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A Virtual number for sms always comes to rescue when you need to create an account, but can’t do it with your own phone number. So let’s see what are the options to sign up at any of your favorite services without verification troubles.

Virtual Cellular Number

How it works

If you can’t sign up at desired site just because you don’t have a chance to get verification sms using your own phone number, you can always use special services.


There are usually 2 options for solving the problem. The first one is to buy virtual mobile number for sms verification. So you choose the country from the list of available ones and choose a time that you need to get to complete your registration. Then you pay the service and get your fake number, so than you can use it to fill in the registration form and pass verification procedure.

The main advantage of this option is that you get one number to receive sms from numerous services, anything you need. The only thing is that limits you is the amount of time, for which the service is active. But still if you didn’t manage to sign in all the important accounts, you can always buy virtual number for sms once more, there are no limits for the number.

Another possible option is to get a single phone number for sms verification at each site that you need. In this case you’re to choose a site or service from the list of possible options and pay for getting a number to get verification code exactly from the site of your choice. This option is great in case you need to create an account only at a single service, so the price would be lower than to get a virtual number for receiving codes from any site.

Why is it great to use?

The main advantage of using fake number generator with sms is that for a relatively small price you get a service of finest quality. The price of a virtual number starts with only few cents, but in return you get a guarantee of receiving a message, which is urgent to complete registration or verification procedure at the desired site or service.

So, using such a service you can get a virtual number just within a few clicks and use it to sign up or pass verification procedure right after that. It is just as simple as using a real phone number, you can’t even see a big difference. It becomes possible with all that modern technologies which are used by service providers to give you the best possible experience, which can easily be compared to using a real phone. 




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