Title after achieving 3rd place the previous season. To do this, the young athlete travels to Cape Town, South Africa, to carry out her technical training.

Then she travels to Orlando, Florida in the USA, to do specific training with the best wakeboarding coaches. The goal is to get better execution in her maneuvers, gain height and power to surprise the judges and get higher scores.

Gisela achieves a total of 6 victories from the 8 World Cups, leaving the Polish Karolina Winkowska, her biggest rival this season, without options.

Movistar, one of her most important sponsors, carries out a great campaign in the media congratulating her for having achieved her 9th World Championship.

Gisela PulidoAgain in 2014 we see a Gisela-Karolina duel in the fight for the World Championship. Without a doubt the Polish athlete is the toughest opponent the young athlete has had in her entire sports career.

But this year Gisela is outraged. Kiteboarding is a sport in development and with great future projection, but it is still young and small, which causes some internal difficulties on the circuit.

The biggest problem is the personal relationships between the riders and the World Cup judges who distort the results of the events.

Karolina defeats Gisela with much controversy in the last two tests carried out in China that leave the end of the season and sport in general with a bitter taste in their mouths.

However, 2014 is a great year for Gisela as she gains greater relevance and repercussion in the media, which echo her sporting achievements.

The “Virgin Kitesurf Armada” where Gisela participates in achieving a new “Record Guinness” for the largest number of kitesurfers sailing at the same time is carried out in Tarifa, the athlete's place of residence.

Gisela Pulido Gisela is called to participate in the “COE Breakfasts” on Food and Healthy Habits, where Nicolás García, silver medalist in Taekwondo at the London 2012 Olympic Games, is also summoned.

2015 was one of the best years for Gisela Pulido at a sporting level, since she manages to regain her world title in the freestyle discipline.

It is a very demanding season both technically and physically, since their strongest rivals, Karolina Winkowska and Bruna Kajiya, fight for the championship making it very difficult for the Spanish athlete.

But it is in the Sankt Peter Ording (Germany) test where Gisela manages to proclaim herself for the tenth time World Champion.

To achieve this, she differentiates herself from her competitors by carrying out specific training with the Olympic gymnasts at the High Performance Center in Madrid.

Gisela stars in one of the most important advertising campaigns of the year, Hechos de Talento, by Clear Channel and ESIC Business & Marketing School, with repercussions in all European countries, the US, Asia and Australia.

Gisela PulidoIt is also the cover of the prestigious magazine "Fuera de Serie", supplement of the newspaper El Mundo.

Gisela ends the year with the creation of her second kitesurf school located in Panama, in the Punta Chame Bay, in the excellent facilities of the Nitro City extreme sports hotel.

Throughout 2016 Gisela reaps the fruits after becoming the world champion. The athlete is named "Best International Sportswoman" by the Mundo Deportivo newspaper, "Best Sportswoman of the Year" by the fashion magazine Telva and "Best Spanish Sportswoman" by the Sports Press Association.

However, this season is somewhat unusual for Gisela, since together with her team she decides to take a year out of the competition.

The high intensity of the previous year and, above all, the disputes between federations and professional circuits, make this the best option for the athlete.

Gisela PulidoEven so, her motivation and desire to excel make her embark on one of the most exciting adventures she has ever lived: Gisela becomes the first person to unite the 8 islands of the Canary archipelago with her kite and board, making a total of 380 kms in 7 days.

For the athlete it is quite a challenge, since her specialty is freestyle, and the physical requirement of sailing for so many hours in a row is something she has never experienced.

After the difficulties due to the varied wind conditions, Gisela manages to complete the last stage successfully and was happy to have accomplished her feat.

One more year, we see Gisela in the most significant supplements, this time being the cover of El País Semanal.

Imbued with the surfer spirit, the Catalan based in Tarifa points out that her sport is a project that has already become a way of life. I think I'm going to carry surfing with me forever, whatever I do. I see myself with thirty or forty years catching waves. I like to be near the sea ”.

Gisela Pulido

Junior European Champion 2003
2004 KPWT freestyle world champion
Wave Master Champion 2005
Gold Medal Gravity Games 2005
KPWT freestyle world champion 2005
Champion of Spain 2006
KPWT Freestyle World Champion 2006
Champion of Spain 2007
2007 PKRA Freestyle World Champion
Champion of Spain 2008
World Champion PKRA Freestyle 2008
KPWT Freestyle World Champion 2009
2010 PKRA Freestyle World Champion
World Champion PKRA Waves 2010
PKRA World Champion Freestyle 2011
3rd Classified PKRA Freestyle 2012
2013 PKRA Freestyle World Champion
2nd Classified PKRA Freestyle 2014
VKWC Freestyle World Champion 2015

Gisela PulidoGisela became a vegetarian 8 years ago, at the age of 18: "I stopped eating meat because I felt sorry for animals and three years ago I also eliminated eggs, milk and fish."

"Now I have to eat more proteins and carbohydrates, but I get them from tofu, legumes, vegetables, as well as fats, avocado and nuts. It is about mixing everything very well so that you do not lack nutrients ".

She is looking ahead to the Olympics in 2024 currently.


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