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Expressions of the Personal Spiritual Experience
by Mark Tompkins

Mark Tompkins is an award-winning photographer and writer whose work has appeared in publications worldwide including Parabola, Light of Consciousness, Photovision and Grain Magazine. He is the Author/Editor of two books: Illuminations: Expressions of the Personal Spiritual Experience; and, Remembering to Live.

Mark provides photography services for a number of peace organizations on a volunteer basis, one of which is the Quest for Global Healing of which Archbishop Tutu sits on their board. When Mark was in Bali, Indonesia, the day before their conference, sitting outside the conference facility when Archbishop Tutu walked up and asked him, “Who are you?”. To which he replied, “I am just the conference photographer.”

Archbishop Tutu's face took on a very serious look and he waggled his finger at Mark and said that he was not “just” the photographer, that he was “the” photographer, a special and unique human being with important work to do and that his photographs may change someone’s life forever!

That certainly left a big impression on him, but what was even more exciting was that he told that story in his keynote address to the conference. Mark will always remember being in a Desmond Tutu story!

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