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Dalia KaddariDalia Kaddari, born on the 23rd of March in 2001 in Cagliari, Italy is an Italian sprinter.

Her father is from Morocco and her mother Italian. She won the silver medal at 2018 Youth Olympics in the 200 meter.

She won the national title at the 2020 Italian Athletics Championships, with a personal best of 23.30.

She is currently a member of the Sports Club: Fiamme Oro Padova and her coach is Fabrizio Fanni.

This is a girl who stands out on and off the field: she was also voted Miss Quartu after trying out in the beauty competition almost as a joke in 2016.

Her father Hassan is of Moroccan origin but has lived on the island for thirty years - he has been around for so long that now they call him Sandro; her mother is Sardinian.

Dalia practiced basketball, then after a few months of activity in athletics she was second in the 80s among the 2015 students.

In the following season she made up for her debut among the students, seizing the Italian under 18 record from Vincenza Calì in 2017 in 23.68 at the national review in Rieti.

Dalia Kaddari"I am Dalia, I am 18 years old and I study at the linguistic high school."

"I have been athletic for 4 years for the multi-sports club Tespiense Quartu and my first experience with sport was playing basketball."

"Athletics immediately gave me great satisfaction, first at the regional level and later at the national level."

"My ambition is to improve myself day after day, both as an athlete and as a person."

"This I will do despite the difficulties related to the lack of adequate sports facilities and the total absence of an athletics field in my city."

"My greatest aspiration is to maintain the enthusiasm, vivacity and determination that are part of my personality to overcome daily obstacles and to always reach new goals."

"It would be more difficult alone, so I need you! I want to run stronger than all others."

Dalia KaddariIn 2018 the confirmation of the tricolor, the fourth place in the under 18 European final of Gyor after having set the fastest time of the semifinals (23. 52 in windy conditions) and her following feat at the Buenos Aires Youth Olympics - winning a silver medal with 23.45 to recover the best Italian student performance.

Surpassing the 23.62 obtained in May by Chiara Gherardi and became the second blue under 20 ever.

In 2019 she achieved the junior national record of 200 indoors with 23.93 in Ancona, improved in the 2020 with a 23.85.

Student of the linguistic high school, she lives in Quartu Sant'Elena and trains in Cagliari.

“Happy, but with my feet on the ground” - In Buenos Aires I had a fantastic experience, which has given me so much" - smiles Dalia Kaddari - "and I am very happy."

"The silver medal is at home, in the living room, but in the meantime, grandfather Antonio walked around the square in Quartu Sant'Elena and showed it to all his friends!"

"But my life as an athlete doesn't change. I remain myself" - continued the Tespiense Quartu sprinter - "and with my feet on the ground, the old Dahlia: the name of a flower, chosen by my father - and I like it. For 2019 we are running forward, day by day. "

Dalia Kaddari“We had prepared for these Youth Olympics and had believed in obtaining a good result, even if at this level it was unexpected. But the weather helped, with the favorable wind within limits and a sunny day."

Dalia's passion is athletics, she fell in love with the sports. She has a very fluid and natural gait, she was born to run. In addition to school, she also has the hobby of doing photo shoots, they please her but she is absolutely focused on athletics.

When she puts a goal in her head, Dalia reaches it and that is her strength. In the next season we will see whether to do some indoor competitions, but she will need to be in top condition in the summer for the European under 20.

She won the silver medal at 2018 Youth Olympics on 200 meters. She won the national title at the 2020 Italian Athletics Championships, with a personal best of 23.30.

"Bellinzona was one of those evenings for which I worked for a whole year. Making the Italian U20 Record at my first meeting outside Italy, with top level opponents, could have made everything difficult."

"But when I arrived on the track, as always, everything disappears and we remain - me and my lane: once again the track has not betrayed me and I have not betrayed her!"

Dalia KaddariOn the 7th of November 2020 Dalia was invited to host a opening ceremony for an area sports facility in San Giovanni Suergiu.

The municipal gym of San Giovanni Suergiu was reopened lately after 4 years - it was renovated and made safe.

With an investment of over 300 thousand euros, between municipal and supra-municipal funding, the multipurpose sports facility in via Mascagni will be accessible and will once again be able to host clubs operating in various sports disciplines.

As the host of the inauguration, which took place in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations, was Italian athletics champion Dalia Kaddari, present for the first time in Sulcis to promote sport.

The young Quartese athlete, engaged in recent months in preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, cut the ribbon together with the mayor, Elvira Usai.

Kaddari wished all the athletes and sportsmen of San Giovanni Suergiu a future full of satisfaction.

The inauguration was organized by the tourist association Pro Loco.

Dalia KaddariOn August 19, 2020 Dalia Kaddari and Filippo Tortu were expected at the absolute Italian championships in Padua like water in the desert. It is they, the children of the wind of Sardinia, they that are the stars of Italian athletics.

Dalia, silver at the Buenos Aires Youth Olympics in 2018, the fastest girl in Italy in the 200 meters indoor in 2019, flew on the Sassari track last Sunday.

Compliments poured down on her. Manuela Levorato, the most awarded sprinter in the history of Italian athletics, also had words of praise for the Sardinian sprinter: "I saw Kaddari do very well in the 100 meters but I think she can express her best in the 200 meters."

Only 100 or even 200, at Mennea, in Padua? "Only 200 and I'll give it my all. My goal? To run fast, of course then if I win it's better."

A future to be discovered for Dalia will be at the Tokyo Olympics of 2021? "Now there is Padua, then the rest will be seen."

With Miss Quartu's crown in her pocket, lacquered nails and raven hair blowing in the wind, Dalia is the female version of Filippo Tortu, the Sardinian sprinter originally from Tempio who crushed Pietro Mennea's supremacy.

Dalia Kaddari"It is an honor to be compared to Filippo." Dalia always said. "But he was really great in breaking a record that had stood for decades. Filippo made history, I still have time and I continue to work."

Filippo Tortu, who rewrote 39 years of sports history in one night by running 100 meters in nine hundred ninety-nine hundredths of a second in Madrid in 2018, will challenge Marcell Jacobs for the title in Padua.

Luca Lai from Oristano was also at the starting blocks. It will be 100 meters of dreams and passion for Tortu, a sort of pre-Olympic test since the absolute in Padua are the first important appointment for the athletes after the end of the lockdown.

In Padua the fast footer of Italy will try to hit the final and maybe (who knows) break through the ten second wall.

"I am convinced that it will be an exciting race, thanks to the prominent parterre that Italian athletics can count on," said the sprinter.

34 Italian champion titles were up for grabs in Padua, 20 of which ran on Saturday and 14 ran on Sunday.

Dalia KaddariValentina Uccheddu was one of the greatest exponents of the Sardinian “Primavera” of athletics.

At the turn of the 80s and 90s, many champions exploded on the island and it also happened that six went to the European championships and at least three to the World Championships and Olympics.

Those times seemed to have ended up in oblivion, impossible to repeat. Today, however, something is moving again, as demonstrated by the 4 Italian youth titles taken by the Sardinians in 2020 and above all the absolute Italian title won by Dalia Kaddari on the 200 meters.

The Quartese sprinter first took away the distance record from Rita Angotzi from Oristano and then climbed to the highest podium of the tricolors, something that hadn't happened to a Sardinian since 1999, when the other super Oristano, Valentina Uccheddu won the last of her 4 national long jump titles.

Today Valentina is 54 years old, she is the mother of two splendid twins, she works for the Region in Cagliari, but always watches the events in athletics.

"I am very happy for Dalia - she is a really good girl. I was lucky enough to see her in action at the beginning, when I went to the pitch in Cagliari"

Dalia KaddariIn the golden years, the Sardinians constituted an extraordinary group.

"A wonderful moment because we were a team - remembers Valentina. We always gave each other a hand."

"Now this magic could be repeated. Meanwhile, with Dalia Kaddari there is Filippo Tortu, who feels Sardinian to the core, and then there are also the other young people: Lorenzo Patta and Jhonatam Maullu from Oristano and Massimiliano Luiu from Sassari in the upper. They represent a very promising group."

Don't be afraid of difficult times. The best comes from those!

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Dalia Kaddari Dalia Kaddari Dalia Kaddari
Dalia Kaddari Dalia Kaddari Dalia Kaddari
Dalia Kaddari Dalia Kaddari Dalia Kaddari
Dalia Kaddari



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