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Özge Özpirinçci

Özge ÖzpirinçciÖzge Özpirinçci, born on April 1st, 1986 in Istanbul is a Turkish actress and activist. She graduated from the Sabancı University School of Management in New York after attending school in Rockford, Illinois for a year as an exchange student where she perfected her English.

Later she graduated from Sabanci University with a degree in International Business Management and also studied at The Lee Strasberg Institute in New York.

She became an instant household name in Turkey with her portrayal of the lead character Ipek in the prominent Turkish TV series Melekler Korusun / Guardian Angels.

Following that, she appeared in numerous film and TV projects as seen in her filmography.

In 2011, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Turkey's prestigious Greenpine Film Awards for her portrayal of Ms. Fikriye in the motion picture Veda / Farewell.

In 2016, she won Best Lead Actress/TV Comedy in Turkey's Golden Butterfly TV Awards, for the long-running TV show Ask Yeniden/Love, Again.

Özge ÖzpirinçciIn 2016, she won the Golden Butterfly TV Awards, for the long-running TV show.

In addition to the series Diz Veda ıp and film Anadolu Eagles de, she also appeared in the short film Lost eda - which won several awards in feature films and international festivals.

In addition, Özge Özpirinçci, who was the host of the television program rol Toplu Hayat, took part in the television series Aşk Yeniden li.

As an active supporter of animal and human rights, Ozge also appeared in various Public Service Announcement videos, including the Adopt-a-Pet campaign in Turkey and United Nation's "He for She" PSAs.

With over half a million followers on Twitter and 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Ozge's fan base extends from Germany to Azerbaijan.

The Pink Top cancer awareness program, which became a symbol of early diagnosis and awareness of breast cancer, will be Özge Özpirinçci's fifth year.

Özge ÖzpirinçciÖzge Özprinçci was the head of this year's Pink Top Sahada project, launched by Anadolu Health Center in cooperation with Anadolu Efes Sports Club.

She performed the opening shot of Anadolu Efes - Zalgiris Kaunas on October 17th with Pink Ball to raise awareness of breast cancer and to establish early diagnosis.

Breast cancer accounts for one-third of all cancers worldwide. One in every eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer is responsible for preventing 85 percent of deaths from cancer. Early diagnosis saves lives.

The project, which is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been around for five years and will reach millions of women with the voluntary support of the beautiful actress Özge Özpirinçci.

Özge Özprinçci has supported the Pink Ball Field project for years and said: "The fact that such a type of cancer can be treated with early diagnosis and that lives can be saved makes this support even more meaningful to me."

Özge Özpirinçci"It is possible to go to the doctor once a year in light of the frightening consequences of this type of cancer - which is seen in one out of every eight women."

Özge Özprinçci, who called for an early diagnosis of women said, "Some of us are afraid to go to the doctor because we think we are afraid, or that some of us won't be themselves anymore or they'll be hurt."

"But let us not forget that these controls, which have no pain are made free of cost, and most importantly, early diagnosis saves lives.

We should keep in mind that the small steps we need to take in order to have a healthy life with our loved ones will protect us from the big problems later."

Hazal Kaya, Özge Özpirinççi and producer Fatih Aksoy attended the panel discussion on "Women" at the International Antalya Film Festival.

Actresses Kaya and Özpirinççi and producer Fatih Aksoy attended the 'From Cinema to Today's Series, Rise of Woman' panel where Fatih Aksoy pointed out that there are no homosexuals in the main roles on Turkish television series:

"We could do this on a digital platform, but I do not believe it is wanted to be watched at home yet.

Özge ÖzpirinçciThe new season of FoxTV series Kadın, starring Özge Özpirinçci and Caner Cindoruk, was held on Tuesday evening, October 2 with an audience.

(basedinistanbul.com) "People kind of regard being 30 as a milestone because whether we exaggerate it or because of the movies? How did it affect your life? Can you say it raised your awareness?"

(Özge Özpirinççi) "I think I experienced the feeling you talk about when I was 28 or 29. It’s like a switch was turned off in my mind. I started to listen myself more."

"I worked on thinking and understanding myself. Before that, I didn't like being alone. And I was keeping myself busy all the time. I was constantly creating a mindset to think."

"I still move a lot; I cannot keep myself in the same place for an hour. You know those people who walk up and down the aisle during long flights? - I'm one of them. But I can listen to myself within this movement."

"Being alone becomes more and more valuable. My mind becomes clearer and I get to know myself better. I don't know how people would define it but, in simplest terms, it's like what you said, being aware."

Özge ÖzpirinçciÖzprinçci unconsciously experienced her first acting when she was a child playing games with her older brother when she was around seven or eight years old.

She talks about this passion which began during that period and has never faded over the years by saying:

"Back then, I just had fun by giving the right reactions to the situations that my brother Emre would put me in but it was him that was the one to infect me with the bug of acting at a young age!"

She went on to confess that, after college, she just "wanted to try it at least."

"So I prepared myself to confront all the challenges that might come. As someone who loves playing games, I was at the right place at the right time with the right people and the rest was easy."

After all the ups and downs of life, she says, "I can see more clearly how big a gift it is to earn my living by doing the thing I love."

Her onscreen matchups include Bugra Gülsoy in Ask Yeniden (2015), Çagatay Ulusoy in Anadolu Kartallari (2011), Alpay Kemal Atalan in Anadolu Kartallari (2011), Baris Falay in Al Yazmalim (2011) and Caner Cindoruk in Kadin (2017).

Özge ÖzpirinçciExcerpt from a magazine interview.

(basedinistanbul.com) "What’s next for you?"

(Özge Özpirinçci) "After this series, I want to relax and earn new experiences. There's so much I want to do!

"For instance, I want to be a dubbing artist for animations. Cinema is always a good idea as long as the script is well-written."

"Theater is a place I start to feel more comfortable in. Maybe I'll do a play, learn another language, go on a long backpacking holiday, or experience the life in a village - I really don't know."

"I wish I knew my filming schedule for the next four years like my colleagues abroad. Then I could organize my life according to that. But doing this job in our country, it's impossible to make even a week-long schedule."

(the above excerpt is from an interview of Özge Özpirinççi by Based Istanbul who publishes a self-titled monthly and free-of-charge, bilingual magazine that aims to create a new base for Istanbul’s existing creative scene and a platform to showcase a variety of international and Turkish established and up-and-coming personalities and their perspectives."

Check out the rest of the interview in this exceptional creative venture from Istanbul, Turkey at: www.basedistanbul.com



Özge Özpirinçci ile Soru-Cevap


TV Series

Year Title Role Director
2007-11 Kavak Yelleri Ada Taner Elhem / Kerem Çakıroğlu
2008 Cesaretin Varmı Aşka? Ebru Ömer Uğur
2009-10 Melekler Korusun İpek Taşkır Üstündağ Cevriye Demir / Kerem Çakıroğlu
2010 Deli Saraylı Dilruba Gani Müjde / Aydın Bulut
2011-12 Al Yazmalım Asiye Nisan Akman
2012 Ağır Roman Yeni Dünya ZehirAhu Metin Balekoğlu-Çagatay Tosun
2013 Tatar Ramazan Alin Cevdet Mercan
2014 Aramızda Kalsın NA Hatice Memiş
2015-16 Aşk Yeniden Zeynep Ersoy Güler
2017- Kadın Bahar Çeşmeli Merve Girgin


Date Title Role Note
2010 Veda Fikriye
2011 Anadolu Kartalları Ayşe Dinçer
2012 Kayıp Short Film
2014 Karışık Kaset İrem
2017 Acı Tatlı Ekşi

Main Role

TV Programs

Date Title Role Note
Toplu Hayat Host


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