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Adrienne Koleszár

Adrienne KoleszárAdrienne Koleszár, born May 9th, 1984 in Germany is a German police officer in the Dresden-Süd district as well as a fitness advocate. The 33-year-old and has more than 650,000 followers on Instagram and over 100,000 followers on Facebook.

She began training in the gym when she was 17 years old. She took part in the qualifiers for the World Cup of Bodybuilding - Bikini Class in 2015, and has won other bodybuilding competitions.

Her motivational fitness posts on Instagram and Facebook are targeted at encouraging women to live more healthy lifestyles. She takes her work with the police very seriously:

"Being a police officer is more than wearing a uniform, publishing funny videos in police cars or posing with guns. I'm on active duty - which means I work in shifts, full time - no excuses. And I can't just do whatever I want. I have to bear the responsibility for all of my actions. The most important thing for me is to be doing a good and honest job, always looking forward and helping people no matter what happens. Be careful with prejudices, social media isn't real life!"

As a police officer she is committed to addressing domestic violence cases, public brawls and road accidents in the city of Dresden.

When she's not in her police uniform Koleszár has another pursuit that occupies a large amount of her time. One that has collected over a half million followers on social media.

Her dedication to fitness has turned this German Police Officer into the sexiest cop in the world.

Adrienne Koleszár"I've been practicing with weights at the gym for fourteen years now. Back in April of 2014 I decided on a total change-over of my nutrition and started to eat 'clean'".

Obviously she did it with success, because the physical transformation she went through is nothing short of spectacular. After several people asked if she could imagine herself joining a competition, she dealt a bit more with the question of bodybuilding.

In the images published on Facebook and Instagram, Adrienne shows her gym workouts and talks about participating in several bodybulding competitions.

At 1 meter and 73 centimeters in height Adrienne only weighs 64 kilograms. She goes to the gym five times a week and trains with a 170 kilogram tool.

However, she explains that the real turning point in her life occurred in 2014 when she decided to follow a strict diet made of genuine and balanced food.

On her Facebook page, she writes about not feeling perfect, but that the cause of her physical condition is due from 30% constant physical activity and 70% is from excellent nutrition.

Her favorite dish is the porridge of proteins, which are egg whites and oatmeal.

Adrienne Koleszár"This kind of power – explains Adrienne – helps me keep the body toned. Every woman wants to have a hard ass."

"At my first competition (Internationaler Hessischer Newcomer Pokal Butzbach) I was able to rake in even two cups. I wasn't just victorious in my class - I also won the complete competition including all female classes."

"My hope is to motivate others with my page and my story while helping them to reach their own sports goals."

"It would be awesome if you would accompany me on my way and let me share my further successes with you. In the future you can expect more and more on this page."

The ones who give me a "like" will get tips and information about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle regular basis."

"Sometimes I have to handle situations that no one would want to happen. I'm human and I am not perfect. But I very much love my life."

"My superiors have no problem with the photos on social networks, just as long as they do not exceed the limits of decency. I would like these images to inspire women to work on their body and not men."

At the time she was 27 years old, after years of doubt and uncertainty, she had breast enlargements in the summer of 2011 after deciding it was something she only did for herself. Would she do that again? - "Yeah", she said.

Adrienne KoleszárRight after her 30th birthday, a tumor was found in her right chest. It was benign but large and initially very painful.

What she had to experience in 2014 as a result of this, has made her much more of what she is today.

"Only illness or force majeure could keep me away from the gym. I'm far from being at my final goal. Building your body naturally takes time."

October 25, 2014 International Newcomer Cup Butzbach win and overall Champion
November 22, 2014 International Niedersachsencup Salzgitter win and overall Champion
November 29, 2014 German Championships Bochum German Vice Champion

Koleszár has always had a passion for fitness and with the encouragement of her family, she began training in the gym at age 14, when her parents signed her first gym contract for her.

She entered the gym with a strong desire to lose fat around her legs and butt, so she only focused on these areas when training in the gym.

But during these early years, she saw that she wasn't making any improvements to her body. Even though she was training hard everyday, she soon came to the conclusion that spot reduction was not possible.

Adrienne KoleszárShe knew she had to change her plan or fail to realize her ambition – to possess the lean physique she wanted.

This motivated her to change her diet and train even harder, so it was in her late twenties when she started to plan her diet.

With her busy lifestyle as a full-time police officer, she began updating her Instagram profile with photos of her lifestyle and body. It didn't take much time before she was noticed by the public.

By 2016, Koleszár she found herself at the center of attention on social media. She had been noticed worldwide, and had gained a mass of likes and followers on Instagram and Facebook.

"I am more enlightened - and much more confident than I was before."

Koleszár works her entire body in the gym five days a week and cycles for 40 minutes to maintain her lean physique.

Unlike other athletes, she doesn't believe in having a rest day every week – she is constantly training unless she is ill or on police duty.

She enjoys training legs twice a week, but makes sure to target muscle groups on her body equally. Her favorite exercise is the hip-thrust.

Koleszár possesses a healthy respect for proper nutrition and is careful to plan and weigh her meals everyday. In order to stay within her calorie target range and macros, she enjoys cooking fresh meals whenever she has enough time away from her job.

Adrienne KoleszárKoleszár insists on eating potato instead of rice, and unlike other athletes, she has always included plenty of carbohydrates in her diet - she eats more than the average bikini and fitness athlete – 2500 calories per day to sustain her while working and in training everyday.

As for her nutritional supplements Koleszár takes:

Whey Protein

Koleszár looks up to other bikini and fitness athletes, naming other women such as Xenia Mennich, Ashley Kaltwasser and fellow fitness star, Michelle Lewin as her main inspiration and influences.

Koleszár may have started training from as early as the age of fourteen, but she admits that she finally got it right in her late twenties.

What can be learned from Adrienne Kolaszar is to be determined to succeed, and to see anything through until you are closer to your goal.

Adrienne KoleszárAn important lesson to be learned from this Bikini and Fitness Athlete is that there is always time to fit in any activity which helps you to get to your goal.

With a full-time job she still manages to fit in daily gym sessions and follow a diet plan around her busy lifestyle as a police officer.

Koleszár is not afraid to show others her journey or of any criticism she recieves.

She regularly updates her social media with photos of herself, regardless of any criticism that might be directed at her.

Adrienne is under fire lately from her superiors at the police department in Dresden - hard to consider anyone being superior to this remarkable woman.

Not only does she look phenomenal and have the discipline to remain so, but is also a exceptional writer who pours her thoughts onto pages in a fluid flow that speaks honestly and deeply about her self and the fears, pains and challenges she faces.

This is not merely a beautiful woman, but a woman of character in possession of a host of admirable qualities whom would be an asset to both the police department and to her followers on the internet.

Adrienne KoleszárWith over 650,000 followers on Instagram she had been granted a six-month leave back in July, and it has now come to an end and her superiors won't grant her any further leave.

As a matter of fact, she has been handed down an ultimatum: choose between being an inspiring Instagram influencer or leave her job on the police force.

While on leave over the past six months she has enthralled her followers with photographs of herself traveling the world.

Koleszár said she would like to be able to be both a social media influencer and a police officer, but it seems you cannot always get everything you wish for.

"I have no fear about returning to my duty, being on patrol with the police departmewnt and working my shifts. I'm convinced it won't hinder my work", she said.

"That's a decision I had to make for myself, because it's no secret that the half-year off was a time when I thought about where I'm going."

She agreed that she would reduce her online activity to pre-leave levels but would still maintain a presence on social media.

Adrienne KoleszárIn one of the recent photos posted online, Adrienne is seen putting her police uniform back on.

"Finally. Finally 2019. I go searching for my socks", she wrote. "Welcome to the brand new year. I am excited."

It was rumoured that while away on leave she modeled and landed lucrative advertising contracts for cosmetics and car brands. But that's not all - she even got her own TV show.

Together with former bachelorette Jessica Paszka and Youtube star Sophia Thiel, Adrienne Koleszar will be on TV SIXX with a new program Fitness Diaries. There she will delight her fans with nutritional tips, training methods and an insight into her life. Only time will tell.

In her website blog as well as on Instagram Adrienne can be exquisitely forthcoming. Her heartfelt assessments of herself are candid and a bit brutal, but they make her far more human and appealing.

"And sometimes I'm naked. Naked under an avocado, naked under my uniform, naked under my sports clothes, naked in this photo. Most of all, I'm naked when I say what I feel and show what I am. Unperfect, real, strangely humorless, with veins on my arms, abdominal muscles, uncomplicatedly complicated, certainly unsteady, changeable and slightly chaotically organized. Bad example? For the society, my colleagues, my environment? What do you think? #human I never wanted to publish this photo. (photo in red dress) Because it makes me vulnerable, with too much muscle. That's the other one naked. You understand. The End."

Adrienne Koleszár"Public image vs. self-image - isn't it weird? It's the true story about social media, insecurity, pressure, wrong ideals and low self esteem. The result is a distorted self-image. What should I say? Honestly I always see on tons of my pictures only my flaws (bad legs, unattractive dents on my butt, swollen knees, bla bla). And this is the reason, I deleted most of them. We all (including me) should stop this crazy view of ourselves. Try to be positive and focus on our strengths. Life is more than searching for flaws."

"Inhale, exhale, scream, cry, run and start over. Endless loop. Until I have to laugh about myself. And then I am strong. For a moment. Stunned until it wears off. And from the beginning. The addiction, infinitely big. And the feeling, it will never come again. And I keep going. To me."

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Adrienne Koleszár Adrienne Koleszar is not only a German Police Officer and a beautiful and dedicated Physical Fitness advocate, but if you visit her website you'll likely be equally impressed with her exquisite ability to communicate.

Her style of writing is extremely expressive and captivating as well as open and honest about herself and the challenges she faces. I would highly recommend visiting her website and reading her blog posts to see for yourself.

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