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Julia Yaroshenko

Julia YaroshenkoJulia Yaroshenko, born on August 14th, 1989 in Gagarin, Russia is a Russian born freelance travelling model with naturally golden-red hair, an abundance of freckles and a remarkably tiny waist - at just 57 centimeters.

Julia has a very exquisite and distinct look that can go from demure and innocent to edgy exotic without any tattoos, piercings, or stretch marks requiring requiring time consuming photo-editing.

"I enjoy utilizing my body to be a sensual art form. You'll see that I put 100% emotion into my images, and can give you many different moods and feelings."

"I am very responsive to music and rhythm while modeling and am happy to shoot with photographers of all skill levels."

"I am not a prima donna and I don't require any direction, though I am happy to take it. So, I promise you that I will be easy to photograph and a pleasure to work with!"

"I have a passion for photography and am always ready to do everything for a cool shot. I like to work with creative people, they help me open up in a new way."

"I am always looking for something new, I am always happy to work for fresh ideas. Together we can create masterpieces."

Julia Yaroshenko"I often travel with this photographer - www.joakim-karlsson.com. He is incredibly talented and conducts one-on-one training and also offers excellent workshops."

Julia is a vegan and has partnered with the Bare Blends supplements brand. Her estimated net worth is currently about $3 million dollars from her modelling related ventures and brand sponsoring. She has attracted over a half million followers on the social media platform, Instagram.

Julia is a curley red long-haired freelance model from Moscow, Russia with beautiful sun tanned skin and a drop-dead gorgeous face covered in exquisite freckles who currently lives in Malmö, Sweden.

Julia has already worked with the renowned Norwegian photographer, Petter Hegre, of Penthouse Magazine, Modellenland and The Black Tape Project.

Julia has mostly shot with her Swedish husband, Joakim Karlsson who is also an excellent photographer who knows how to shoot the best pictures of her due to the amount of time they spend together.

Julia is actively filming and traveling around the world and although she lives in Sweden - last year spent less than a month there with the rest of her time passed with moving and filming.

Julia YaroshenkoJulia is a tiny beauty at 5’3 and barely a 100 Ibs, but with a perfectly proportioned body. She has a uniquely beautiful face and an exquisite body that has stopped traffic numerous places in the world with her curly red hair drawing attention from all that see her in many cities and locations internationally.

Places like Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Norway, Portugal, Russian Federation, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and others where she has traveled..

If you are a photographer and would you like to be the first to know about my travels, plans and updates? Fill out the form linked below and Julia will send you a personal email message

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I can’t say with a 100% guarantee, but I’m probably not very mistaken if I say that the summer in Nice and the winter in Kiev are two very big differences ...

On getting ready for a party with Yulia Yaroshenko - Long holidays, party after party, and everyone needs a new outfit. Devastation, both moral and material - by the last day of continual entertainment the closet was empty.

Somewhere, a mistake in the calculations crept in. Well, no problem, next year she will prepare better...

Julia Yaroshenko"Once, when I was looking for the answer to the question 'under what costume should I wear pink sneakers' , I accidentally came across a scientific study on the topic how to wear red tights.”

"Although no, it was probably just an abstract, but however, it doesn’t matter. The author came to the conclusion that red tights will become the main focus of the fashionable image, and a challenge for others."

“If you wear red tights, no one will see anything else on you” - this was the main thesis of the researcher."

A great photographer once, quite by accident, remembered that scientific work and decided test its conclusions. In order for the verification to be objective, she had fashion model Yulia Yaroshenko help her - Now, if you carefully look at her photos, and tell what, in addition to the red tights, what else does she wear?

Everything somehow very quickly happened with Julia: they wrote, phoned, met, and then shot. True, they should have shot at the farm, but there were wild traffic jams that day and it wasn’t possible to leave Moscow normally.

The decision came instantly - "I'm on Suschevka, near Pravda Street and Cross Photo, the bell is ringing, the studio is free and we are in 15 minutes in the place. The shooting itself took less than an hour, 40-45 minutes, probably...

"This is how the author, a wonderful photographer, and, more recently, the farmer, Victor Skorobogatov talked about this photo shoot . I don’t know what would have happened on the farm, but in the studio the result was what they needed!"

So, Julia Yaroshenko was on film specifically for the publication of P-Magazine with Photographer - Victor Skorobogatov.

Julia Yaroshenko

Random posts from Instagram:

In the end, we are all the same.

Dirty girl - Black sand beach

Because women’s body is Art, isn't it?

Now I’m not naked anymore thanks to @fashionnova.

My Nude Calendar for 2020 is available for pre-order.❤️

Most of the photos have never been published before.

Off to Zanzibar🏝 I will meet my beautiful team there in a few days

I like to wear wet dresses.💦

It suits me, doesn't it?

Julia YaroshenkoIn a few hours, the day of silence will begin in Bali. 24 hours without light, Internet and communication with people. People stay at home and it is forbidden to go outside.

This is not because of the coronovirus. This is their holiday, which is called Nyepi. They use this day for meditation and other practices.

A wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in your thoughts. Do you feel comfortable alone with yourself, are you a friend to yourself? How do you spend your time in quarantine?

When I choose a bikini - the look and quality are important to me. 💕These are the clothes in which I spend my entire vacation. 🏝This should highlight all important parts of the body. 😋 Therefore, I’m choosing @nomadtribeswim The perfect mix of all I love.❤️

Many people often ask me about my diet and training. Today I will talk about my breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal for me. I can sometimes skip dinner, but never breakfast.

I eat a lot of nuts, seeds and berries, such as almonds, walnuts, chia, goji, blueberries. Usually I eat this mix with soy yogurt and drink green tea. Tell me what do you usually eat for breakfast?

Julia Yaroshenko For more of Julia:

Visit her official website at: www.juliayaroshenko.net

See Julia on: www.portraitsofgirls.com

Follow Julia on: Facebook

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Her instagram account was closed and the above link is to a temporary replacement until her normal account can be restored.

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Watch Julia on her: YouTube Channel

Julia Yaroshenko Julia Yaroshenko Julia Yaroshenko
Julia Yaroshenko Julia Yaroshenko Julia Yaroshenko
Julia Yaroshenko Julia Yaroshenko Julia Yaroshenko
Julia Yaroshenko



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