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Zuzka Light

Zuzka LightZuzana Majorová popularly known as Zuzka Light, born April 29th, 1982 in Prague, Czechoslovakia is an internationally known fitness instructor, model, businesswoman, and author.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she runs one of the most popular online fitness instruction channels on YouTube.com where her videos have been viewed over half a billion times.

Prior to starting her current YouTube channel, Light co-founded the fitness website and YouTube channel called BodyRock.TV with her ex-husband Frederick Light. The couple split in 2011, and divorced in 2013.

Before moving to North America, Light worked as a model and a softcore pornographic model under the name "Susana Spears". She described the experience as "an incredibly humiliating situation". Light said she felt lucky to have survived the experience, and that working on her fitness helped her heal emotionally and rebuild her sense of self worth.

Light has appeared in national TV advertising spots for companies such as Airbus, Stroda, Gambrinus, and Reiffeissen Bank. She has contributed to various fitness publications, such as Shape Magazine, BodyBuilding.com and various other news outlets.

She released a book in December of 2015 entitled 15 Minutes to Fit: The Simple 30-Day Guide to Total Fitness, 15 Minutes At A Time.

The 35 year old fitness professional admits when she decided to take fitness as a profession and share my passion online, it allowed me to get in front of millions of people and travel the world.

Zuzka LightShe has dedicated the past 9 years of her life to creating a platform for fitness and healthy lifestyles where she shares the most effective ways of keeping yourself strong, fit and healthy.

Her first company called BodyRock.Tv was a huge hit on YouTube and her workout videos generated over 500 million views.

"I lost pretty much everything due to an ugly divorce, except for my strong will and passion for fitness. I worked hard to build a new life, company, website, YouTube channel and leave the past behind - it wasn't an easy ride and I hit a few bumps along the way that shook my world pretty hard."

"I learned so much about people, and business mostly through failures and mistakes. The only thing that made me feel in control was my fitness routines. It's something I can always count on and what will always carry me through the storm. It's my passion, my daily habit and my meditation."

"Now I'm the owner of Zuzka Light Productions LLC and run my own website - www.zuzkalight.com with a very successful subscription club ZGYM.

I am so proud of the growing ZGYM community. My members are the most dedicated, supportive, passionate and fun loving people, that keep me motivated to never give up."

"I am a 35-year-old woman who believes in the powerful connection between body, mind, and soul. For the past six years I have been on a mission to get as many people in shape as possible. I motivate people to lead a healthy lifestyle through my workouts and nutrition tips via my website www.zuzkalight.com and my video channel on www.youtube.com/zuzkalight."

Zuzka Light"There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing the positive impact my workout programs have had on other people's lives. The changes I've seen in my fans (my "WarriorZ") are not just physical - having fitter, stronger, and toned bodies."

"I have seen my WarriorZ gain a healthier mental outlook and overall improved quality of life. These inspirational stories push and motivate me to do what I do."

"I create workouts designed to be short and effective, requiring max effort for quick results. I push myself to the limit each and every time I work out. I let people see that I am human just like them, and just like them I struggle."

"I use my own determination to motivate others to push themselves even further. I lead by example to show that it is possible to get amazing results with just 20 minutes per day without even leaving your own home."

"Of course nutrition and diet are equally as important as training, so I like to experiment in the kitchen to create simple, easy-to-make recipes using fresh, healthy ingredients. I make my cooking demos and recipes fun and easy for everyone."

"Short, high-intensity workouts get your heart rate up and your metabolism moving fast. The idea is to push yourself with max effort for a short period of time, 10-20 minutes. I implement an innovative wrapping format of cardio exercises with other complex move-based exercises."

"This puts the body in a state of stress management to break plateaus and get real results. The exercises alone are not complicated, but put into this complex wrapping format, the exercises together become challenging and body-changing."

Zuzka Light"I like to change my workouts on a regular basis and program different move-based exercises to focus on specific areas like abs, butt, core, upper body, and others."

"Recently, I launched my new ZGYM at www.zuzkalight.com. It features brand-new workouts every week. Through my ZGYM you can find a variety of workouts; ZWOWs, ZSHREDs, ZBeginner Series, ZSpecial jump rope workouts and more."

"I keep adding new workouts to keep your routine fresh and new so you're always challenging yourself and improving! It all started with my ZWOWs (Zuzka's Workout Of the Week), which garnered a huge following through my YouTube channel. Every week for more than a year, I added a new ZWOW workout to my channel. Subscribers did them at home and then shared their times with fellow WarriorZ."

"It was amazing to read all the positive feedback and see the incredible results people were getting. Every week I post a new ZWOW to the ZGYM along with a new ZSHRED workout. These ZSHRED workouts are designed to push you harder than you've ever been pushed before."

"These workouts get quick results using cardio-intensive exercises wrapped around fast-paced, muscle-toning exercises. ZSHRED workouts get your heart rate up and keep you burning calories for hours to come."

"Also on my ZGYM you can find a newly released Z Beginner Series. Everyone has to start somewhere, so I designed a 6-week workout program for beginners that helps build strength and endurance."

"Last year I introduced my "ZCUT Power Cardio," a three-disc series that included 30, 60 and 90-day calendars. The series features 12 cardio-intensive workouts that will help shed pounds and tone your body like never before."

Zuzka Light"Next, I turned my attention to yoga by releasing volume 1 of "ZCUT Power Yoga," which focuses on balance and flexibility. I implemented yoga-inspired strength and stretching exercises and added my own special Z twist with moves like the flying burpee."

"These workouts will lengthen and shape your entire body while calming your mind and soothing your soul. Most recently I released my new ZCUT Power Strength series—another three-disc program also featuring a 30, 60 and 90-day calendar, giving you more functional strength and an overall leaner physique."

"Coming soon, I'll be releasing my new ZCUT Six-Pack Power Abs DVD, created to specifically target your core and tone the abs!"

"Keeping a consistent routine is the most important factor when it comes to changing your body. You have to do your workouts on a regular basis and maintain a healthy diet every day of every week for every month of the year."

"It's also important to remember that you can't just change your body overnight. You have to stick with your program and be honest about your efforts. Eat right daily and give 100 percent in every workout and I promise you will see and feel the difference in no time!"

When asked how she got started with fitness she said she was crazy about gymnastics when she was a kid. But her mom didn't want her to do any sports because she had a rare kidney disease and her doctors told her she shouldn't do any kind of sports whatsoever.

"Because I just love sports and wanted to be a gymnast, I did it behind my mom's back at school. After winning a little competition, I told her what I had been doing and showed her the trophy I won."

Zuzka Light"Unfortunately, that was the end of gymnastics for me. I still wanted to be active with other kids, so I did a lot of bike riding and swimming."

"Being active was just something I always really liked. Years later - while I was a student still living in the Czech Republic I got a certification in aerobics, but got bored with it and started teaching spinning classes. A little later, I tried martial arts, including a Korean martial art called Musado."

When she married and moved to Canada, she didn't have many options to keep herself in shape other than working out at home. But, she started thinking that many people might also be in a similar situation - that they might not have the option of working out in a gym or outdoors either."

This was when she decided to start a blog to help others work out at home. Light started blogging about her own workouts and has been trying to improve ever since.

"I just don't like going to the gym. I prefer to do my workout at home where I can keep myself in shape with just a 15-minute workout. I also go for bike rides and other activities just for fun, not as workouts."

She discovered kettlebells about five or six years ago, just after she started blogging. She really fell in love with kettlebells because they were very "outside of the box" and really rough around the edges — which is something she really likes.

So she ordered a medium-size kettlebell, and some DVDs including From Russia with Tough Love. She really loves the Power to the People book also.

Zuzka LightBut, even with plenty of practice at home Light wasn't comfortable teaching the more difficult kettlebell exercises on her blog. Even though she was confident demonstrating the kettlebell deadlift and swing, she really wanted to get RKC certified. It took her many years but she finally did it!

"I learned a lot from the RKC workshop. I also realized that while I've been focusing on general conditioning, fat loss and building muscle, I had been neglecting mobility drills. I would like to add these drills and concepts along with kettlebells on my blog. I want to become more athletic, and help other people become more athletic as well."

"Flexibility, being in control of your own body, and joint mobility are so important. I think people should realize that training isn't only for looks, it's for functional strength and avoiding injury."

"For example, right now I can do a handstand but I can't control the movement beyond a few seconds when free from the wall. I would like to be able to do it, and present it to others so that they could also move freely and be in complete control." "Handstands are hard, but it just takes practice. It's so much fun, and brings a feeling of freedom. I think if you can do any kind of movement with your body it makes you feel confident and strong. I think that is really important."

Her advice for people who want to start training with kettlebells is to seek out education with an instructor, read a lot about kettlebell training, and just try to get as much information as possible. It's very important to really practice the technique first with a lighter weight. Kettlebells are awesome and can be really safe but only if you know exactly what you're doing.

"I really enjoyed the workshop because there was so much to learn. There was a lot of information. I had many ah-ha moments and was surprised by much of the information. I was very inspired by Master RKC Max Shank. He is a great athlete and is exactly where I want to be with my training one day. He is really strong and flexible - basically like an acrobat. He can do freestanding handstand pushups and all that stuff. His knowledge is just incredible."

Zuzka Light"I just can't imagine not living a healthy lifestyle because it's always helped me feel better and has helped me overcome difficult situations in all phases of my life. It's just a habit that I would never abandon."

"I'm also inspired by skilled and knowledgeable fitness professionals and athletes. But, what really motivates me are the people who are getting great results because of my videos and blog."

"I try not to focus on looks because it's really easy to fall into obsessing about the way you look. As a woman, of course I look at myself in the mirror every day and see things that might not even be there - but I really try not to do that."

"I really try to use my training to become stronger and to really feel good about myself, especially as I get older. We can always keep ourselves strong, healthy, and confident. If we continue to train as we get older our bodies can still be strong and we can still be happy about our athletic abilities. I think that is what is important."

Born in Prague to a single mother, Zuzana dropped out of business college at 18 and fell into adult entertainment. She has written that her choice "led to years of darkness and abuse" and almost ruined her life.

In a way she had been saved when she met Freddy Light - "He was far more different than any other boy I met before," she said, "he was really nice to me."

They married in 2007, in a castle near Prague, and began Bodyrock.Tv soon after. They split their time between working at Blaney's Florists - Freddy's family flower shop in Kingston, while shooting videos with a camera and laptop.

Zuzka LightThe free workout videos lasted less than 20 minutes, and would have off the wall names like: My Buns Hurt Workout, Grab Your Balls Workout and All I want for Christmas is Abs Workout.

But it was the reporte the couple shared that set Bodyrock.TV apart from other competition.

By July 2008, their videos exceeded a million views and they were partnering with YouTube - heading towards a very lucrative future.

Revenue for the first day was a modest 60 cents - a year later, after Bodyrock.TV had reached 100 million views, they were making hundreds of dollars a week.

When they announced their breakup and the end of Zuzana's reign as host, fans were aghast.

More than 700 of them commented on the breakup post. "I was sick to my stomach," said Jamie McNary - a 35-year-old mother from Utah - "it was just heart wrenching."

Up to and during their divorce, they introduced fresh personalities, including new fitness hosts and Freddy's brother, Sean, to Bodyrock.TV in order to test the commitment of fans.

"I’m not as sexy as Zuzana,” said Jessica Cudley, a 23 year old Western University political science graduate and one of the Bodyrock.TV new hosts.

But, she said, "People realize it's not just about a sexy body or a sexy person on camera."

Zuzka LightEarly in her twenties, a 23-year-old Czech porn star, had flown to an island off the coast of Spain in order to model for a group of middle-aged amateur photographers. She expected the usual poses and to gaze into the cameras - nothing much out of the ordinary. Her name was Zuzana Majorová.

But she met Frederick Light there - a 30-year-old amateur filmmaker from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. This fortunate encounter back in 2005 was to rescue her from an X-rated career and turn her into a fitness star with her own You Tube channel called Bodyrock.TV.

On any given day, at least a half a million people would tune in to watch Zuzana sweating through push-ups, squats and burpies - while her husband coached and joked from behind the camera.

Filmed mainly in an unfinished apartment living room in Kingston, the show's content ranged from workouts to confessional talks on such topics as weight loss and sobriety.

Since they started in 2008, viewer loyalty had made Bodyrock.Tv one of the most popular YouTube channels in Canada. The videos had been watched over 400 million times.

It had a cult-like audience of mainly female followers, who called themselves Bodyrockers and generated a six-figure income.

But their success came with a price as Frederick Light commented "We have become, over the process of building this business together, more like friends." Their strained relationship would mean the end of the brand they had developed.

Zuzka LightThen the couple abruptly announced they would separate. After having filmed some 600 workouts, Zuzana would not be leading them anymore, and instead would concentrate on the site's lifestyle components, such as recipes and travel.

They then divorced in 2013 and Zuzan went on to develop her own website and youtube.com channel.


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