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Magali Arbib

Magali ArbibMagali Arbib is a French artist, designer and entreprenuer with her own company called Leçons de Choses.

She derives her inspiration from iconic film actors, vintage fabrics, muscle cars, urban culture and advertising - as well as scouring for vintage object de art at Brocante's in France.

Brocante's are Sunday events put on by towns and villages in France where locals line the streets with booths selling everything imaginable from clothing and furniture, to artwork and books, to porcelin and kitchen implements and a myriad of interesting and not so interestings things.

Since she attended school at ESTIENNE she has tried all kinds of outlets for her creativity. When she found one she would always try others, and so on until arriving where she is today.

Her desire for change pushed her into antiqueing old newspapers and many other things that would inspire her in her creations. She found inspiration in women artists and all those actresses and actors who advocated independence.

These film icons fascinated her and she wanted her painting to bring back their universal appeal. Their beauty and their stories have always inspired Magali and she began a real research work with old photos using completely different materials to compose a variety of images and colors.

Magali ArbibIt was the beginning of an osmosis that made it no longer known whether the subject was a painting or her imagination. Magali has staged exhibits on Steve McQueen James Dean, Mohammed Ali, Jean Seaberg and many others.

After several of these exhibitions she better understood her desires and her work and now remains attached to the "urban" and advertising culture, which fascinates her.

Architecture, street scenes and the subway give her new sensations and she did a lot of photographs to prepare new works that reflected these themes back in September of 2008. She also I created her new brand Leçons de Choses and does painting work on old American muscle cars.

Leçons de Choses is like the biography or the story of its creator Magali Arbib. This artist who creates canvases based on collages has embarked on the manufacture of decorative objects and once she became the happy mother of a little boy she had begun. It was by diverting street objects to make accessories that her famous skateboard shelves were born.

Gradually, the brand was launched and expanded the range, always keeping the same concept - staggered deco objects, which can not be seen anywhere else, and which are at the same time inspired by children's furniture, the 50s era and street culture.

When Magali visited a little house at the end of a small alleyway, she immediately thought of films by director Jacques Tati (1907-1982).

Magali ArbibIt was a single storey, very bright , set back from the street and surrounded by vegetation, the house immediately seduced her. It was like a return to her roots because she lived when she was younger in Brunoy. Her and her husband bought the house.

It was only a few years after this acquisition that Magali and her husband David , very busy with their professional activities, began renovations: painting, various embellishments and creation of a kitchen instead of the old boiler room.

Magali loves to hunt old objects and vintage furniture. Once settled with her husband, they discovered many interesting flea markets in the area. In France these are called a Brocante - a Sunday flea market in different towns and villages each week where the main street is lined with tables and booths selling old objects.

At each of her outings, she would return loaded with pretty pieces to retype, bought at ridiculously low prices. She was able to obtain herself some furniture, crockery, lamps - of which she is very fond - and to decorate the room of her son Lucca.

She then created a beautiful vision of the Lucca House that I adore with the old furniture of my father's store - a haribo sign adapted to the night light, a 1950s dresser repainted by Magali, old vintage toys like an old dog to train Fisher price here.

What were saying here is that she not only decorated her sons room, but are also talking about the iconic vision for the creation of her brand: Leçons de Choses

"At the birth of her son Lucca , Magali was looking for objects and furniture to decorate her sons room finds nothing to her liking. She noted the omnipresence of pieces and colors corresponding to a girls 'universe'. "

Magali Arbib"And yes there was nothing much available in 2007, but now there is more choice for boys, there is decoration everywhere and many tutorials for those who have no ideas of their own."

"Many times now I am asked for decorating tips for boy's rooms. It's funny that the world of decoration has entered into the lives of children."

"Looking for storage space for his room, she had the ingenious idea of hijacking a skateboard to make a shelf. "

"Subsequently, I have been able to sell these skateboard shelfs all over the world with some series even in limited collection!"

"They were in pretty shops like Serendipity first concept store for children opened by Laurence Simoncini and later at Selfridges, BHV, Conran shop and others."

"For me it is just the idea of having crossed these doors, to have given a little piece of me, to have left a trace. Like a work of art that is transmitted somewhere - without knowing where."

Leçons de Choses also offers stationery and bed linens, as well as a range of satchels and rucksacks that are a huge hit at recess at school.

On the occasion of the opening of the pop-up store, Leçons de Choses , WOMB and Doolittle joined forces to win you a signature creation of the brand - the red bicycle handlebar desk. It will save space in your child's room because it is foldable.

Magali ArbibIt will also bring a touch of color and originality to your interior. It is very light and practical, with four wheels - you will move it with great ease. (Can be seen at the Leçons de Choses website linked below).

I have had the chance to meet wonderful people who have brought me so much!! Highly talented photographers, artists such as Steph Cop or Laurent Calvez, comedians and directors such as Juliette Aver and Nicolas Bary during the movie Little Spirou.

For me it is happiness, create a story and discover that of others. A creative touch-to-everything - I really like this title, it 's true that I do not like to remain to do always the same thing!

Some of her painting exhibitions of inspirational people include one of Martin Luther King. He who dared to dream of a better world, who fought vigorously, but without violence and managed to enable the hope of millions of black men and women in the United States.

Magali also did an exhibition of Marilyn Monroe whom she found an inspiration even though she was also a tragic figure with radiant beauty with weak nerves given to dark depressions who died of an overdose of barbiturates.

Magali also found the astronauts inspirational. Her son loves this painting, he already knows that it's the man who was on the moon. On 20 July 1969 at 21:17 (French time), the Eagle of the Apollo XI Mission Lunar Module landed on the Moon. Astronaut Neil Armstrong announced: "Houston, this is Tranquility Base - The Eagle has landed".

He had looked at the moon and held it at the tip of his finger and to him it looked so serene and calm that night - his wonder and awe is what inspired her.

Magali ArbibMagali was wanting objects for functional furniture for the bedroom of her son Lucca. She imagined for his room the skateboard shelves and in the process, she created a collection of objects inspired by old school books Leçons de Choses.

Encouraged by her entourage, she launched her collection and soon her vintage universe seduced shops like Bonton, Serendipity as well as the home decoration press. It grew from skateboard shelves to include furniture, home decor, luggage, stationary and children's linens.

Magali and her creations have been on the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Doolittle, Femme Majuscule, Grazia, Maison Creative and other publications

Whether it is shelves, skate benches, rabbit hangers, carpets or schoolbags, this is the universe of Leçons de Choses.

To buy her creations here is a list of boutiques worldwide who offer them. www.leconsdechoses.com/en/content/7-points-de-vente

Some of her creations are also available at www.behance.com

Both artwork and products can be purchased by contacting Magali via e-mail at magali.arbib91@gmail.com if you do not live near one of the retailers that carry her creations.

Join her on social media and follow Magali on Facebook

Visit Magali at her website at: www.leconsdechoses.com

You can see the designs of Magali Arbib at her website where they can also be purchased and shipped worlwide, or find a retail store in Europe and North America at store locator

The following five images are new products for May of 2014:

Magali Arbib
Magali Arbib
Magali Arbib
Magali Arbib
Magali Arbib
Magali Arbib
Magali Arbib
Magali Arbib
Magali Arbib


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Leçons de Choses
See the childrens collection and Magali Arbib's artwork exhibitions as well as a list of the boutiques in Europe where her things are offered. Please take a look at the full range of her creations at www.leconsdechoses.com


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