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Aislinn Derbez

Aislinn DerbezAislinn Derbez, born on the 18th of March 1987 in Mexico City, is a Mexican actress, model and entrepreneur who also runs a film production company, A Toda Madre Entertainment, alongside her former husband Mauricio Ochmann.

Born in Mexico City to the artist Gabriela Michel and Eugenio Derbez, she has talent in her blood - her father is regarded as one of the most popular Mexican actors and comedians, and her grandmother is acclaimed Mexican actress Silvia Derbez.

Aislinn herself has grown to become one of the most popular actresses of her generation, acting in a range of highly-regarded feature films and television series produced in both Spanish and English.

The daughter of actors Eugenio Derbez and Gabriela Michel, who were married from 1986 to 1987. Derbez began her career as a model at age 15, combined her studies with performing and visual arts in New York City for three years, then played several small roles in films and acted in the play Happy Hour.

She studied visual arts at the School of Visual Arts and acting at the Actors Studio, both in New York City, developing talents that would aid her in becoming one of Mexico’s most beloved performers.

Following her studies, she made an entrance into the international entertainment industry, making appearances in several movies and television features across South America and Europe.

Derbez is known for her performances in over 15 feature films, including the 2015 box office hits A La Mala and Estar o no estar, for which she was nominated for a Diosa de Plata award for Best Actress.

Derbez recently made a move to Los Angeles, participating in independent films and television series like Win It All and The House of Flowers, before landing a leading role in the Netflix anthology series Easy.

Aislinn DerbezActors Vadhir Derbez and José Eduardo Derbez are her paternal half-brothers. She has one more half-sister on her father's side, Aitana, born in 2014 from her father's marriage to Alessandra Rosaldo.

On her mother's side, she has two sisters and her paternal grandmother is the actress Silvia Derbez.

Derbez started dating Mauricio Ochmann after filming A La Mala in 2014; the couple married in 2016. On the 27th of February 2018 she gave birth to their daughter, named Kailani Ochmann. The couple split and divorced in 2020.

Lately Derbez was seen with who, they say, is her new heartthrob. Eugenio Derbez's daughter was seen in the company of photographer Jesh de Rox, who is presumed to be her new conquest.

Although a few days ago Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez were caught together again on a visit to the dentist with their daughter, Kailani, and that was highly applauded by their followers - with many others speculating on a possible reconciliation.

But, everything seems to indicate that the daughter of Eugenio Derbez has already turned the page completely, because she was also see with who, it is said, could be her new heartthrob.

The Ventaneando television program presented a video on Thursday in which Ochmann's ex-wife arrived in Los Angeles, California, her place of residence, but he was surprised that she was accompanied by the photographer Jesh de Rox, who even affectionately carried the daughter of Aislinn and Mauricio.

Although the meeting with the correspondent of the entertainment program was very brief and Aislinn refused to give any statement, the broadcast suggests that the photographer would be the new love of the renowned comedian's daughter.

As she passed in front of the cameras of the program led by Pati Chapoy , Aislinn replied that the divorce had already been signed and confirmed that she would spend the holidays with her family in California.

Aislinn DerbezAlthough she was evasive and at all times seemed stressed in her haste to find a vehicle in which to leave the airport, Mauricio Ochmann's ex said she was very well and stated that she has an excellent relationship with her daughter's father.

For his part, her companion limited himself to following in the footsteps of the actress and did not offer any comments.

Jesh de Rox, a professional photographer is 40 years old and seems to share many hobbies with Aislinn , as he is a very spiritual man and recently organized a meditation retreat, and it is said that it was there that he met the actress.

According to some publications, the interaction on the social networks of both could be taken as another reference to their romance, since they have exchanged likes and some discreet comments on the photos they post.

The photographer wrote in a photo of Aislinn.“Nothing that is meant for you will ask you to play smaller than you already are. Humble, yes. open, yes. Always learning. But what belongs to your destiny will always ask you to rise, to your power, to your sovereignty, to the wild possibility of all that you can become".

Lately Aislinn Derbez posed like never before and even her father, Eugenio Derbez, reacted. “I did not educate her like that. That has to come from her mother’s side”.

Both her brother Vadhir Derbez and actor Jaime Camil reacted to this publication

Close to 700 thousand likes, this photograph is available on the official account of Instagram of the actress.

“And then Henry Jiménez convinced me and took these photos and if I liked them and well she was there waiting for Eugenio Derbez to judge her photos - the good thing is that he already knows Henry well, so we'll see”, expressed Aislinn Derbez - who didn’t expect her father’s answer to come right away.

Vadhir Derbez, since he went with everything to the renowned photographer: “Henry, stop pulling my sister to the dark side. Then you'll like it and what’s next? Only fans are going to open, no, no, no “.

For his part, the also actor Jaime Camil did not want to be left behind and said: “Not only will my little brother, Eugenio Derbez, judge you, I will too. In my role as father (of the family, not of the church) I am going to be asking you to cover, please ”.

Aislinn Derbez“Thanks for your support. What is the need to uncover? “, Eugenio Derbez said, although later he would remind the protagonist of telenovelas such as La fea más bella and Por ella soy Eva:” Well, what can I tell you, if you appeared in the magazine Who naked and on all fours”.

The flattery for Aislinn Derbez did not seem to end: While the model Sarah Kohan, until now the wife of ‘Chicharito’ Hernández, told her that she was “amazing”, the Mexican actress Tiaré Scanda expressed: “How can you not like them if you do you look beautiful? ”

“The wait was worth it?”

For his part, the renowned photographer Henry Jiménez, who just a few weeks ago shared the session that actor Mauricio Ochmann took, uploaded more photographs of Aislinn Derbez that melted more than one.

Aislinn Derbez assures that she has overcome postpartum depression by publishing sensual topless photography. The Mexican actress confessed that she suffered from postpartum depression for three years and is barely overcoming this crisis when she decided to explain it with a sensual photograph.

The 33-year-old actress showed off her figure wearing a tiny bikini in order to promote her new shampoo. But on this occasion, the daughter of Eugenio Derbez gave something to talk about again by publishing a sexy video bathing to promote her new natural shampoo.

Aislinn Derbez has confessed on several occasions that after her pregnancy it was difficult to return to her ideal weight, so she had to be very constant. Currently, the 33-year-old actress already presumes her anatomy on social networks, because in the video she can be seen wearing a tiny bikini with an "animal print" print that reveals her physical attributes.

The actress has also revealed that one of her beauty secrets is to use natural products to care for her body, for this reason she decided to undertake and create a natural product. It is a bar shampoo created with 100% natural products, which also avoids the constant consumption of plastic.

This is the shampoo and it is vanilla and bergamot and it is delicious. All you have to do is put it in your hair, as you can see it foams up in a second," explained Aislinn Derbez.

"I'm HAPPY because starting today you can find @amainatural on AMAZON mexico (and shipping is free!) @mariannaburelli and I created this company less than a year ago and the response from all of you has been incredible.

Aislinn DerbezWe were dying to find 100% natural, sustainable shampoo, conditioner and cream bars that DO work and that's how we decided to create AMAI.

For those who haven't tried it, I hope you like it as much as all of us who already use it. (And very soon it will be on Amazon USA - so stay tuned!) Remember that they are 100% free of sulfates, parabens, synthetics, palm oil, silicone , chemical fragrances and plastic," wrote Aislinn Derbez.

It should be noted that after her separation from actor Mauricio Ochmann , Aislinn Derbez can be seen very active and positive at this time in her life. However, her followers constantly ask her to return to Ochmann, as they were one of the most united couples in the show.

In addition to the controversial photo, Aislinn shared a revealing text, which identified many mothers. During her experience as a mother, Eugenio Derbez's daughter indicated that she has focused on her motherhood process .

“I think that three years ago I had never felt so comfortable with my body. I had done very little exercise in the last 3 years, because I focused more on my maternity process and the extreme hormonal adjustments that I experienced - which many call postpartum depression.

But, labeling it like that does not help much since it is something so natural that to most of us it just happens to some more intensely than others and urgently normalizes”. Aislinn wrote.

The actress indicated that she has returned to being herself and the most difficult thing has been to find the motivation to leave laziness behind.

In addition, she indicated that she has done yoga, dances, runs, walks, swims and that her body has thanked her. Aislin indicated that she managed to find constant balance by needing three constant things: physical movement, moments of meditation or introspection and therapy.

Aislinn DerbezWhat is postpartum? Postpartum is a moderate to severe depression in a woman after she has given birth and can occur shortly after delivery or up to a year later.

The specialized page on the subject also points out that most of the time it occurs within the first three months after childbirth.

The symptoms of postpartum are changes in the body as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, changes in labor and social relations, having less time and freedom for yourself and a lack of sleep.

Recently, Aislinn Derbez shared a photo on her networks in which she shows off her excellent figure in a tiny leopard bikini, in order to show how she copes with the heat in California and in the process emphasize how proud she is of her body.

Although most of the messages talked about how good she looks, some detractors used negative qualifiers against Eugenio Derbez 's daughter and said that she looked too thin.

Likewise, several comments rightly highlighted the purpose of her publication, which was to highlight how Aislinn was able to regain her desired weight after her pregnancy.

In another video uploaded to her stories , the actress from La casa de las Flores explained that her coach, Mariana Sánchez William , is responsible for her looking so good.

However, it seems that the criticism received prompted the actress to deploy a powerful argument in favor of people who, like her, have had a hard time feeling comfortable with their body.

After the birth of her daughter in 2018, Aislinn faced problems of being overweight. Through extensive reflection, Aislinn published a series of unpublished photos reflecting how much she had gained in weight during her first year postpartum.

Aislinn DerbezIn them, you can see the extra pounds she gained after giving birth to her daughter De Ella Kailani in 2018.

“The day before yesterday I uploaded a photo in a bikini. Some comments surprised me. For me, the last 2 years have been a journey of drastic changes in that aspect. I had never worried about having to diet or exercise, as I have very privileged genetics, ”she expressed.

Derbez confessed that she went through hormonal imbalances. Then, she continued with her brave story and refers to the internal struggle she faced after becoming a mother.

“After giving birth I gained weight due to fluid retention and hormonal imbalances. And having to deal with a body that I was not comfortable with was something completely unknown to me, ”she stressed.

In another passage, Aislinn confesses that her recent separation from Mauricio Ochmann and the severe emotional blow that a breakup entails was a determining factor that activated her rapid loss of body mass.

Aislinn sent a powerful message to women struggling with their weight after giving birth

“Thanks to my therapist and because I stopped worrying and judging myself, my body started losing weight. Then, on the contrary, six months ago with the separation mourning, my body resented it and began to lose weight rapidly, ”she wrote.

Finally, the reflection carries a powerful advice to all women who go through a similar situation. “Whether they think good or bad things about my body is that with the least importance. Sadly we are used to seeing the body as an object and we do not stop to understand its language. Right now is when I feel better physically.”

Aislinn Derbez recently released another chapter of her podcast The Magic of Chaos , and in this episode she revealed that, in the middle of the Burning Man Festival, she received a marriage proposal from the "most handsome man" in the whole place.

The actress attended the latest edition of the event in Nevada, United States, which took place from August 28 to September 5, accompanied by her brother De Ella Vadhir Derbez and her other sister, Michelle Aguilera , in addition to other friends.

Aislinn DerbezIt was at one of the many parties at the event that Aislinn struck the heart of a man, who even referred to her as "his wife."

"We were at a super party and we all see the most handsome man in Burning Man and suddenly he stares at me, super seductive and takes out a fan and starts to make me air", Aislinn recounted about this meeting.

“Very impressive young man, around 35, I was flattered that the most handsome man in Burning Man was giving me the wave like that. Because he looked at me and said 'who are you?' Well, he told me, 'do you want to marry me?', and I was like 'go, go, go, why not?' "

The flirting continued throughout the evening, but nothing else happened, to which her sister and her friends reacted somewhat disappointedly. “I was playing with him like this and so was he. We didn't even kiss each other,” she added.

"I don't like kissing strangers, even if they are handsome, sorry," the actress told the girls, who longed to see that moment.

"Everyone judges me because they think I missed a great opportunity, but the truth is that I had a lot of fun and I don't have to kiss people, but I had a great time following the flow of the man," added the star.

That was not all, because at another party, to which Eugenio Derbez's eldest daughter did not attend, the group met this mysterious man who was asking about his wife, that is, Aislinn.

“At another party they met him again, but Aislinn was not there and he asked 'where is my wife? I don't remember her name, but I know I got married,'” Aislinn's friends recounted, laughing.

The truth is that, currently, the 36-year-old actress is single, enjoying this stage to the fullest. After her divorce with Mauricio Ochmann in 2020, 'Ais' gave herself a new opportunity in her love with the influencer Jonathan Kubben. The couple started dating in March 2021 and nine months later, they publicly revealed their relationship.

It seemed that things were going well between the two after they shared their many trips and adventures together in networks, but in July of this year, Aislinn herself revealed that she was already single again.

Aislinn DerbezIn a dynamic of questions and answers with her fans, the movie star explained how she felt at that moment in her life and revealed that she was no longer by Kubben's side.

“I had never felt so full and happy single, before I focused my attention only on family and partner, and now I am finding the community that I needed so much, reconnecting with old friends, meeting many new ones, opening myself up to different plans that they fill a lot."

The actress is not only popular for her talent and beauty, she is also popular for her outspoken personality and charismatic personality, she genuinely cares about her fans, trying to be a good example for them.

"I confess that lately I've had very complicated, chaotic days with many changes..."

"And oh don't suck how much gratitude and joy costs in those moments..."

"But I've realized that sometimes the short road (and the more difficult), in addition to introspection, it is fair to go towards that: to gratitude, to joy, although the body and the ego twist and rebel."

"How to find gratitude and joy in unbearable situations? How to honor what we are not supporting and that seems like a mistake? How to open up and stop resisting in the moments where our body feels more pleasure from rejecting, judging and contracting?

"And if we delve there, several mysteries begin to be solved. The magic that is a few steps beyond the resistance, the judgment and the harshness of I can't take it anymore, of the dead end, of when nothing makes sense."

"And what do you think is behind that resistance?"

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Aislinn Derbez Aislinn Derbez Aislinn Derbez
Aislinn Derbez Aislinn Derbez Aislinn Derbez
Aislinn Derbez Aislinn Derbez Aislinn Derbez
Aislinn Derbez



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2015 Estar o no estar Nastenka Nominated – Diosa de Plata for Best Actress
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2013 Gossip Girl: Acapulco Giovanna 4 episodes
2015 Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015 Herself Celebrity guest (4th Gala)
2016–2017 Easy Gabi Episodes: "Controlada" y "Segundo empleo"
2018–present La casa de las Flores Elena de la Mora Main role
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