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When Carlo Guzzi established Moto Guzzi back in 1921, he was brimming with simple but effective ideas. The motorcycle was waiting for someone to drag it out of the pioneering age and transform it into a functional and universal means of transport. Guzzi therefore set about designing practical machines to match the needs of the masses. Though often ingenious and innovative, his technology aimed primarily at comfort, easy riding, reliability and duration.

After more than eighty years, Carlo Guzzi’s design principles are still valid, and represent the true inspiration behind the Breva V 1100. But though our guidelines are the same, motorcycling has changed dramatically over the decades. Motorcyclists have evolved; today they are demanding and attentive, and have acquired a thorough understanding of technology. It was with today’s riders in mind that Moto Guzzi designed the new Breva V 1100, a revolutionary machine made to the highest standards.

Comfortable, easy to ride, lavishly equipped, and technically advanced, the Breva V 1100 is perfect for intensive daily use. It is made with everybody in mind, Guzzi fans who would never ride anything else, ex-Guzzi riders returning to the fold, and everybody seeking to discover the pleasures of Moto Guzzi’s unique riding style

The motorcycles made at Moto Guzzi’s historical factory at Mandello del Lario have always been unique combinations of innovation and tradition. Their design has become a classic, and their robustness and quality legendary. Universal motorcycles in every sense, they have become icons of Italian style and part of Italy’s creative heritage. The Guzzi design philosophy has become a lifestyle, and the joys of early motorcycling have expanded to encompass new pleasures. Comfort has turned into wellbeing. From simple means of transport, Moto Guzzi motorcycles have become means of companionship and shared enjoyment, means of joining the modern lifestyle of meetings, clubs, and true motorcyclists.

This is the passionate new lifestyle for which the Breva V 1100 is designed, and all true motorcyclists will jump at the chance it offers of enjoying riding and life the Moto Guzzi way. The Breva V 1100 has all the power of Europe’s biggest motorcycle manufacturing group, plus the intelligence of a thorough, rational design, and, of course, the spirit and passion of Moto.

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