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Diana Fuentes

Diana FuentesDiana Fuentes, born the 23rd of February, 1985 in Havana , Cuba is a singer, songwriter and actress that from an early age started in the arts. At the tender age of 3 she received ballet classes with the company Pro-Danza, from the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC).

When she was only 7 years of age she entered the School of Elementary Level Music with Alejandro García Caturla , where she studied basic piano , choral singing , choral conducting and music theory.

She participated in several national piano competitions, where she won prizes and soon integrated as a soloist the Diminuto choir - directed by Professor Carmen Rosa López.

Later, in the National School of Art, she obtained a title in Choral Direction. She had the privilege of being a disciple of the singing teacher María Eugenia Barrios.

In this choral group she participated in several editions of the Santiago de Cuba International Choir Festival and in the reception of Pope John Paul II during his visit to Cuba in 1998.

As a soloist of the Corin Diminuto she recorded with prestigious figures such as Harold Gramatges , Roberto Valera and the legendary group Moncada.

She has participated in the recording and production of recordings as a soloist and in chorus of important figures and groups, among them: Grupo Síntesis, X Alfonso, Amaury Pérez, Roberto Carcassés, Aldo López Gavilán, Free Hole Negro, Aceituna sin Bone, Ogguere, David Torrens and William Vivanco.

Diana FuentesFuentes started her professional career in 2001, as a vocalist of the renowned ethno rock band Síntesis and of X Alfonso - one of the most famous fusion music producers.

She was also part of the record project Women are Beautiful, produced by Roberto Carcassés, along with Yusa, Haydée Milanés, Omara Portuondo and Beatriz Márquez.

On top of all this we must add her soloist participation among great figures of Cuban music such as Pablo Milanés, Silvio Rodríguez, Amaury Gutiérrez, Mayito Rivera, Carlos Varela, David Torrens and Kelvis Ochoa.

In December of 2006, Diana joined the band of troubadour Carlos Varela , whom she was already working with for more than two years, participating in all his concerts and recordings.

As a soloist and chorister, she participated in the making of several memorable CD's such as Christmas Songs, by Andrés Alén in 2000; with Grupo Síntesis, Habana a la piel in 2002 - nominated for the Latin Grammy 2002 and the Ancestors III in 2003; next to X Alfonso she recorded Delirium, X- More in 2002, and was nominated for the Latin Grammy and Civilization in 2004.

Diana has also ventured into film , as a singer for the soundtrack of the film Miel for Ochún, by Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solás and in the documentary Life by Alberto Korda, by Mexican director Alejandro Strauss.

Diana won the Grand Prize Adolfo Guzmán 2007, for the interpretation of the work Decirte Cosas de Amor by Roberto Novo and arrangements by Guido López-Gavilán.

Diana FuentesThe year 2007 marked the launch of her solo career under the production of Descemer Well , with the collaboration of musicians like Carlos Varela, Ahmed Barroso, as well as major producers like Elie Katz, Miguel Mathues and Echo.

That same year she was the winner of the Adolfo Guzmán Contest Grand Prize, for the interpretation of the play Decirte Cosas de Amor, at the time when her music video Música de Fondo had received several awards at the Lucas 2007 Awards.

Her first music video Background Music - a song written by Diana herself, with arrangements by Descemer Bueno and directed by Pavel Giroud, was the winner in the categories of the novel artist and best female video at the 2007 Lucas Awards.

In 2008 she began recording her first record project, Amargo pero dulce, produced by Descemer Bueno. In 2009 she participated with Carlos Varela's band in the fabulous concert Paz Sin Fronteras produced by Juanes in Havana.

She has also ventured as an actress into Latin American cinema. Diana achieved the leading role of the Ecuadorian film Creatures Abandoned, by director Francisco Cevallos, which premiered in 2011.

The singer was also part of the soundtracks of the film Miel Para Oshún - the Cuban director Humberto Solás, and the documentary Korda, photographer in Revolution, by Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Strauss.

In 2009 she participated, along with the band of Carlos Varela, in the fabulous concert Peace Without Borders, produced by Juanes in Havana.

According to the musician, 'bitter but sweet' refers to those life cycles where the bitter comes first and then the sweet - in that order.

Diana FuentesThe record has ten cuts, two by Carlos Varela, Luna de Vino Tinto and Círculos de Humo, four by Descemer Bueno, The Purest, Your Name, I Know You Need More Love and False Oaths and four by Diana Fuentes - Bitter But Sweet, Mad At Me, Background Music and If You Stay.

The CD contains a harmonious encounter between the styles and personalities of these three musicians: the troubadour and rocker Varela, the funky, hip hop Fuentes and Bueno, the legendary member of the defunct group Yerbabuena.

Diana shines between both of these talents - she excels.

In January 2011, she married the Puerto Rican musician Eduardo Cabra Martínez, a member of the Calle 13 group. The wedding was held in Havana in a private ceremony attended by close relatives of both artists and several musicians close to them both.

In 2012 Diana published the DVD Up into the Silence, an interesting project that brought to the compact disc the poetry of EE Cummings, played by Sue Herrod, and to which Diana gives voice.

As a result, the singer received the Cubadisco award in the categories of Text Music and Best Audiovisual Concert.

Her second album, Planeta Planetario, was presented in 2014 at the international level on the Sony Music label and has the production of her husband Eduardo Cabra from Puerto Rico.

Planeta Planetario is an album of 12 songs with the collaboration of a select group of guest musicians. In this album Fuentes creates an alternate world for the lover of rhythmic fusions.

Diana FuentesIt is in one of the most interesting works of recent times. To promote this album the singer presented in 2016 the video "Another Reality", produced by Joseph Ros.

She was integrated as a solo artist in the Tiny Choir, led by Professor Carmen Rosa López, a group with which he participated in several editions of the Santiago de Cuba International Choir Festival and in the recordings of prestigious figures such as Harold Gramatges, Roberto Valera, the Moncada group and others.

From these collaborations, Diana Fuentes continued her ascending path, joining her melodious voice to artists of the stature of Amaury Pérez ("Something in Common"), Roberto Carcasés ("Mambo") and Aldo López Gavilán ("Talking to the Universe ").

The artist also combined her voice with that of other Cuban artists in the Cuba Canta a Serrat compilation, in which interpreters from the Caribbean country exalt the contributions of the Spanish singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat.

She has participated in the recording and production of record productions (as a soloist and in chorus) of important figures and groups, including: Síntesis, X Alfonso, Amaury Pérez, Roberto Carcasés, Aldo López Gavilan, Free Hole Negro, Aceituna sin Bone, Ogguere, David Torrens and William Vivanco.

In addition, he shared credits with the renowned singer Omara Portuondo on the album Women are Beautiful , by producer Roberto Carcasés, also with Yusa, Haydée Milanés and Beatriz Márquez.

With the incomparable poets Silvio Rodríguez and Pablo Milanés he participated in the album Cubans , by the producer José Luis Barba.

Diana FuentesIn July the singer announced the preparation of her third phonogram, produced by Eduardo Cabra, which will be released to the international market with the Sony Music US Latin label and with EGREM for Cuba.

This material, recorded between Havana and Puerto Rico, contains mostly written by the artist.

In Cuba, where the island's top musicians frequently pass their artistic legacy down through the family generations, Diana Fuentes is a striking exception.

Her mother is a doctor and her father is a flight engineer, and none of her immediate ancestors were musicians.

When Diana was three years old she was put in ballet school and seemed destined for a career with the Ballet Nacional de Cuba. Then her expectations changed along with everything else in Cuba back in the early 1990s, when the island was plunged into the economic crisis of the 'Período especial':

"It was hard for my parents to take me to my ballet classes, my rehearsals finished late and I was coming home exhausted." —

"So, as fate would have it, I started the shift to music."

She showed an early proficiency for the piano, and lately she has been concentrating on the guitar.

"But I love dance," she says, "and I'd like to be able to fit dancing into my shows some day."

Diana FuentesHer music is probably best categorized as Soul or R&B - she's a big fan of Erykah Badu. But she listens to a lot of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald and has no reason to be intimidated by their or anybody else's vocal gifts.

"I wrote most of the songs on my album," Fuentes says, "but I owe a lot to Descemer Bueno, who pushed me to have the courage to start writing.

It has been a bit hard, I'm always bit afraid of people's expectations of me, but I'm pretty happy with what I've done so far."

Fuentes is one of the leaders of the flourishing generation of performers and musicians who carry the banner of the new Cuban music. She achieved this position in the music industry with the release of her second album, 'Planeta Planetario'.

This eclectic album, which unites Afro-Cuban sounds, pop, electronic music, folk and bolero, will be the most important step from Fuentes to undertake her international presence.

With her interpretive strength, the singer pays homage to great exponents of her country, such as Elena Burke, La Freddy and Omara Portuondo, with the theme "Other Reality"; while in another handful of songs she shares her experiences after moving to her second home - Puerto Rico.

Her sweet voice can be heard on international radio stations through the first single, "Será Sol".

Before taking these firm steps, Fuentes had her first artistic endeavor, when she was just a girl, in the Laura Alonso Ballet Company.

Her premature performance in the arts made her mother follow recommendations to enlist her in a group of children who showed aptitude towards music. After some talent tests, Diana Fuentes was placed in the Alejandro García Caturla Music Conservatory.

Diana FuentesDiana Fuentes, one of the most powerful, sweet and melodious voices of today's Cuban and Latin American music, shows us her most recent record production and third studio album entitled Todo es Pasando (Everything Is Happening) .

As it is already the seal of the artist, her new album brings an interesting musical amalgam, where traditional and popular Cuban music is fused with contemporary and modern rhythms, to create unique proposals that are relevant to the generations, with a sound currently never heard before but at the same time pays homage to her Cuban cultural roots.

Everything Is Happening is a compilation of ten songs recorded entirely in Cuba and written mostly by the singer. The album also had the collaboration of other great artists, including Vicente García, who composed the song "Que Pasara" and "La Fortuna", a collaboration of Puerto Rican Tommy Torres.

Fuentes considers that this project is one of her best works to date; The message in this musical proposal is love in all its spheres and scenarios, optimism and sung to happiness in these times so convulsive, in which everything is happening, hence the name of the album.

The album, produced by Latin Grammy and Grammy winner Eduardo Cabra - one of the former leaders of the popular and now defunct Calle 13 band and the creator of its unparalleled sound.

He also presents us collaborations with important artists from the Latin American music scene such as the Brazilian Seu Jorge; the Grammy-winning Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, composer and producer, Tommy Torres and Vicente García, as well as the participation of important legendary musicians and arrangers such as Cuban saxophonist César López.

The first single that emerges from this work is entitled La Fortuna - Diana's collaboration with award-winning producer and singer Tommy Torres - a song with an air of Cuban son but mixed with Jamaican reggae that creates a unique sound which is classic, but new at the same time.

Diana FuentesIt is an entrance to what is the album, a song very well achieved that reflects that particular mixture of the whole album and that speaks of happiness, of the fortune of being able to love, surrender to love and enjoy it, making it clear that fortune does not.

It is only about money, but also about the simplicity of life and the power to love and be loved.

According to the artist, Todo es pasando is one of the most complete and best-accomplished albums of her career that began when she was just a girl in Cuba, in the Laura Alonso Ballet Company, then in the Alejandro García Caturla Music Conservatory and later in the National School of Art, where she focused her studies in choral direction.



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