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Sofía Gómez Uribe

Sofía Gómez UribeSofía Gómez Uribe, born in Pereira, Colombia on April 15th, 1992 and is a Freediver and world record holder of 83.1m in Bi-Fins Constant Weight.

She attended the Immaculate Heart of Mary school, graduating with honors in 2008. Since the age of 10 she has been involved in water sports, beginning with synchronized swimming, a sport she practiced during 2001 and swimming with Fins since 2002.

This student, in her last semester of Civil Engineering, daughter of Francisco Gómez and Mónica Uribe, recalls that her love for water sports was born when she was very young thanks to two of her best friends, who for the time were training for swimming.

Her studies in primary school and in high school were made at Immaculate Heart of Mary, Las Franciscanas, where she met her accomplices, whom she adores with her soul because they have never forsaken her, and have influenced her to be who she is as a person and as a sportswoman today.

"There are many teachers that I remember and they are very special for me, but the most special I remember is the teacher Gloria Ines who taught us Geography in primary school.

I remember her because I learned so much - I remember that she made us learn all the capitals, I learned a lot of history and a very different outlook in political terms from what I could hear and learn from my family.

It was a very objective look that, at that time, I did not understood very well, but now I am very grateful."

Sofía Gómez UribeA year after starting in the swimming pools - thanks to the influence of her sister, who since childhood was inclined to swim with fins, Sofia decided on this type of freediving.

After finishing her bachelors degree, she moved to Bogota for a year, but soon settled in Medellín, where she has lived more than 5 years. She was there for a year representing the capital of the Republic, "but, things did not go very well and I moved to the League of Antioquia."

Since then she has competed for Antioquia and, although she was not born in that part of Colombia, she feels Antiochian at heart and proudly bears the uniform of the department.

For six years she has been practicing and competing in Apnea, a discipline she met almost by accident in a training session in which her fin swimming coach, Nelson Zapata, asked everyone, after learning some new breathing techniques, to make the maximum possible distance.

On that day Sofia reached 100 meters and her coach then knew that she had talent and that they should continue training her in that discipline.

"My first Apnea competition was at the end of 2011 in the Fedecas Games. It was a pool competition, I remember that I arrived and I made 2 national records 150 in dynamics with equipment and 89 in dynamics without equipment.

And in my first competition in depth I did 50 meters with fins, 35 without fins and 55 in free diving."

Sofía Gómez UribeSince then she has excelled in national and international competitions, reaching the first place and obtaining 6 national records among which are three records of apnea of depth - a modality that she began to train for two years ago.

A Bolivarian record, achieved in the past Bolivarian Games celebrated in Trujillo, Peru in November of 2013.

Her maximum achievement, a Pan American record in dynamic apnea with equipment, reached in the V Pan American Championship of Apnea, celebrated in September of 2014 in Chiapas, Mexico.

Two Pan American records in constant weight with fins and free diving, reached in the Vertical Blue competition held in Long Island, Bahamas in April of 2016.

In Apnea she has found, more than a sport, a lifestyle; something that she is passionate about and enjoys the training as much as competing.

In addition to her sporting activities, Uribe is a Civil Engineer who graduated in February of 2016 from the University of Medellín with a bachelors degree.

Sofía is considered to be promising at national and international level, since in a short time she has been able to reach very good marks and her performance has been excellent.

"The apnea has generated in me that passion to redefine my limits, to know me and to understand my body and to take it to the maximum of potential.

Sofía Gómez UribeWater, whether of a pool or a lake or the sea, transports me to a peaceful place where everything is fine"

Colombian Freediver Sofía Gómez Uribe added the title of World Record Holder to her resume as she set a new CMAS Freediving World Record of 83.1m in Bi-Fins Constant Weight!

The dive was completed in 2 minutes 43 seconds and was set as part of the Dominica Dive Fest – the longest running scuba dive and watersport festival in the Caribbean.

Sofía was over the moon at her performance on the dive and had this to say to DeeperBlue.com:

"I am really happy that I made the dive, I was kind of nervous this morning but I used everything that my coach Johnny told me to use, to focus that energy on the dive and keep me present, happy and strong. I am really really happy!"

Jonathan Sunnex, her partner, and coach had this to say:

"We would like to thank – The Blue Element safety, medical and media team, Fundacion Sofia Perez de Soto, BBVA, Suunto, Alchemy, and Oceaner."

"Also Buddy Dive Dominica and their fantastic crew for providing boating logistics and the Dominica Watersports Association for organizing the annual Dominica Divefest and providing their support."

"We would also like to thank all of the local people of Soufriere/Scott’s Head and Dominica who have gotten behind us and welcomed us into their beautiful country."

Sofía Gómez UribeNot only is this a World Record but Sofía is the first ever Colombian to hold a Freediving World Record.

The previous CMAS World Record was held by Alenka Artnik from Slovenia at a depth of 82m set during the CMAS World Championship in Kas, Turkey in 2016.

In January, newcomer Jonathan Sunnex arrived in Colombia and began to transmit his knowledge to Sofia, to the point that he became her coach and something more.

"We met because he came to Colombia back in 2015, he started helping me with my training. We saw him again in the Bahamas in a competition and since then he became my coach and my boyfriend."

Although she is happy in Medellín, where she is currently doing business in a group called La Cuidad Verde, with which she carries out the Caminabilidad study of Avenida La Playa, one of the most important in the capital of Antioquia, she misses Pereira, the one in which she played lead, hide, and in which she learned to ride a bicycle.

"I miss the Lucerne cones, the Sabor Burgers and going out for coffee at Café-Café. Of course I miss my family, they are my life."

Free diving is dangerous, and in some cases deadly sport. There are about 5,000 free divers around the world, and an estimated 100 die each year.

The divers say there is a sense of euphoria being so far down, and liken the experience to being in outer space. It puts the body through great physiological changes, which in some cases leads to death.

Sofía Gómez UribeUnlike scuba divers, free divers do not use oxygen tanks, and instead, simply take a deep breath and dive at least 400 feet, the equivalent of a 40-story skyscraper.

Free divers basically push their bodies to the limit: as they descend hundreds of feet, their heart rates slow to as low as 14 beats a minute, their lungs shrink and blood surges from the extremities to the heart and the brain.

To counteract the impact, divers must train in proper breathing techniques. The lower third of the lungs contain two-thirds of the blood supply, and it is the blood that holds the oxygen and carries it throughout the body.


2016 - CMAS Freediving World Record of 83.1m in Bi-Fins Constant Weight - Dominica
2016 - First place in the Caribbean Cup competition - Roatán, Honduras in June:
89m Constant weight with fins
82m Free diving
60m Constant weight without fins (South American record)
2016 - First place in the Vertical Blue competition - Long Island, Bahamas, in this competition Sofía obtained 3 Pan American brands and one South American:
93m Constant weight with fins, third place and Pan-American record.
82m Free diving, Pan-American record
84m Free immersion, first place and Pan-American record
58m Constant weight without fins, third place and record South American

Sofía Gómez Uribe2015 - fourth place in the World Ranking.
2015 - second place in the Big Blue competition - La Paz, Baja California, Mexico - 4 South American and national brands.
55 meters constant weight without fins (first place and South American mark)
78 meters free diving (second place and South American mark)
75 meters constant weight with fins (South American mark)
81 meters constant weight with fins (second place and South American mark)
2015 - Fourth in the Vertical Blue International competition - Long Island, Bahamas. 2 South American brands and 3 national brands.
51 meters in constant weight without equipment (South American mark).
70 meters in free immersion (South American mark).
72 meters in constant weight with equipment.
2014 - fourth place in the Caribbean Cup - Island of Roatan in Honduras. 3 national brands.
45 meters in constant weight without equipment.
60 meters in constant weight with equipment.
56 meters in free dive.
2014 - first place and Pan American record in dynamic apnea with equipment, V Pan American Championship of Apnea - Mexico, with a mark of 195.76 meters.
2014 - national record in dynamic apnea with equipment, V Pan American championship of Apnea with a mark of 195.76 meters, surpassing the previous mark of 184,17 meters.
2014 - first place and record of the II Bolivarian Games of Beach - Huanchaco, Peru.

Sofía Gómez Uribe2013 - second place in the Caribbean Cup - Island of Roatan in Honduras. 3 national brands.
35 meters in constant weight without equipment.
50 meters in constant weight with equipment.
55 meters in free dive.
2013 - I Sea and Beach sport games, 4x3000 gold medal and bronze medal in 3000 meters biallettes. (Swimming with fins).
2013 - first place and Bolivarian record in dynamic apnea with equipment, Bolivarian Games Peru, with a mark of 184.17 meters.
2012 - second place Pan American championship Cali, with the mark that had realized (166 meters) obtained the first place but the judges decide to remove 10 meters and is in second place with 156 meters.
2012 - National sporting games, gold medal in 4x3000. (Swimming with fins).
2011 - International championship Cuba, first place in dynamic apnea with equipment, 162 meters.
2011 - International championship in Cuba, third place in static apnea with a time of 5'08".
2010 - I games FEDECAS, national record in dynamic apnea without equipment, 89 meters.
2010 - Best Personal brand 150 meters in dynamic apnea with equipment.
2008 - World Championship of swimming with fins, Neiva. Third place relay 4x200.
2008 - National Sports Games medal bronze relief 4x200 and 4x100. Fourth place in 400 meters surface. (Swimming with fins).

Sofía Gómez UribeChampion free diver Sofia Gomez Uribe joined a scientific study, submerging herself in the Medellín Explora Park aquarium, Colombia to have her bodily functions tested under extreme underwater conditions.

During the study, the free diver was administered simultaneously an echo cardiograph, an ultrasound, an electrocardiogram and oximetry.

These tests were designed to measure and record the physiological, electrical and acoustic operation of the diver's heart while the athlete did a series of two and three minute dives in a pool with more than 320,000 liters or 84,500 gallons of water at Explora Park.

In 2017, the athlete set a new free dive world record when she reached a depth of 84 meters - 262.3 feet in the category of constant weight with fins.

"It was quite an experience. Obviously, I wanted to endure much longer, but these were new conditions and it was very cold, which made things more difficult," Gomez said to reporters.

The results of the scientific study were released by electrical engineer Jorge Reynolds, the inventor of the first external cardiac pacemaker, and cardiologist Dagnovar Aristizabal.

The researchers did a follow-up exam on Gomez to complete a broad evaluation, concluding that "she is different from other people since her capabilities are extremely different" in water.

Gomez described the experiment as "a unique experience" that allowed her to learn about her body's particular qualities.

"My main goal in 2018 is to reach 100 meters (328 feet) deep in the category or constant weight with fins," the free diver said. "I know I can do it."

Sofía Gómez UribeThe ancient technique of free-diving requires breath-holding, and world-class free-divers can hold their breath underwater up to depths of 214 metres and for more than four minutes.

Apneists, in this context, are people who can hold their breath for a long time.

While diving off the coast in a holiday resort in Kas, Turkey Sofia dove on the wreckage of an old aircraft sitting on the bottom of the Sea.

Apnea allows Sofia to explore these amazing places with a lot of freedom because she is not time constrained due to her natural ability to hold her breathe for long periods.

"This plane is there because when they sank it - it became a place for divers and apneists to visit, it's in water about 20 meters deep and you can enter the cockpit of the aircraft, but it gave me half claustrophobia when I entered."

Apnea allows her to explore these amazing places with a lot of freedom. Her Instagram account has numerous photographs of her diving on sunken boats, an Army tank and other interesting things sitting on the ocean floor that others will never be able to see without scuba gear.

Sofía Gómez Uribe
Sofia has taken up a project dear to her heart which is being an advocate for the care of the Oceans.

"Every second breath we take comes from the oceans. But today the oceans are at risk. No oceans. No air. No life."

"It's time to change, pledge by pledge we can be a part of the movement to save the oceans."

"Today I pledge to stop using plastic bottles, it won't be easy but I'll do it convinced that it is necessary."

"I invite you to be a part of this movement, to stop using single use plastic, how about stop using straws, or plastic bags, or bottles?"

"It is up to us to save the oceans."

Parley Pledge for the Oceans


Sofía Gómez Uribe

"Overcoming your limits and reaching new goals is the ultimate goal of effort and dedication, never to lose heart is important, the road can be difficult but in the end, personal satisfaction is what remains"


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Video of the New World Record CMAS in Constant Weight Bifins 84m


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