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Chiara Bianchino

Chiara BianchinoChiara Bianchino is a model and actress based in the Italian capitol city of Rome.

She graduated in Film Studies (Cinema and Television) and started modeling 6 years ago in Italy.

Also she is working as an actress in the film industry in Italy.

She is known for The Name of the Rose in 2019, Gomorrah in 2014 and Forever Young in 2016.

The thing she most loves about her job is, to travel around the world and meet so many interesting people.

She loves being an actress as it´s the perfect way for her to express her emotions and feelings.

"I'm a photomodel and model for fashion events, fashion shows, photo shoots, model sharing, workshops, editorials and magazines."

Chiara Bianchino"I've also had a little experience as a promotional model, hostess-promoter, spokesmodel and actress."

Like the most women with film or modeling careers these days, Chiara runs her own Social Media channels.

The most successful one seems to be on Instagram, where she is happy about reaching almost 500,000 followers.

In a recent modeling assignment for AROLLO, an Italian boot-maker, she chose the AROLLO Thigh High Stretch Boots in Black.

To have boots that surround her legs like a second skin was the main reason for her choice of this style.

First time she tried them on, she immediately went absolutely nuts about those boots, she admitted.

After the first modeling session the Corona crisis hit Italy very brutally.

Unfortunately, now there are other things more important then doing another photo session in AROLLO Boots.

Chiara BianchinoAROLLO develops and designs high-quality over-the-knee and thigh-high boots made of genuine leather, and has been doing so since 2008.

Their boots are not only characterized by their appearance, but are also extremely comfortable to wear.

In their online shop a fine selection of different models are available.


"I'm a Model and Playmate based in Rome, Italy. In my opinion, a model should above all have elegance, charm and a certain class."

"Furthermore, an essential gift for a model is to know how to pose on a set

"As well as by a particular brand or by the garment. It all has to work together."

Chiara Bianchino
"An actress that I particularly appreciate for her interpretative skills, for her elegance and her class is Anne Hathaway."

"In the musical field, on the other hand, I love Lana del Rey's style, personality and tone of voice."

"Finally, in the fashion world, I love the Victoria's Secret models - especially Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel."

"I love shopping, I love fashion, but I don't think I have a particular style."

"It rather changes according to the mood I am experiencing that day."

"There are days when I prefer a classic and elegant style."

"Possibly some kind of coat, maybe a trench coat combined with a dress and boots with heels."

Chiara Bianchino"On other days I may adopt a more rock and aggressive style with a leather jacket, high-waisted trousers, checked shirt - all combined with a pair of Dr Martens."

"Then occasionally on other days I have a more vintage or grunge style."

"For me, elegance is an innate gift, which cannot be learned with any course of posture or photographic pose."

"Rather it always reveals itself in any gesture, in any attitude and behavior."

"There are some fashion items that I am particularly fond of, probably because I bought them during my travels in London and Paris."

"But, if I had to say now which item of clothing I am currently most attached to, It would be my new pair of Dr Martens - Red Cherry, a present from my fiancé on my twentieth birthday."

Chiara Bianchino"My secret dream is to work in the future in the world of cinema, perhaps by going to live in London - a city that has literally bewitched me."

Take a good look at her: the features, the eyes, the hair, the petite and perfect sun-tanned body.

If she doesn't become an actress then she will be one of the most graceful and fascinating fashion models turning the heads in the audience at fashion weeks in Paris, London, Milan, New York City and Los Angeles.

Chiara Bianchino, she is 27 years old and after graduating from the Classico Augusto in San Giovanni, she studied cinema at Dams.

While waiting to become a journalist while attending school, she decided to put herself on the line. Chiara lent her face and body to the lenses of Cesare Colognetti, Simone Panetta and Enrico Burani but also for fiction such as Braccialetti Rossi, Squadra Antimafia and Solo per Amore.

Chiara BianchinoShe enjoyed posing and working as a hostess in her spare time in events such as Motodays.

There she represented the opposite of female determination next to an automobile engine. Grit, yes, but hidden behind a character without flaw.

With years of experience behind her, she has not yet chosen the photograpic genre she likes best between beauty, fashion and fine art nudes, so she books diverse photographic proposals.

"Usually I get in touch with photographers via social media such as Instagram or Facebook, or sometimes through Model Mayhem."

"It happens also that maybe a magazine wants to publish pictures of me and they will organize the shooting and manage it directly with the photographer."

"Sometimes photographers contact me, sending me their projects for exhibitions or books."

Chiara Bianchino"What I like most about being a model is that I love traveling and meeting a lot of different people from different cultures, with different artistic visions."

"My favorite photographers that I would like to shoot with would be Ana Dias, Davide Bellemere and as a dream I would love to work with Ellen Von Unwerth."

"I most like woking with photographers tha push me to express myself in a true and honest way, without freezing myself in artificial and empty poses or fake facial expressions."

"I love a photograph that shows my soul, my true sensuality and erotism, a picture that when you look at it touches you deep inside."

On a side note: "I once did a photoshoot with a photographer that stumbled into an electric cable and fell down and broke his nose. He lost a lot of blood and it was so terrible!"

"In the coming years I would like to travel around the world and model in other countries outside of Europe."

Chiara Bianchino"I want to be published in other important magazines and work at top exhibitions too."

A few of Chiara's thoughts on the virus pandemic:

"Yesterday was a beautiful day because it was a small step towards freedom.

"After weeks and weeks we were finally free to leave Rome for a few hours (even if we are not yet free to leave our region, nor Italy, without restrictions or limitations) and enjoyed the little joy of a restaurant lunch."

"For me who used to travel a lot and enjoy hundreds of wonderful experiences, it's hard to be confined to your home, your city, your region, your country."

"But, I am happy that we are finally seeing a glimmer of light and learning to appreciate the joy of simple things. Don’t give up!"

Chiara Bianchino



Chiara's DePop Store

Chiara Bianchino Chiara Bianchino Chiara Bianchino
Chiara Bianchino Chiara Bianchino Chiara Bianchino
Chiara Bianchino Chiara Bianchino Chiara Bianchino
Chiara Bianchino



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