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Maria Camila GiraldoMaria Camila Giraldo, born February 10th, 1995 in Cali , Colombia is an actress and model recognized for her work on the television series Loquito For You , Queen of the Flow and Queen of the South .

After graduating in Social Communication at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana , Maria began her career in the media participating in the Colombia's Next Top Model reality show after having already walked the catwalks for important modeling events in her country.

After serving as VJ on MTV, Maria made her Colombian television debut in 2018 playing the role of Stella in the soap opera Loquito For You,

That same year she was seen in the series Queen of the Flow playing the role of Silvana. Her television credits also include productions such as Descontrol and La Reina del Sur.

La caleña became known on the fashion catwalks across the Colombian nation, such as Colombiamoda and Cali Exposhow,

However, the entire country saw her tremendous beauty and her unquestionable talent when she participated and landed a place in the final of the Colombia's Next Top Model platform.

Maria Camila GiraldoThis 22-year-old extrovert from Cali came to modeling by chance - her mother had enrolled her in a label course and everything had started there, even when her own inclinations were more interested in other studies.

But Maria knew how to take advantage of her own innate talent and stood out as the image of many brands.

Medicine had been in María Camila's professional plans, but once she arrived in Bogotá prepared to set out in that clinical universe, her true vocation came out.

So, she immediately directed her studies into Social Communication at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

Nothing is now further from the dreams of María Camila Giraldo than medicine. She is a model and also something of an actress, which is why she has also studied at the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Los Angeles, California.

Like all millennials, Social media is now part of her expanding niche, which is why she has reached a notable position as an influencer and youtuber.

The personal and professional growth of this young woman did not stall there, as it was for bigger things and that allowed another great opportunity came into her life - to be the new VJ and presenter of MTV News for Latin America.

Maria Camila GiraldoThis new facet in her life has a lot of what she was waiting for, so when she learned about the castings, she did not hesitate to make a bid for the opportunity.

It was a job that met her expectations, as she always had wanted to belong to an international project and that met the parameters of entertainment and was aimed at youth as well. It was her passionate energy that motivated her and led her to be in front of the MTV cameras.

María Camila Giraldo is very passionate about what she does, to which she attributes her triumphs, she is fun and a follower of great artists, so her empathy with the interviewees is a plus on the screen.

The cameras love María Camila, she enjoys "familiarity" with them and that is part of the experience gained from being on the catwalks, which she has not definitively or completel said goodbye to.

After seven long years of work as a model, she is the first VJ and presenter for MTV News in Latin America.

María Camila Giraldo's mission in front of the cameras of MTV Latin America is to bring news to her audience, in the same way to present the best of music festivals and be face to face with the artists of the moment, which she always wanted to do as communicator.

Maria Camila GiraldoMaría Camila loves it, and that was precisely what captivated her during her first experience on the international channel, where she was seen as the best Colombian presence to enhance the content of the chain.

His personality and enthusiasm is the perfect complement for MTV, added to the talent, to which are added artistic qualities that are so necessary in the medium to interact with youth, the main engine of this programming.

The day María Camila was confirmed that she had been selected as the new VJ of the MTV channel, she did not stop running through the corridors of the building in which she had been named.

“They hadcalled me and told me to appear for a casting call for MTV - I didn't believe it. Then they asked me to record it from my house, on my computer, I had just finished watching the movie La La Land and I was learning the song on piano.

So, I thought to talk about the film, because the challenge was to talk about something real, so I commented on how I had identified with La La Land, because at times I also felt rejected.

I had felt that the doors were closed on me, and at the end of the film note I played the song from the film on the piano ”, this is how María Camila remembers her first contact with the international channel.

Maria Camila GiraldoShe had already presented two tests, in one of them she spoke, while playing the piano, about the tape La La Land, and in the othershe had to interview boy who imitated Shakira.

The model and finalist of the reality show 'Colombia's Next Top Model' María Camila Giraldo was contacted by MTV Latin America to be the correspondent of the channel at the Estéreo Picnic Festival, which was held on the outskirts of Bogotá from March 23rd to the 25th.

In addition to being a model, María Camila is a student of social communication - a career that began because her dream is to be a presenter, as she told Caracol Televisión , when she started 'Colombia's Next Top Model'.

“Her plan was to finish her studies and travel abroad. She says that she is increasingly convinced that television, photos and the catwalk is her life.

The young artist became known on the Colombian catwalks and for her participation in the Next Top Model contest. She has also been the image of several brands and presenter of the Mtv Internacional channel.

She studied social communication and later acting at a school in the United States. For the 23-year-old from Cali, this would be her second role on television, since before Estelita she played Silvana in the 'Queen of Flow'.

Maria Camila GiraldoNow the model and actress is filming Julia, her first production in English for Sony International.

Since she was little, her path was traced by entertainment, first from school, where she was in all the plays, until she reached modeling and, later, on becoming a YouTuber and now the first Colombian VJ (VideoJockey) on MTV.

On her Instagram account - @ maria.giraldo, she has 143 thousand followers, while on her YouTube channel she has 4,394 subscribers.

"I like my social networks only for work, I do not like to involve my personal life," says this woman who speaks fast, with the same emotion and adrenaline that she applies to all her professional and personal projects.

“Many years ago I planted a seed in which I put wishes - Over time these have become goals and plans. No one knows how good it feels to see that, with a lot of effort and dedication, that tree grows”, she wrote in a message that she posted on Instagram after hearing the news that she was the new MTV VJ.

Regarding her presence in the media and social networks, María Camila says that things have been happening, that the very nature of modern media has led her to do it, without forgetting that since she was a child she has liked to be a protagonist and to be visible.

Maria Camila GiraldoIn the profile that the program Colombia's Next Top Model published at the time, it stated that María Camila is 1.73 meters tall, her eyes are brown, her size is 6, her bust measures 79 centimeters, her waist is 62 and her hips are 87.

“I do yoga, I go to the gym, I do boxing and I play the piano, those are the spaces that I dedicate for my growth.

I do not diet, but I take care of myself and I exercise very well, if I feel like eating something I eat it without regrets ”, is her answer to taking care of her body, dieting and physical exercise.

“I am very grateful, it is a unique opportunity, I still don't think I have won this casting for MTV's VJ for Colombia and Latin America.

I have always had big aspirations, since I was little and now I have done it ”, comments an excited María Camila about her project on MTV and what is coming in her future career.

As a toddler, she was already a compulsive performer, re-enacting TV commercials for her family's amusement, but she decided to focus her energies on piano, ballet and theater.

After studying classical ballet and classical piano for nine years at Anna Pavlova and Preludio respectively, she decided to grow more on her acting.

Maria Camila GiraldoHer never stopping career in regional TV and commercials helped her gain enough skills for casting and then hosting MTV news Latin America while she was still in school.

Performing arts, her conservatory at the Lee Strasberg television & film institute in Los Angeles, and her constant training at Lesly Kahn's studio is her education.

She's known for her work in The queen of the South (Latin)/ La Reina Del Sur (2019) as Jimena Montes, as Silvana in The queen of the flow, Estela in Loquito Por Ti and others.

She has been featured in short films, web series, and commercials. She's appeared in numerous episodes of national TV in her own country since a very young age and recently landed a lead role in movie Nuestro Camino.


Maria Camila Giraldo Maria Camila Giraldo Maria Camila Giraldo
Maria Camila Giraldo Maria Camila Giraldo Maria Camila Giraldo



Year Qualification Character Channel
2019 Friendzone Andrea Caracol Play
La reina del sur 2 Jimena Montes Telemundo
2018-2019 Loquito por ti Estela Caracol Televisión
2018 La reina del flow Silvana Caracol Television / Sony Pictures Television
Descontrol Nancy Univision / Televisa / W Studios



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