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Every MILLONA is entirely hand built, by NCR technicians, with utmost attention and care for the smallest detail and particular and each bike is numbered. NCR MILLONA Model Year 2007 is even more prone to winning and exclusive than the 2006 M.Y. NCR CORSE (Race) pilot-customers will be able to even improve their results on the track, thanks to an even better power to weight ratio. In the ONE SHOT 2007 model (employing the aluminum frame and the 1200NCR engine, offered as optional) it reaches the incredible figure of 121 horsepower for 118 kg.

MILLONA aims at a specific market niche. It is meant for those who can appreciate a unicum, a high-class article, for those who love owning art or particularly precious watches, but most of all it is meant for those who share a passion for mechanic and technique in their purest form, for race lovers who get on the track to race like their idols, who have Ducati and the “desmo” in their DNA: they are the Ducatisti. MILLONA is the ideal bike to win on the track, to accompany you for a whole racing season, to obtain surprising results, but mostly to feel the sheer pleasure of driving it and the prestige of owning the undisputed best in the two-valves class.

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