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Clair Marie

Clair MarieClair Marie, born September 27th 1989 is a professional adventure sports athlete and a passionate Vegan. A top female BASE jumper, skydiver, and a stunt woman for commercials and movies.

In addition she is also a model, mountain bike racer, rock climber, motivational/public speaker and Travel/adventure blogger. Claire Marie is as unique of an individual as she is fearless and beautiful.

Clair Marie was born and grew up in a small mountain town outside South Lake Tahoe in California, where she started rock climbing at age three.

She was snow skiing by the time she was four, and by the age of 16 she was well on her way toward her dream of becoming both the youngest female BASE jumper and youngest active jumper in history.

It wasn't easy to get there as she had to face some pretty serious bias against her, but in doing so she discovered that the biggest limit to personal growth may be the things we ourselves teach ourselves.

In the video below she speaks of her own struggles with her own perspectives and the opinions of others. This speaking presentation was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Clair Marie was the second eldest child in a family of nine siblings, so she knows all about 'getting your piece of the pie'. In a 2009 interview she was described as 'a powerhouse in a pint sized package and mature beyond the years written on her California drivers license'.

Clair MarieAt the ripe old age of 3, she was first exposed to rock climbing with her father who had taken her on climbing trips throughout California.

Indoctrinated into skiing at age 4 and snowboarding by the age of 13; Clair's love of the outdoors and athletics lead to her becoming one of the youngest BASE jumpers on record.

"I learned how to rock climb when I was 3 years old. My climbing shoes fit in the palm of an adult hand."

"Although I've taken breaks here and there it has been something that I always come back to and love it even more."

"Some of my greatest memories have been while climbing."

"I was so stoked when @pacificsd said they wanted to include climbing in their feature with me."

"When I was about 8 years old I saw a ski BASE video in the lodge at my local ski resort."

"I was so fascinated with it and the possibilities that I told my mom I was going to do that one day."

"I still didn't know exactly what it was I was watching, but I knew in that moment that it was in my blood and in my future!"

Clair MarieAfter convincing her mother that she had an opportunity she couldn't pass up and then locating a jumper to assist her in making her first jump, at 16 years of age she got a taste of life on the edge.

"12 years ago I made my first ever BASE jump. I was 16 years old and it was off a 480 foot power tower at 10pm."

"That night there was no moon and the jump felt oddly like falling into a black hole, an abyss!"

"I stood on the outside of the railing, feet on a 3-inch piece of steel, leaning out over the black hole below me, I took a deep breath and started counting down 3 - 2 -1 and my heart leapt into my throat - Oh my god, I almost just jumped."

"Hahaha, everyone was like 'Yeh Clair, that's the point!' so I did that a few times, counted down. It was almost as if there were millions of years worth of DNA pumping through my veins telling me if I jumped I would die."

"After a few more minutes of that, the person teaching me said: 'If you don't go in 30 seconds I'm making you walk down.'"

"I took a deep breath, counted down and as my hand slid off the rail my feet launched me from the object into the darkness."

"It was so quiet, so peaceful and for a moment I felt totally suspended in the air. Nothing else existed except for that moment. It was beautiful, scary, life changing, exciting! So many things."

"It was both the most terrifying and the most freeing thing I had ever done and put me on a path that has given me an immense appreciation for all that is life! I've experiences amazing highs and devastating lows."

Clair MarieAt the age of 17 Claire had already travelled all over the US jumping in several different locations when Child Protective Services were called on her by another jumper, whom she believes was simply jealous.

She was investigated by a detective for more than a month and upon completing his investigation he told Claire that what she was doing was not wrong, but to be extremely careful.

He let her know that if she was caught in the act that her parents and the people around her could get brought up on charges by the state with child endangerment.

"At that point I was living on my own, I had a full time job and BASE was my sport of choice."

"I had always been very independent and at that time to still be considered a minor and to be putting others at risk for child endangerment was no fun."

"I explored the options of getting emancipated but it would take longer then it would to just turn 18."

So she decided to just be extremely careful with who she jumped with and also where she jumped.

Clair Marie"Base jumping doesn't define who I am but it has helped shape me into the person that I am today and for that I will always be greatful!"

"The places I've seen and the people I've met have impacted me on such a deep level!"

"I say 'Thank you' to everyone who has helped and supported me along the way! I'm so stoked and soooo excited for what's next!"

Clair's BASE jumping has taken her throughout the US and overseas to the big walls of Norway, Switzerland as well as to an Indoor BASE jump - which few have experienced just outside of Berlin, Germany.

After completing 9 BASE jumps, she decided to take to the sky and completed her first ever skydiving tandems, which in the normal world should have predated any BASE jumping.

It wasn't long before she became a full-time staff member at a California Dropzone packing parachutes for the tandem instructors.

Having acquiring the jump numbers and a sufficient experience level she began filming tandem videos - loving each jump more than the last.

"We all battle demons in our own head, the voice that tells us everything that could go wrong, no matter who we are or what we do, we have them."

Clair Marie"I have spent years calming and controlling those voices in my head. I am confident in my abilities - not only to pack my parachute or jump but to make the right call based on the situation."

"I always assess the jumping conditions, the temperature, the wind speed and I always have to have complete confidence in my pack job."

"But there are times I can't shake off a bad feeling and when I have that - and know it's not confused with excited nerves, I will walk down off an object and not jump."

At 19 years old, she decided to study to become an AFF instructor and earned her certification a few months later, adding the ability to teach students to her list of skills.

Clair is an exceptionally accomplished BASE jumper and one of the top female athletes in the sport.

In addition she manages to balance her life as a professional BASE jumper with a successful career as a model and stunt woman, appearing in commercials, print advertisements and online media.

As an adventure sports athlete she is always looking to try her hand at a new and exciting sport.

Her passion to experience new aspects of life have led her down a path that few ever experience.

Clair MarieHer passions facilitated her travel to many different countries and provided her with a diverse resume for a girl her age.

With the realization that she wanted to share her passions with the world she set out to document her experiences more diligently.

She became a featured athlete through EpicTv in 2013 and continues to produce BASE videos of her travels and experiences. See Video on EpicTV

She admits being addicted to the adventure of life and the people in it.

"Beauty without depth, ambition and intelligence is like a masterpiece painted on a napkin. Challenge yourself, push yourself everyday to learn and grow, because we are all capable of so much more than we even know!"

"Sometimes I jump off tall cliffs and let my friends fly by me in their wingsuit! Thanks for the fun jump guys."

Why fit in when you were born to stand out - Dr. Seuss

Sometimes I jump off low cliffs and make it look pretty. Other times I accidentally take out my camera guy and crash on landing.

Clair Marie"It's not every day I get called a 'real-life Lara Croft' - pretty stoked about my interview with www.realclearlife.com"

"I woke up to an email with my face on the cover of Pacific magazine feeling pretty honored that they wanted me on the cover and so greatful for the fact that I get to do what I do in life! I still can't believe I get to run around the world like a kid in a candy store and call it my job!"

"If all your friends were jumping off a bridge would you do it too? Absolutely!"

"Getting ready for any adventure takes preparation and inspiration. I love drawing inspiration from the things I listen to.

With audible.com I have access to endless inspiration and motivation. I love finding my flow and getting lost in audiobooks while I prepare for my next big thing - whether it's a BASE jump or a mountain bike race. Check it out at: www.audible.com/thebasegirl"

"Some people have been asking why I post so much about 'other sports' when my name on Instagram is BASE girl...?"

"When I was 16 and I started BASE jumping I began marketing myself as BASE girl. It was all consuming and the only thing I was interested in."

"I have always been very vocal and supportive about following your passions and living YOUR life the way you want."

Clair Marie"Over the years my interests have expanded in such a huge way. I'm sure as you can tell by my feed one of my new passions is mountain bike riding and racing!"

"Although I still LOVE base jumping it is not who I am, it is a part of what I do, amongst many other things. So although I still go by BASE girl on social media, I am so much more than just a BASE jumper..."

"Beauty without depth, ambition and intelligence is like a masterpiece painted on a napkin. Challenge yourself, push yourself everyday to learn and grow, because we are all capable of so much more than we even know!"

"Sometimes I jump off low cliffs and make it look pretty. Other times I accidentally take out my camera guy and crash on landing."

"I find that people are either passionate about following their dreams and pushing themselves or passionate about remaining the same. This usually presents itself as fear."

"I've been passionate about pushing myself from a very young age. I always wanted to see how far I could go, how much I could push myself and what I could accomplish..."

For media, sponsorship and project opportunities, contact Clair directly at: basegirl1@gmail.com

BASE jumping involves parachuting off a Building (skyscrapers), Antenna (radio towers), Span (bridges), or Earth (cliffs), and is so dangerous it's illegal in many places in the United States. While skydivers jump from about 13,000 feet, Marie has done base jumps from as low as 150 feet and as high as 3,000, giving her much less time to open her parachute. A list maintained by BLINC magazine reports that more 279 people have died BASE jumping since 1981, and 2015 was the worst year on record for BASE jumping fatalities with 27 deaths.

Clair MarieClair Marie is a professional BASE jumper and Mountain Bike Free Rider living full time on the road. Creating adventure content, photos, videos and art, and sharing what she does is one of the things she is most passionate about!

"In the past I have had traditional athletic sponsorships, which has been awesome, but has so many restrictions and limitations. This year I am trying something different. In the traditional sponsorship world, big companies have a massive influence in the athlete's projects, direction, marketing and voice - basically the way I come off and tone I use when creating content in addition to type of content I create. Everything is always about promoting a brand and/or selling a product. I'm not super big into sales! I have been fortunate to have my passion be my job, but this year I want to create exactly what I want to share and what you want to see. To have the freedom to not be on a big company's agenda. Basically I want to do more of what I want and love to do and more of what you want to see! Creating content that is way more authentic without the product sales agenda. I want to be true to who I am as an athlete with the realness that often times big companies can't share."

"Lets face it, life can be challenging but the hard times makes us who we are more than the perfect times! Most companies don't want you to share that side and I feel like it is massively important! Showing what it actually takes!"

"I'll still work with a few companies who I really relate to and who's products impact my life in a positive way that I want to share with you, but I really want to eliminate a lot of the BS in the extreme sports industry. No more hidden motives, no more mass consumption promotion and way more adventure, fun and hopefully some inspiration..."

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If you would like to enjoy the benefits of supporting Clair - Go to her Patreon.com page and sign up - www.patreon.com/ClairMarie Thanks so much for your support and I am super psyched to share with you here!
Clair Marie

Clair Marie

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"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." - Nelson Mandela


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