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Hard Times
by Studs Terkel

Studs Terkel may not have been the first person to put personal interviews at the center of his work. But he is, as far as I know, the first one who through his editing skill, through his intuitive ability to move people to speak of their lives, to make such interviews moving literary documents. He takes people who otherwise Time would have simply passed by, and makes their stories known. He shows how much poetry there is in everyday lives. And he through his work gives the feeling that what he does , the kind of interview he makes the kind of life- story which is told through it, is something which should have been done, and which should be done for every human life. -Shalom Freedman - a writer in Jerusalem This book provides what are perhaps the finest first hand accounts of The Great Depression ever placed on the record. The words come directly from those who lived the experience and Terkel is the master at asking the right question and then shutting up and waiting for the magic to happen. There is not one book by Studs Terkel that is not extremely entertaining while being highly interesting and informative. All of his books are ones that should be on everyones bookshelf and enjoyed when the mood for enjoyable reading arises.

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