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For 2008, Lotus has turned up the heat on its Elise and Exige sports cars. The Lotus Elise SC is a 220-horsepower variant powered by a new, compact, non-intercooled supercharger mated to the standard 1.8L engine. Identifiable by its model-exclusive wheels and a new rear spoiler, the SC boasts a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds, 10.7 seconds to 100 mph, and a 150 mph top end.

The Exige is not ignored either, as the Exige S can now be fitted with a Performance Pack boosting output to 240 horses. Also includded are upgraded brakes, an upgraded clutch, traction control, driver-adjustable launch control, and a new roof scoop. The traction/launch control combo is the same one found in the Lotus 2-Eleven track car. Performance, as you'd expect, is impressive: 4 seconds to sixty, 9.7 seconds to 100 mph, and a 153 mph ceiling.

Additionally, all 2008 Elise and Exige models get new instrumentation, standard driver and passenger airbags, a new keyfob design with an immobilizer system, a simplified option pack range, and new paint colors. You can read the Lotus press release in full below (it was only available as a PDF, so it's been gallerized). For all the updates, the two most important traits of the Elise and Exige remain the same: they're still light, and they're still fast.

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