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Rabia Soytürk

Rabia SoytürkRabia Soytürk, born on March 11th, 1996 in Istanbul, Turkey under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, is an actress. Her latest roll is in the television series Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu in the role of Karaca Hatun.

This series is about a Sultan of the Great Selcuks named Alparslan. He is the second sultan of the Selcuk dynasty. The series mainly explains the key moments in the life of Alparslan.

His real name was Muhammad bin Dawud Chaghri, and it was he who greatly expanded the Seljuk territory and consolidated his power, defeating rivals to south and northwest.

His victory over the Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert, in 1071, ushered in the Turkoman settlement of Anatolia.

For his military prowess and fighting skills he was bestowed with the name of Alp Arslan, which means "Heroic Lion" in Turkish.

Anyone who has watched Dirilis: Ertugrul will recognize the Turkish film industry's excellence in portraying historical dramas of that era.

Dirilis: Ertugrul is currently available on NetFlix and Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu will be there before too long.

Rabia SoytürkThe Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu series EPISODE 1 has been released on the internet at www.trtizle.com in Turkish and after a certain amount of time will be available on NetFlix with English subtitles.

Rabia Soytürk took first a role in the television series Personality, which was broadcast on PuhuTv. She played the character of Defne in the television series Gülperi in 2018, and in the television series My Name is Melek in 2019.

Her first audition was for the TV series Şahsiyet, and she also took part in that series. Actresses such as Cansu Dere and Haluk Bilginer took part in this series .

She is an actress known for other Turkish television dramas like Benim Adim Melek in 2019, Özgür Dünya in 2019 and Persona in 2018.

When her mother noticed her interest in theater at the age of 10, she enrolled her in small theater courses until she majored at University for a degree in architecture.

But in her first year, she focused more on acting, which she loved more than architecture, so, she completed her education at the Sadri Alışık Cultural Center, Department of Acting.

Rabia Soytürk"Acting was not something I dreamed of - I can say that it was a journey that started when I decided to study theater as a hobby."

"I stepped into acting with the Personality television series in which I had to give life to a character who didn't speak."

"It was an interesting experience and I was very curious about the path of the character. Our beloved director did not deliberately tell me why I did not speak and when I would speak during the work."

"Constantly while on the set I would ask, “Will I be wearing a microphone today?” I was excited.

Playing a quiet person in my first project taught me to say what I was going to say with my eyes, without using words. There is no need to talk all the time...

I have been living between Gaziantep and Istanbul for a long time because of the series 'My Name is Melek'. It's really hard to shoot a television series outside the city."

"I work almost six days a week. I rarely coincide with my days off and come to Istanbul to see my family and friends. I spend months longing for my social life and my surroundings in Istanbul."

"Still, I think that being in the pandemic process reduces the difference between Gaziantep and Istanbul.

Rabia SoytürkMy relationship with the Gaziantep cuisine was interesting. When I came to Gaziantep for the shooting of the first season, I had gained a lot of weight."

"This season, I'm moving forward with control, so I said to myself: You ate everything, you tasted all the food."

Yes, it's all beautiful, but enough is enough!. I now eat a protein-based diet, and I pay attention to my carbohydrate intake for energy."

The Defne character I play is generally described as selfish and rebellious. But in the latest episodes Defne has grown and is conscious of situations that she was not aware of before."

"She is aware of herself. So to me, she is no longer rebellious and selfish. She knows very well that her loved ones need her and she needs her loved ones.

Defne's most sensitive point is her loved ones - the question is what kind of person do you become when you fall in love?

"I love too much. My problem is that I love too much. My friends, my pet, my mother, my grandfather, my favorite pen.

I love it and I don't hesitate to show it. My loved ones should be afraid of me - Is a person really so loved? Rabia decares with a laugh."

Rabia Soytürk"I grew up with my grandparents because my parents were working. I've never been the kid to complain about it. I always thought, "I have one more mom and dad and I'm luckier than the other kids."

"Not because they're looking at me. My family has made me feel so loved that I have become someone who loves everything that breathes in my life. This love did not spoil me, on the contrary, I learned how beautiful responsibilities are to love and be loved. Big thanks to them!"

"When I go to Istanbul, I have a maximum of two days. If I spend one day taking care of my personal affairs, I spend the other day with my family and friends."

"I am a hard worker in sports. I have always exercised during the pandemic. Even if I miss it when I'm in Gaziantep, I definitely go to the gym when I come to Istanbul."

"Especially during this period, when our social life has stopped, I like to throw my energy into life in this way. I am very good with extreme sports, I am fearless and skilled in this field - I like things that excite me."

"I love social media and think it is a very effective communication tool today. Even though I can't get back to everyone who reaches me from there, I take into account the messages that catch my eye and provide communication. I check my messages as much as I can."

Rabia Soytürk "When this pandemic is over I want to realize my planned trips abroad as soon as possible, there are many places I want to visit in my prime!"

The craziest activity Rabia has ever done is skydiving. Her favorite television series is One Day at a Time, and her favorite snack is Pringles Paprika.

Both her mother and father are from the Black Sea coastal port city of Trabzon - Trabzon, Turkiye

This port city situated on the historical Silk Road became a melting pot of religions, languages and culture for centuries.

During the Ottoman period, Trabzon, because of its port, became a central point of trade to Iran and the Caucasus.

Venetian and Genoese merchants also came to Trebizond during the medieval period to sell silk, linen and woolen fabrics.

Films and Television series starring Rabia Soytürk;
2018 – Personality (Süveyda)
2018 – Gülperi (Selen)
2019 – Özgür Dünya (Motion Picture) (Aslı)
2019 – My Name is Melek (Defne)
2021 - Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu (Karaca)

Rabia Soytürk

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Rabia Soytürk Rabia Soytürk Rabia Soytürk
Rabia Soytürk Rabia Soytürk Rabia Soytürk
Rabia Soytürk Rabia Soytürk Rabia Soytürk
Rabia Soytürk



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Alp Arslan
Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu - the first episode in Turkish is on TRT1 and an English subtitled one will be available on NetFlix in the future.

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