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Benedetta ParodiBenedetta Parodi, born on August 6th, 1972 in Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy is an actress, writer and chef par-excellance known for Camera Cafe in 2003, Untraditional in 2016 and La Cuoca Bendata in 2016. She has been married to Fabio Caressa since July 11, 1999. They have three children.

She, like both of her siblings, is a journalist and a television host. Like her brother Roberto she has also become a writer.

As of January 2015 she has written and published 10 books - Most of them are cookbooks, but she has also written a few children's books.

She has two older siblings: Cristina Parodi and Roberto Parodi. Both of them, are journalists and television hosts, but Roberto is also a writer.

Her husband, Fabio Caressa is a journalist and a football commentator for SKY Italia.

He commentated during the 2006 Football World Cup in which Italy became the World Champion and at the 2012 Olympics in London.

At age 30, she gave birth to her first child, daughter Matilde on September 28th, 2002. The father is her husband of three years, Fabio Caressa.

At age 32, Parodi gave birth her second child, daughter Eleonora on October 20th, 2004. The child's father is her husband Fabio Caressa.

Benedetta ParodiAt age 37, Benedetta again gave birth to her third child, a son named Diego on October 28th, 2009 with her husband Fabio Caressa.

Benedetta Parodi began her television career as a host of Studio Aperto . Since the end of 2008, having abandoned the news program, she has dedicated herself to the culinary column Cotto e Mangiato, in one and a half minute episodes recorded daily directly in the kitchen of her home.

After collecting various recipes, in 2009 she published a cookbook published by Vallardi that bears the same title as the column, which sold almost one and a half million copies .

In the 2009/2010 season Benedetta adds to the daily appointment within the TG of Italia1 , also a space with a longer duration equally entitled Cotto e Mangiato , broadcast on Saturdays at 10.45.

In 2010 she published another book called Welcome To My Kitchen by the same publisher with other brand new recipes, which sold 900,000 copies.

In 2011 Parodi moved to LA7 to conduct her own program, I menu di Benedetta, which also became the title of the third book written by the presenter, published by Rizzoli.

In 2012 the book Let's Cook arrives, while in September 2013 she landed on Real Time as host of Bake Off Italia - Sweets in the oven of which she is currently driving and two versions of the same "junior", together with the pastry chef Ernst Knam and the journalist and writer Clelia D'Onofrio. Also in 2013 came the three-volume fantasy saga The Fairies in Half.

Benedetta ParodiSince March 2014, again on Real Time, she has been conducting a new program, Molto Bene which will also become a book. Also in 2014, the first book for the American market, Everyday Cooking From Italy , was released, which collects the best of her recipes.

In 2015 it was instead the turn of the new volume of recipes Ricette In Famiglia, followed in 2016 by Benedetta's All Year Round and the TV program, again on Real Time, La Cuoca Bendata.

Blessed All Year - released in 2016 are recipes as rich as the colors of the forest in autumn, as surprising as the first snow of winter, as festive as the flowers that blossomed in spring, fresh as a dip in the sea in summer.

Benedetta's recipes - always easy, fast, delicious and all photographed by her - follow the rhythm of the seasons and keep us company all year round!

And since every season has its special moment, we also find the pages of Benedetta's diary that tell us about the Halloween evening between "trick" and "treat", the Christmas table with the whole family, the Easter buffet with friends and the day of August at the sea.

With many images, dishes designed and created ad hoc and a thousand other ideas to make each party gathering truly unique.

Since March 2017 Parodi has been running the Prontoe posted program on Real Time , while her book The Recipes of Happiness arrived in the bookstores.

In the 2017-2018 season she supports his sister Cristina in Domenica in su Rai 1 . The last book of autumn 2018 is A Lunch At My Place.

Benedetta ParodiAnyone who goes to Benedetta's for lunch knows that every course she offers her guests is the result of a lot of curiosity and all the imagination she has at her disposal.

Because in the kitchen it is not only important to know how to correctly dose the ingredients but also and above all to be able to combine them, guessing which flavors will be enhanced, which textures will give more satisfaction to the palate and which colors will make the dish more inviting.

And so between the covers in A Lunch At My Place are more than 150 new, delicious recipes from Benedetta, each photographed by her and brought together in perfect Parodi style.

In 2019 she released a new cookbook entitled The Recipes Salvacena. All are delicious dishes prepared in 15 minutes - over 150 recipes that can be prepared in a quarter of an hour or so.

Because, to eat well, you don't necessarily need to have a lot of time available: just a pinch of organization, imagination and skill is enough to make each of your dishes a masterpiece!

An Armchair in the Kitchen arrived in 2020. Benedetta Parodi's new book is available on her website, in all bookstores and online stores.

In An Armchair in the Kitchen, Parodi takes us for the first time on a journey into the memory and memories of the most important stages of her life, from childhood to the discovery of love for cooking, interspersed with many, new and very tasty recipes.

An exciting book, for those who want to discover new and exciting sides of Benedetta Parodi or test themselves in the kitchen, just like her, who unexpectedly discovered a great passion for food and built her profession on cooking.

Benedetta ParodiA few weeks ago Benedetta told followers in her newsletter and in an article on her website about a novelty in her kitchen to reduce the use of plastic at home and now - after a few weeks of use - she reveals all the benefits of her new GROHE Blue Home water filtration system.

"When I am in the kitchen I have always been attentive to the theme of 'waste'."

"I try to re-use ingredients and minimize food waste, I use multipurpose tools and products in recyclable and eco-sustainable materials.

All this applies to food, but we also apply this to our water throughout the house."

"Being a large family, you can imagine how many liters of water we consume every day and how much plastic (especially bottles!) is used in the house, so I had been looking for a solution for quite some time."

"When my children learned of the possibility of having this new GROHE brand in the kitchen, they were super enthusiastic and immediately approved my decision."

"You know, today young people are much more attentive to issues of recycling and waste reduction and I must say that I too have developed a greater awareness of this precious element which is water."

Benedetta Parodi"GROHE Blue Home is the water filtration system that I chose and that they installed in my kitchen in an hour."

"The tap has a removable shower and allows you to dispense filtered and chilled drinking water, natural, slightly sparkling and sparkling."

"The filter that is placed underneath is not bulky and supports the filter itself which is changed every 6 months and the cylinder to transform natural water into sparkling water."

"In addition, having also another sink, I thought that a second solution would have been to install the GROHE Red boiling water system (up to 100 °), which speeds up the preparation of pasta, tea and herbal teas."

After some time, I have already noticed the drastic reduction of plastic bottles in the home.

They aren't even on my shopping list anymore! So I eliminated an extra cost and also the weight, (literally) of the boxes of water."

"At the table then, I no longer bring the plastic bottle, but the GROHE glass jugs. Speaking of system, this company offers several alternatives, chrome or satin mixers, normal or with pull-out shower, or even with L or C-shaped design."

"They thus managed to offer me the possibility to choose my favorite and above all the one most suitable for my kitchen."

Benedetta Parodi If you're a fan of Italian cooking click on the book graphics to the right on this page and go to Benedetta's secure website and place an order on Amazon.com amd have these cookbooks delivered right to your kitchen door.

(after arriving at her website, right-click and choose the 'translate to english' option)

While you're there sign up for Benedetta's newsletter and keep in tune as to what is happening in her kitchen.


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Benedetta Parodi Benedetta Parodi Benedetta Parodi
Benedetta Parodi Benedetta Parodi Benedetta Parodi



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