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Coming Out of the Ice:
An Unexpected Life
by Victor Herman

How can I begin to tell you of Victor. I read his book in the late 70's when Victor was still alive. His story was so profoundly moving that when at the end of the book it gave his location in America, my brother was inspired to try contacting him. He asked the information operater in his city if she had a listing for him. She did. When we dialed the number it was Victor himself that answered the phone. We had a conversation with this incredible human being who had survived an experience that is beyond imagination. Of that conversation, one thing he said has reverberated in my mind ever since. . ."Don't ever think it can't happen here."

Years later I called again. He was the kind of man you simply never forget. By this time Galina had come to America and it was her that answered this time. Victor had passed away. I assured her of the pledge that I had made to her husband years before. That was that I would tell his story as often as possible and see that people read his book. I have bought over 20 copies throughout the years to loan to others. It is a book that once you have read it you are compelled to share it. It is no longer in print, but well worth the effort of finding. Victor is no longer with us but his story will speak of his and Galinas' incredible courage for many generations to come.

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