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The Basics about me:


Never had one I liked much - in fact I hated jobs. Too much regimentation and far too little pleasure to be had from the majority of them. I do like work, but a job...? Nahh. So, in realizing this, I decided that I did not want to be an employee, but maybe would be more content if I was the 'boss' of my own company - this was very bad thinking.


This is far worse than being an employee - it takes more of your precious time, and you have to deal with others that, like yourself, find their job and their employer rather distasteful.

Back to Jobs

When you realize that your dislike for the regimentation of a job disgusts you and find that dealing with employees is even worse you find yourself still in need of cash for the basics. So, then it is back to being an employee with a contemptuous grin on your face and little to no idea of where to turn next.


After the initial contemptuous grin turns into a look of raw seething contempt and getting out of bed becomes a huge obstacle - it is time for a new plan. If you are disgruntled enough you must make certain radical decisions and let the 'chips fall where they may...'


The best way to combat being stuck in a bad situation is to remove yourself and you cannot be kind to yourself to do this effectively. Go ahead and work the job with that contemptuous smile on your face for a few more weeks until you can buy a one-way ticket to a completely different culture. Maybe work a week or two extra so that you have a little money left over after buying the ticket. This will give you a minimal 'security blanket' when you arrive on the other side of the earth with practically no funds, and no clue as to what you are going to do.


Now you are in a situation where your former excuses no longer have an ear, have no relevance, and amount to nothing - now you have finally begun to escape the drudgery of discontentment. You are, in a manner of speaking - born anew.

You will likely never change yourself in the same environment which created your view of the world in the first place, but when you are forced to see the world in a new perspective without the comfort and influences of your former environment - then and only then, will you live a new unfettered life of your own construction.

When the past associations have been removed you are then responsible for the new you have entered. Make of them as you will - but make them suite you and those around you to the best of your ability. Did I say it was going to be easy? No, but it is not as difficult as you may think it might be. For those who do not feel up to tossing caution to the wind you could always do what the new media culture does to earn a living while traveling either domestically or abroad.

Although I have been in many countries I only visited as a tourist. I lived in Turkey for 3 1/2 years, am currently a resident of France and have been here for 2 years - prior to that in America the rest of my life. I also lived Toronto, Canada for 6 months but I do not consider that long enough to really say I know what it is to live there. I feel it takes a year at least to start to begin to understand and relate to a new country or culture.


Time is man-made scale of minutes, hours, days, and years that has no foundation in reality, but so constructed for the convenience of the few to hold captive the minds of the multitudes.

Ever wonder how it can be "today" and at the same "time" elsewhere in the world be called "tomorrow"? Where is the line marking the two? And would living right on the line make you a Zen Master who neither lives in the past nor deals with the future, but exists in an eternal now...?

OK... so maybe I lived up on a mountaintop in Turkey a little too long...?

Never-the-less, time is a commodity so demanded from us in this world. There is a saying in America that states "Time is money" and the corporate world has made this the foundation of their enterprises. To get employees to spend all of their daily ration of waking time to make them - the corporation money. Pay the worker ant as little as possible, and demand as much of his time as possible. It seems to be a form of ownership not unlike the black slaves in America back in the 1800's. But, now slavery is illegal, so the corporate idioten just call it by another name. They call it employment, they call it a career, they label it as something everyone should want to participate in. They sell us all this nonsense in print media, on television, and everywhere else you turn your eyes these days. But, it is the same old dog of slavery put upon people with just a different name and description. If the slave-owners back in the 1800's would have had the use of the television, newspapers, and magazines that so inform/manipulate the world today, then slavery would have never been abolished, but would have been made to appear as something quite natural and neccessary.

I do not like corporations, nor do I like their behavior. I do not listen to their commercials or read their doomsday reports in the media. I refuse to be a slave to their slavery message, no matter how well they package and sell it.

My time is mine. I spend my time in ignorance of their messages. I spend my time only where I see real value and do not connect it to merely profit or personal gain, but use my time engaged in what I enjoy with no concern for silly corporate nonsense.

OK, so enough of my thoughts on the corporate world and my perspective on it...

I cannot think for others - everyone is quite capable of doing that themselves if they would but exercise it. All I can do is to encourage others to lay aside the thoughts of the normal world and move in a straight line towards creating their own world - a more pleasant one.

For, in the end, that's exactly what the entire human race is doing - whether they are aware of it or not. Daily they are creating the world they live in based solely on how they see themselves. By what they hold true about the world and their place in it. Life being just simply a mental game originating from within us, based on our own daily moment to moment thoughts about life and what's going on around us. Unfortunately, the bulk of mankind has very dismal thoughts about themselves in relation to that world at large, as well as about themselves - so remain as slaves to it's capricious manipulations.

About Turkey

I lived on the south coast of Turkey overlooking the Mediterranean Sea for about 4 years and now am living in the French countryside. You can see many of the destinations of tourist interest in Turkey on my website at: www.southcoastofturkey.com

My step out of the hum-drum was when my brother and I found ourselves with a few hundred dollars in our pockets, no time and money to deal with the nightmare of obtaining a work permit and dreadfully little Turkish language skills. Sitting at a cafe in Dalyan, Turkey with return airline tickets back to the US we both tossed safety and security to the wind and decided to miss the flight and stay in Turkey. It was, without doubt, the best decision either of us ever made. We found out that life will present you with a way if you can just drop all your learned or preconcieved notions...