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Damla Sönmez

Damla SönmezDamla Sönmez, born on the 3rd of May 1987 in Istanbul, Turkey. Her family is of Circassian descent. Her native language is Turkish and she is also fluent in English and French.

Cinema has remained her greatest passion since she was child.

Sönmez is the only daughter of Figen Sönmez, a computer engineer and Muammer Sönmez who is an architect.

She is an award-winning actor of international distinction. She received several nominations for her performance in Bornova Bornova in 2009, winning the Antalya Golden Orange Award, Ankara Flying Broom Women's Film Festival Award and a Sadri Alisik Theatre & Movie Award.

She was also nominated for The Young Talent Award at the Yesilcam Movie Awards for her performance in Mahpeyker - Kösem Sultan in 2010.

As a young actress, Sönmez trained in cities throughout Europe. After graduating from Saint Joseph French High School in Istanbul, she was accepted to Université de La Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III Theatre department.

Damla SönmezShe studied for a year in Paris before being awarded a scholarship to the Yeditepe University Fine Arts Theatre Department in Istanbul.

She also attended Jillian O'Dowd's Contemporary Acting Workshop at the London Dramatic School of Arts. She made her television debut in 2004.

Sönmez made her film debut in Kampüste çiplak ayaklar in 2009, which was quickly followed up with her award-winning performance in Bornova Bornova, also in 2009, in which she played a confused, yet ruthless Lady M-inspired girl from Izmir.

She played a young conservative worker in Çakal in 2010 and was nominated for her work as an Ottoman Empire Sultan in Mahpeyker - Kösem Sultan in 2010.

Sönmez next played an abused girl who takes matters into her own hands in the comedy Last Stop: Kurtulus in 2012.

She continued her work in film in A Long Story in 2012 as an attorney's daughter who meets the love of her life, followed by Thou Gild'st the Even in 2013 playing a young town girl who has the ability to stop time.

Damla SönmezShe won the Best Actress Award in 2015 Milano Film Festival and 21st Adana International Film Festival with her role in Across the Sea in 2014 as a young pregnant Turkish immigrant living in New York who tries to make peace with her haunting past.

That was followed up with another award-winning performance in Taksim Hold'em in 2017 in which she played a young journalist who's about to lose her job due to political conflicts.

Sönmez was very happy to announce that Sibel was selected for Chicago Film Festival’s International Competition! The screenings will be on 13th October at 7:45pm and on 14th October at 12:30pm.

Her latest film Sibel just made it's world premier at the Locarno 71 Film Festival and was recieved with accoldaes at the Chicago Film Festival as well as at the Toronto Film Festival.

Sönmez, who is involved in many productions on Turkish television, studied 2 years violin and 1 year piano in Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. She worked with Stuart Burney at the Black Nexxus Academy in New York.

In 2009, she starred in Bornova Bornova and won the "Best Supporting Actress" at the 46th Golden Orange Film Festival, alongside other awards at the Sadri Alışık Awards and the Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival.

Damla SönmezShe became the Young President of the festival at the 18th Broom Broom Women Films Festival in 2015 and she won the 21st Golden Boll Film Festival and the Best Actress Award at the Milano International Film Festival (MIFF) for her role in the film Sea Level.

The actress won the award in a ceremony held in Milan was given a standing ovation when she accepted the award.

The film crew was in Milan in order to receive their awards the previous day and to participate in the screening of the film. Sonmez, after receiving the award stated:

"Winning the prize is something that always makes me very proud. It is very exciting to win this award in the international arena."

It's because we can establish sympathy with people who do not share the same language, religion and culture. It shows the unifying power of cinema. Union in Turkey is what we most need today.

So this award is becoming more meaningful. Thank you very much she said. Again, her speech was applauded by the audience.

Damla SönmezSönmez also showed great interest in Italian TV channels: "I'm here for our movie this time, the famous actor said in an interview with the media. But I will definitely come back to Milan..."

She attended the Chicago Film Festival and according to her - "I had a blast - Thank you Chicago for the amazing audience and the wonderful festival. Hope to see you real soon..."

With her success Sönmez won the same award as some other world famous stars such as Renee Zellweger, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron.

Her Cinema films to date are: Bare Feet on Campus, Bornova Bornova, Jackal, Mahpeyker, Liberation Last Stop, Long Story, You Illuminate the Night, Things I Cannot Tell and Sea Level.

She has appeared in Kanal D, The Battle of the Roses. Pürtelaş's War - the second game of the professional theater life, which started with Theater Yanetki's play The Lonely West in 2012.

She received the Best Supporting Actress Award from the New Theater Magazine for her role in the Game of War.

Damla Sönmez






Year Title Role
2009 Kampüste Çıplak Ayaklar Ebru
2009 Bornova Bornova Özlem
2010 Çakal Deniz
2010 Mahpeyker: Kösem Sultan Kösem Sultan
2012 Kurtuluş Son Durak Tülay
2012 Uzun Hikâye< Ayla
2013 Sen Aydınlatırsın Geceyi Defne
2014 Deniz Seviyesi Damla
2017 Taksim Hold'em Defne
2017 Ayla Nuran
2018 Sibel
Year Title Role
2004 Camdan Pabuçlar Gülçin
2004 Omuz Omuza Pelin
2005 Kapıları Açmak Gülşen
2006 Şarkılar Susmasın Aycan
2006 Sahte Prenses Sedef
2006–2007 Fırtınalı Aşk Melda Talay
2008 Emret Komutanım Karamel
2008–2009 Gece Gündüz Pınar
2010–2011 Türkan Turhan
2012 Şubat Gelin
2013–2014 Bir Aşk Hikâyesi (A Love Story) Ceylan
2014–2016 Güllerin Savaşı Gülru
2017 Aşk ve Gurur Zeynep
Short Film
Year Title Role
2011 Alala Kardeş
2011 Korkuluk Kadın
Year Title Notes
2004 Orkid
2016 LCW - Geri Sayım Başladı dubbing
2017 Becel - Kalbini Sev dubbing


Year headline writer director Role Notes
2008 Sürmanşet Sinan Tuzcu Arif Akkaya Director Assistant
2009 Alışveriş ve S***ş / Shopping and F***ing Mark Ravenhill Murat Daltaban Project Design / Dramaturg
2012 Yalnız Batı Martin McDonagh Serkan Üstüner Girleen
2014 Savaş Lars Noren Serdar Biliş Benina
2016 Parçacıklar Nick Payne Tamer Can Erkan Marianne
2017 Bi Parça Plastik Marius von Mayenburg Sündüz Haşar Project Coordinator


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