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There is a remarkable story behind the success and acclaim Maja Latinovic has recieved through being a top model. In so many small towns and villages around the world are girls who, given the opportunity, could attain the kind of tremendous success that Maja has from modeling. But, rarely do these beautiful girls ever run into the right set of circumstances that facilitate it. Maja was one that was evidently one of the fortunate.

Maja was born on June 25, 1980 in Kinkinda, a small Serbian village with a population of three hundred. Maja’s modeling career began somewhat accidentally at 16 years of age when her sister entered her into a local modeling contest. And much to her surprise, she placed 2nd runner-up. A keen-eyed model scout soon asked her to fly to Milan and start her modeling career. At age nineteen, Maja arrived at the prestigious Women Management Agency in New York City and soon found herself working with the top photographers in the world. Mario Testino hand-picked Maja as the face of the Roberto Cavalli campaign and after working with her decided to shoot her for Vogue Italia.

Aaja has worked for many prestigious clients such as Italian, French, German, Japanese, British, Spanish Vogue, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Numero Magazine. She has walked the runway for every major designer including: Ralph Lauren, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Caroline Herrera, Donna Karan, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass, Cavalle, Ferre, Michael Kors.

Maja commutes between New York City, Milan, and Serbia. She looks forward to working with her favorite charities in her home country of Serbia and hopes to continue her education and possibly one day become a doctor.

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