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Damla Colbay

Damla ColbayDamla Colbay, born in Izmir on January 14th, 1993 in Karsiyaka, Turkey to Erhan and Ayten Colbay. The family later moved to Istanbul in 2013. She studied acting in Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir.

When she was in high school in Izmir, she joined the school theater. She also entered the acting exams at the same time. When she came to Istanbul for an internship at the university, she started in the television series 'Kara Para Aşk'.

Obviously I didn't have any idea what profession I wanted to do when I was a kid. As a child I was dreaming of eating more junk food and playing on the street.

But as I grew older and as time went by, I remember the scenes I was impressed with in the television series and movies, imitating the actors in front of the mirror in my room.

I didn't do it because I wanted to be an actor, but I was just trying to feel the emotion of the scenes in the television series or the movies.

I liked to watch myself in front of the mirror when I was crying, or when I was so angry, seeing myself as I was breathing from my nose and experiencing that feeling. I decided to enter the acting exams in the last year of high school and I won in the first attempt.

Damla ColbayHer favorite director is Pedro Almodovar. She watches all his films over and over. And Kim Ki-duk 's' Time' can not give up. She is also a fan of 'Sailor Moon' and was crying and crying while watching 'Sailor Moon' musicals in Japan. She used to imagine taking part in one of them.

Damla made her first television appearance in 2014 in the TV series named Kara Para Ask produced in 2014 as Demet Demir.

In 2015 Damla got her first leading role as Inci Temizyürek in the Turkish remake of "Jane The Virgin" titled Hayat Mucizelere Gebe in 2015. Due to low ratings the series ended in early 2016 with 7 episodes.

In 2016 she starred as Eylem Aydin in Içerde in 2016 where she appears alongside Çagatay Ulusoy. The series received high ratings becoming one of the most successful series of 2016 and 2017 in Turkey.

Içerde broke the record as the most watched Turkish series on YouTube with its first episode reaching 11.6 Million views as of July 2017.

What do you think is the most important feature is that makes a woman beautiful?

I believe that it is good thoughts and positive energy that not only makes women beautiful, but all other people also. If you are peaceful in your inner world, if you feel good, it is reflected outside of you.

Damla ColbayI began the use of make-up when my acting career started. Before then I would only use moisturizing lipstick, but rarely mascara. Then when I started acting professionally, I learned everything from scratch, but from the real experts.

I do my cosmetic shopping together with, Fezi Altun, my talented friend. I don't buy anything without consulting her. When it comes to make-up, I now know my face and the needs of my face better than anyone else does.

But, I don't use any products in my everyday life. That's why I'm very open to trying new things when I do use make-up. Depending on the flow of that day, natural looking or colorful eye shadow and a used make-up can make me happy.

The proper use of makeup is an art in itself and I like to see myself in different situations. So there's nothing I'd never do. Usually I would say, "Come on, let's try and see...?"

I use a moisturizing lip balm with a light color and I never remove at least two different color lip glosses from my bag.

I drink three liters of water every day for my body and face - except for daily washing and using moisturizer with tonic. This is also very important in terms of general health.

My homemade formula for skin or hair? When I feel like it I need a mixture for my lips with sugar and olive oil and peeling.

Damla ColbayAlthough I like chocolate, I haven't consumed refined sugar for almost a year and have developed my own recipes from which I make my own sweeties at home. I don't eat away from home unless I have to.

I take care when consuming home food - I eat my dinner at six o'clock at the latest and then I only drink water with herbal tea.

I take a walk every morning during the week and try to take at least 7,000 steps during the day.

The storyline in Life Pregnant Miracle is: "One day a gynecologist makes a terrible mistake - He has accidentally exposed the girl to artificial fertilization.

She's coming home with a baby in her belly. The real problem then begins. What will happen now? Damla Colbay tells the story of the film '' Life Pregnant Miracle '

My character, İnci, is a devoted, responsible, planned, programmed and kindhearted girl. There is no room for error in her life, there is always a certain order.

She has always lived in this order. She won awards in school in her first year, finished in four years, received her degree and is waiting to be appointed as a teacher.

Her next plan is to marry her honest and trustworthy boyfriend, Serhat, and build a cute nest. But things are not going to go as planned.

Damla ColbayAfter being involved in the project, we had in-depth discussions with our screenwriter on the show. I listened to her and her stories. After a while, I designed İnci's history in my head.

What kind of a childhood she had, how her friends acted towards her, what places she'd been and what she likes and does not like.

If I encountered such a situation? Damla Colbay: '' I would not give birth! Obviously I would not feel anything postive from such a situation. I would probably not explain myself in a situation in which I can not even explain to myself in a situation that I've had the trouble."

''No, I wouldn't give birth - would you give birth?"

"No, I wouldn't. Of course, I can say it now so easily, but the feeling of maternity and the increased hormones may make one feel different when other people get involved."

"So it's not right to say I would or I wouldn't for sure."

"My character İnci has a mother who respects her daughter's decisions. How would my family react to such an event?"

"My family always stood behind my every decision. In real life we would have faced such a situation and we would support each other. "

Damla Colbay"Can a person experience something emotional after a while? Neither sexuality nor the fact that there is a baby in the middle of it all is not all that affects this situation alone. This is about the emotional bond with the other party."

Would you think of being a mother? "For now, I prefer not to be a mother but an actress.

This is certainly the largest role I have been cast in, but it doesn't frighten me. I'm aware of my responsibilities, but it doesn't sound like a scary thing to me.

I had the same responsibilities in playing aynı Black Money Love.

It doesn't sound like it's the lead or side-role. After you decide to do something, you take on a lot. I'm just spending more time on the set, or even more so. But that means I can do what I love more.

That's why I'm very focused on taking pleasure in being scared. That's how I feel.

Damla Colbay

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TV series
Year Title Role Notes
2014–2015 Kara Para Aşk Demet Demir Supporting role
2015–2016 Hayat Mucizelere Gebe İnci Temizyürek Leading role
2016–2017 İçerde Eylem Aydın Leading role
2019- Zengin ve Yoksul Aysel Leading role


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