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The definitive Griso 1100 is here at last and is clearly refusing to be slotted neatly into any conventional category. As befits the latest heir to Moto Guzziís unique motorcycling traditions, the Griso 1100 embodies innovative technical solutions and bold styling.

No compromise has been made in turning the original concept into reality around the magnificent new V-Twin engine. And like the concept, the reality of the Griso is guaranteed to amaze and to offer a unique riding experience.

The clearly visible frame and engine, generous fuel tank, and closely packed fins on the legendary Moto Guzzi V-Twin cylinders leave no margin for doubt. The Griso is aggressive and solid. Rock solid. The tubes of the mighty frame combine with the 1100 cc engine to form a super-rigid assembly, from which only those elements that define the bikeís character stand out: the large headlight, the handlebars and instruments, the sleek tail with its high intensity LED rear light cluster, and the exhaust headers that flow into the single imposing silencer. The Griso is a Naked, a Power Cruiser, a Techno-custom. In fact, the Griso is every type of motorcycle though its fits no single category. To be honest, it can only be defined in one way: as a Moto Guzzi; a pleasure to behold and a thrill to ride, a bike that defies the conventions because it exceeds all expectations. The Griso is an object of desire for all who seek a unique, distinctive machine, a masterpiece of design and a source of absolute pleasure, to show off around town or to burn up the road on bends and straights.

The earliest road tests showed that the Griso was amazingly maneuverable and agile, and simply loved winding roads.The Griso is as stable as a power cruiser, as agile as a lightweight naked, as sophisticated as a techno-custom and as powerful as a muscle bike, yet on the road the Griso simply defies all comparison. The legendary torque of the Guzzi 90 degree V-Twin thrusts you forward as soon as the engine leaves idling speed, aided by a transmission that benefits from the fantastically smooth CA.R.C. compact reactive shaft drive - the patented Moto Guzzi drive system that is also a tribute to the name of Giulio Cesare Carcano, father of the amazing V8 grand prix race bike from the 1950ís that emerged from Mandello del Lario.

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