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Gabriela Tafur

Gabriela TafurGabriela Tafur Náder, born 7 July 1995 is a Colombian lawyer, model and beauty pageant title-holder who was crowned Miss Colombia 2018. She represented Colombia at Miss Universe 2019 and placed in the Top 5.

Tafur was born in Cali to parents Octavio Tafur and Olga Liliana Náder. She is of Lebanese descent; her grandfather was originally from Chartoun, Aley District in Lebanon, but immigrated to Colombia during the Lebanese Civil War.

At the age of four, she started to play the violin while attending Arboleda Academy.

After graduating from Colegio Bolivar in Cali, Tafur moved to Bogotá to study law at the University of Los Andes, where she graduated cum laude.

After graduation, she worked as a lawyer in the legal department of Microsoft Colombia, and also acted as a coordinator for the commercial law specialization at the University of Los Andes.

Tafur began her modeling career when she was a teenager in 2009, after being selected for a modeling show in her hometown of Cali. It was this show that led Tafur to begin her professional career as a model.

In 2018, Tafur competed in the Miss Colombia 2018 pageant in Cartagena, Colombia. She was ultimately hailed the winner, and was crowned by outgoing titleholder Valeria Morales.

Gabriela TafurTafur won two supplementary titles during the competition: Miss Punctuality Bulova and Queen of the Police. With this win, Tafur became the twelfth Miss Colombia winner to come from the Valle Department, the most successful department in terms of Miss Colombia titleholders.

As Miss Colombia, she was invited to the Lebanese Diaspora Energy conference held in Lebanon in June 2019. Tafur represented Colombia at the Miss Universe 2019 pageant and was placed as a Top 5 finalist.

In one of the presentation videos exhibited at the Miss Universe 2019 gala , which takes place in Atlanta , United States. Gabriela Tafur, Miss Colombia, referred to the marches that take place in different cities of the country on the occasion of the National Strike.

Tafur said "I decided to work for my country, as a lawyer, as Miss Colombia , as a human being, as a woman, I am passionate about my country. To see it flourish."

Gabriela said that in our country people are currently marching for their rights, asking for better opportunities , better education, among other things.

Gabriela Tafur, chosen as Miss Colombia 2018 - 2019, at only 23 years of age, is a very focused young woman. She recently graduated with honors with a Law Degree from the Universidad de Los Andes.

She then resigned from a prominent position with Microsoft in order to compete in the Miss Colombia pagaent.

Gabriela TafurNow that she is Miss Colombia she dreams of being able to help many people - especially, to wage a strong fight against the abuse of women.

However, Gabriela has a bigger dream and that is to be able to be part of the political history of Colombia. "Yes, I have thought about it, I do not know yet in what capacity, but I do have dreams of launching into politics.

Her vocation of service was what motivated her to be part of the National Beauty Contest and now that she is Miss Colombia she dreams of being able to help many people, and especially, to undertake a strong fight against the abuse of women.

"I like social causes and if being a politician implies that I have the possibility of working for the country."

"I definitely welcome the opportunity! , Gabriela expressed this in an interview with La FM from the Convention Center of the Cali Chamber of Commerce."

Gabriela Tafur revealed that the woman she admires the most is the former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama - wife of former President Barack Obama - for her hard work in the fight for equality and for the causes that she promoted as First Lady.

"Michelle Obama is everything to me. Not only because she is a lawyer but because she is a woman who despite the adversities of the socio-economic context in which she grew up knew how to use her approach as first lady to promote causes that are important today."

What do you think of the criticism that beauty queens receive for not "knowing everything"?

Gabriela Tafur"We are women who are representing women and it is our duty to be informed of what is happening in the country regardless of whether we are 23 or even younger. Obviously, much more is expected of us," said Miss Colombia.

Gabriela Tafur Nader, the 23-year-old young woman of Lebanese origin, was elected Miss Colombia 2019 in a competition in which she was one of the favorites of bookmakers, according to the Colombian press.

“My heart is filled with joy and my hands are shaking with happiness at having the honor of wearing the banner across my chest and the crown on my head,” the new miss said in a message posted to her Instagram account.

"I am happy to take up this new challenge as Miss Colombia and to be a voice against violence against women ", she added, thanking her relatives for their trust and support.

On her Twitter account, the young woman posted a message of thanks to the Lebanese. "I am grateful for the congratulations and encouragement from my fellow Lebanese."

This commercial law expert and future lawyer whom is fluent in English and Portuguese, worked in Microsoft's legal department in Colombia.

Both her parents are of Lebanese origin. She is the daughter of Octavio Tafur, a civil engineer, and Olga Liliana Nader, owner of a home decor store.

Gabriela TafurOn October 30, Maya Reaidy was elected Miss Lebanon 2018 . The young women who participated in this contest were supervised by Rima Fakih, the Lebanese-American elected Miss United States in 2010.

Gabriela Tafur went with all the preparation to Miss Universe 2019, that is why on the final night she gave the fight and was positioned in the top 5 of the most beautiful women.

She not only showed that she is a woman with beauty and great ability to walk on the runway, but also spoke of the social and political problems that Colombia is going through.

The representative of the national beauty showed a part of all the work she did in various communities in Colombia.

"Now in Colombia we are fighting for our rights ," Gabriela commented in the midst of some profound statements where she raised her voice for all the citizens who are fighting in the protests amid calls for a 'National Strike'.

Gabriela explained that Colombians take to the streets to demand a better quality of life, that is why she said: “Less corruption, more quality” - a phrase that encompasses everything and for which she won applause on the networks.

Many think that she has all the qualities to be a successful candidate, because she has empathy with the people and wants to solve the country's problems.

Gabriela TafurDespite the fact that the crown went to South Africa, Gabriela undoubtedly won the affection of the Colombians for the strength and dedication she showed throughout this year of competition preparation.

Proving that she is not only a beautiful woman, but with an intelligence and charisma that few queens have left in their coronation year.

She studied Communication and Journalistic Media. She has 6 years of experience in the media, mainly in the written and digital press.

She is an advocate of constructive criticism and writing is the reason she chose journalism as her profession. She loves music and therefore also focuses on the entertainment press.

Miss Colombia®, Gabriela Tafur Nader, will be present at the sixth edition of the Lebanese Diaspora Energy (LDE) conference, which will take place from June 7 to 9 in Lebanon.

The theme to be discussed at this event is “Diaspora in Action”, and it will provide leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen from various sectors of the Lebanese community, a platform to explore best development practices in various fields.

The agenda to be developed includes topics such as Diaspora and National Identity, Reconstruction and modernization of the “Mashreq” region, International Trade and Services of Lebanon, Art in Lebanon, Entrepreneurship Competition and a Business Forum will also be held, among others.

Gabriela TafurIt should be remembered that Gabriela has Lebanese descent, on the part of her maternal family and in the conference in Lebanon, which is in its sixth version, she was a special guest in the activities that took place on June 7, 2019

The National Beauty Contest®, with the presence of Miss Colombia® abroad, contributes to reaffirming the good image of a nation and its successful promotion of services and products in the world; as well as the beauty, essence and intelligence of the Colombian woman.

Below are random thoughts and comments from Gabriela on various subjects:

"Who else around here got up lazily to exercise? Lazily and all, I already met my goal for the day. Thunder or lightning, the head can not be an impediment to getting out of bed. Let's go for those 2021 goals!

That little watch you see on my wrist? The Apple Watch, won't let me skip a single workout. It measures calories, sleep, oxygenation, movement, heart rate, and everything. Let's exercise, ladies and gentlemen!"

"I stop by to remind you that it is never too late to take up a hobby, a sport, an instrument, a language, a profession or whatever. One of the most beautiful things that 2020 left me was cycling - a sport that, I must confess, seemed tremendously boring and difficult."

"Now I love it and little by little I see how my times improve. Go ahead and do what catches your attention! The worst diligence is the one that is not done."

Gabriela Tafur"I am excited to be part of fashion projects with a purpose - especially when that purpose is so close to my heart. I present this collaboration of the Lebanese designer@sandramansour with @hmthat, aware of the current situation in Lebanon, they will donate 100,000 usd to the Red Cross of that country to help them in the crisis that caused the explosion of August 4th."

"With this collection a message of hope and light is launched, and at the same time of dreams and strength. It will be available from September 17 in the stores.

"Today half of my heart was smashed into a thousand pieces. It broke that Lebanese half that I inherited through blood, but that I adhered to out of love. I do not understand how such a good, generous, loving and kind people can suffer so many incessant sadnesses at the same time: a critical economic situation, precarious basic services, a failed state permanently at war and, as if that were not enough, such a disaster. magnitude."

"Today I pray to Saint Charbel to help the thousands of people affected by this situation, for the international community to help assist the injured and rebuild the damage, and that the Lebanese people find within themselves that strength that characterizes them so much. to get ahead."

"My solidarity, my prayers and my whole soul accompanies all those affected. This post is one of appreciation for a country that I love so much, that gave me some of the happiest memories of my life and that today hurts me deeply."

"For those wondering, my family is fortunately in good health. Very affected by the situation, but healthy. Thanks for the good wishes."

Gabriela Tafur"It is good to know that now that the world has taken a break, there is a bond that binds us to 90 women from 90 completely different countries."

"A friendship forged in 10 days of companionship, rather than competition. Although many are missing on the list, I present to you my friends from Miss Universe 2019."

Albania: @cindymarinaa
Argentina: @marianajvarela
Australia: @priyaserrao
Armenia: @missdayana98
Aruba: @dannagarciiiia
Bolivia: @fabianahurtadotarrazona
Brazil: @juliahorta
Bulgaria: @loasenova
Cambodia: @s.alynaa
Chile: @geraldinegonzam
Colombia: @GabrielaTafur
Costa Rica: @paolachaconcr
Croatia: @miarkman
Denmark: @katja.stokholm
The Savior: @zuleikasoler
France : @maevacouckeoff
Great Britain: @emmavjenx
Guam: @sissieluo
Honduras : @rosemary_arauz
India: @vartikasinghh
Ireland: @figoreilly
Israel: @sellasharlin
Kosovo: @fbardhahoxhaa
Lithuania: @paulitabaltru
Mexico: @sofaragon
Namibia: @beingnadja
Netherlands: @sherpieksma
Nigeria: @iamolutosin
Panama: @mehr.eliezer
Poland: @olgabulawa
Portugal: @sylvie.dacostasilva
Puerto Rico: @Madisonandersonberrios
Peru: @kelinrk
Romania: @dorinachihaia
Sierra Leone: @Estherbangura28
Singapore: @mohanaofficial__
US Virgin Islands: @andreapiecuch
Vietnam: @hoangthuy_official
Venezuela: @thaliaolvino

Gabriela TafurAnd people stayed home.

And he read books and listened.
And he rested and exercised.
And he made art and he played.
And learned new ways of being.
And he stopped.

And listened more deeply. Some were meditating.
Some prayed.
Some danced.
Some encountered their own shadow.
And people started to think differently.

And the people were cured.
And when the danger ended.
And the people met again.
They wept for the dead.
And they made new decisions.
And they dreamed of new visions.
And they created new forms of life.
And they healed the land completely.
Just as they were healed. - K. O'Meara

Gabriela Tafur

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