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Burçin Terzioğlu

Burçin TerzioğluBurçin Terzioğlu, born on the 9th of March 1980 in Istanbul, Turkey is a Turkish film and television actress.

Terzioğlu began acting at the age of five as a child actress, appearing in several 1980s films and television series. She later studied acting at the Müjdat Gezen Arts Center.

She is the youngest in her family and has three brothers. She comes from a family of filmmakers, so she enjoyed the benefit of this over the years.

In her career, Terzioğlu took part in 51 different film and television series projects and she had a higher number of performances than most actresses of her age.

Raised in a family already working in cinema, she started her career as a child-actor at a very young age, and later furthered and completed her education at the M.G.S.M. Actor Studio.

Terzioglu has successfully portrayed various parts in many Turkish television shows and big screen movies. Her most recent television show has been the hit series Poyraz Karayel in which she took on the leading role of 'Aysegul'.

This television show was extremely successul and became a phenomenon in its own right and ran for 82 episodes.

Burçin TerzioğluSome of her previous television work includes: Merhamet, another all time Turkish TV hit Ezel, Ey Ask Nerdesin, Firtina, Melekler Adasi, Kadin Isterse, Kinali Kar, and the classic, Mahallenin Muhtarlari.

On the big screen, Terzioglu took on the role of 'Benek' in the movie Halam Geldi in 2013. She has appeared in the commercials of the popular snack Eti Browni Intense.

Burcin also has won numerous awards in an exceptionally short period of time - she has won fifteen awards from 2015 to 2017.

Terzioğlu was married to her Storm co-star Murat Yıldırım from 2008 to 2014 and has been dating her Poyraz Karayel costar İlker Kaleli since 2015.

Yıldız Technical University's 15th anniversary of the Stars of the Year Awards was held at a ceremony this year. The Most Admired Female Series Actress of 2016 was awarded to Burçin Terzioğlu.

Some of the other awards include; 'Best Actress' at the Galatasaray University 'Best of the Best Awards' in 2017, 'Best TV Actress' at the 43rd Annual Golden Butterfly Awards in 2016, 'Best TV Actress' in the MGD 22nd Annual Golden Lens Awards in 2016, 'Actress of the Year' in 2015 at the Halic University Awards, 'Best Actress' at the Yeditepe University 5th Wish Awards in 2017, and again 'Best Actress' at the Sabanci University Media Club 3rd Navy Awards in 2016.

Burçin TerzioğluShe was married to Murat Yildirim from 2008 to 2014, but they divorced in 2015. She refused to bear witness for her ex-husband during a drug related trial in Istanbul.

She didn't even look him in the court of law where 30 actors including herself, Murat Yildirim, Cagatay Ulusoy, Kenan Imirzalioglu and many other high-profile actors and actresses were taken into custody over a drug probe conducted by the Istanbul narcotics police.

She stated in court that she didn't use drugs, but supposedly there were traces of drugs found in her urine test. She later was acquitted in the case.

On January 31st an evening at the Akatlar Mustafa Kemal Culture Center was held at a ceremony with Serenay Sari, Murat Dalkılıç, Ilker Walled, Burçin Terzioğlu, Hande Yener, Lean, Ozan Güven, Hakan head, Bensi Zorah, EYPİO & John King, Men, Pucca, Chatterbox many other famous names in attendance. On this evening she was awarded Top Female Player of the Year

Her best friends are actresses Cansu Dere and Sinem Kobal - she starred alongside Cansu Dere on the show Ezel. She is extremely popular in Turkey and has more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

After her divorce she had been in a relationship with actor İlker Kaleli. Of the few celebrity relationships that seemed quite solid it was this couple - İlker Kaleli and Burçin Terzioğlu.

In their own world, they seemingly had a very regular and close relationship, so everyone was surprised by their recent separation.

Burçin TerzioğluIt is very unlikely that the separation would be quiet and without any explanation, if their relationship had been silent and started away from the media.

But no one believes, or doesn't want to believe that there isn't any explanation from the couple coming forth yet.

When asked what she was going through Terzioğlu replied: "I am intense, but calm. I've stabilized these days. My routes are very specific, I don't have the luxury to change the way I live or claim a right to rest."

"I've lived in a seven-month routine between my house and my crew since August. I'm not at a time when I can do a lot for myself except to fulfill my vital obligations."

"Luckily I'm in a job that I love and I'm not too tired from my fatigue and my inability to be social to function."

When asked how her life had taken shape over the last year she replied: "It was quite a year - a new house, a new job, a new life. Of course I've had fluctuations. It's good to have a little wave in the sea. It keeps you alive and awake against other big storms that are sure to break."

"It was an interesting process. I saw an outside eye that I could stop and watch. I heard the importance of everything that came out of my mouth. The biggest effect of my change was the loss I gave."

Burçin TerzioğluThe day my mother left me, I felt I was growing. I was promoted to a woman, like a girl who had lost her mother. It was difficult. I also met death. I was seasoned."

"I submitted to the nothingness of our being. I started to learn not to talk big, not to think small. I divorced. I remembered being me and being mine.

I just turned around. I tried to establish myself in a peaceful and accepted world."

"When I look back, I wish I hadn't done anything. I feel like the results of what I do have been completely given to me. There are so many things that I said and I'm glad that was so."

"The small mistakes that are made, like vaccines, are actually germs to strengthen the body to protect you from the larger microbes. The immune system is being stimulated."

"My peace is with my little mistakes. The lessons I took from them are my biggest gains in life."

"I look at the role of Ayşegül as being well done," she said. "She chose to grow up in her own garden, not in her father's jungle. Like a door with no help, standing on her own feet. She lost her best loved ones, but never stopped walking and is still walking."

Burçin Terzioğlu"While she was able to live with her mother and sister, she could not but chose a profession that could be of help to other people's lives. I love Aysegul. She's got a spine and is a character that gives you strength when you play her.

I wouldn't know what I'd do if I were in her place, I wouldn't have set up some falsity, but I would have been with what I thought was right."

"You have a strange satisfaction when the reviews are positive. This positive response is what makes my knees tremble from fatigue, and when I look blankly from sleeplessness, it keeps me standing up, patting my back and running back to the set.

I am lucky enough to be involved in this project and have a good job. And I'm thankful that our labor is rewarded in return."

What are the five words that best describe gil Poyraz Karayel? "Touching, passionate, colorful, true, exciting."

Netflix's first Turkish original series The Protector (Hakan: The Guard) has been premiered. Burçin Terzioğlu was among the prominent names on that premiere night.

Terizoğlu appeared brave, decoupled and attracted much attention with her new image. Comments were made about how her 'post-separation image had changed."

Among the participants, Çağatay Ulusoy, Ayça Ayşin Turan, Hazar Ergüçlü, Burçin Terzioğlu, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Tuba Büyüküstün, Aras Bulut Iynemli, Dilan Deniz Çiçek, Yasemin Özilhan, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Pelin Akil - Anıl Altan and Alina Boz attended.

Burçin TerzioğluWhen asked how much of her life is acting she responded: "I think there's an equal distribution. I have no other profession than what I do. Another branch of education aside from this branch I did not choose. I was born into it, I spent many times on the sets right from school - the cameras I met many years ago."

"Acting never left me and I didn't leave it. The more I gave it, the more it paid off. I remained faithful to our agreemant - my biggest investments were a good return from my profession. I always did my job with respect. Now I can't separate myself from acting."

"I didn't take a break on my hardest days, but ran to my set. We have a strange love. I have love in the center of my life - I have loved ones, I have a job to do. They're all 'mine'.

When asked about watching herself, what are you most proud about and why she answered: "I'm not comfortable watching myself. I find something to criticize so much of the time. I'm being told a lot on the screen."

"At the end of long hours and heavy scenes, I feel very sorry if I could not give the best to a scene because of feeling fatigued. I love the scenes that express my sincerity. If I see a little twitter, wow! I turn the TV off."

"But in addition to this ruthlessness, I also accept that our work is done with emotions, that we are not robots, and that it cannot work with the same level of concentration for 20 hours a day."

Burçin TerzioğluI am not mad. So far, there were 1-2 scenes I called - 'well done Burcin'. But there's always better and I won't forget that.

After the Poyraz Karayel series, Burçin Terzioğlu's new project was announced when the actress joined the cast of Netflix's first Turkish original series Türk The Protector Ünlü.

Terzioğlu, who will be playing Rüya, whose beauty and mysterious air will turn heads around her, said: Alıy The Protector is about Hakan, who learns that he has been assigned to protect Istanbul.

Asked how her upbringing affected her life and careershe stated:

Do you know why I can stand strong, free and true? I had a father who was proud to have a daughter, a mother who made me feel like I was behind everything I did and I had a brother who knew that honor was in the brain. I had a family who had done everything to get a good education and told me how important it was to stand on my own feet.

I do not distinguish myself as the old-fashioned or millennium feminist. I'm a defender of equal rights for men and women. My role models are women like Coco Chanel, Marie Curie, Indira Gandhi.






Year Title Role Notes
1985 Patron Duymasın
1985 Çıplak Vatandaş İbrahim's daughter
1986 Hasretinle Yaşanmıyor Burçin
1986 İki Milyarlık Bilet Gül
1987 Baba Yüreği Aslı
1987 Hayallerim, Aşkım ve Sen Rukiye
1989 Fazilet Fazilet's daughter
1991 Menekşe Koyu Ayşe
2000 Annem ve Ben Gül
2000 Oyun Bitti
2003 Taştan Kalp Özlem
2014 Halam Geldi Benek


Year Title Role Notes
1986–88 Perihan Abla
1987 Yeniden Doğmak
1989 Doktorlar Billur
1992 Mahallenin Muhtarları Simge
1992 Kavak Ailesi Fındık Yeğen
1993 Solan Gül Gülten
1998 Sırılsıklam
1999–2001 Yılan Hikâyesi Azat
2000 Tirvana
2001 Güz Gülleri Nuray
2001–02 Çiçek Taksi Sinem
2002 Üzgünüm Leyla
2002 Kınalı Kar Pınar Beyoğlu
2003 Taştan Kalp Özlem
2004 Melekler Adası Ceren
2004 Aliye Ümit
2004–06 Kadın İsterse Demet
2006 Fırtına Zeynep Dalcı First leading role
2007 Çemberin Dışında Laçin Sürmen
2009 Ey Aşk Nerdesin? Zeliş (Zeliha Yılmaz)
2010–11 Ezel Azad Karaeski Kırgız
2013–14 Merhamet Deniz
2015–17 Poyraz Karayel Ayşegül Umman

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Work Result
2015 YBTB Top Awards of the Year Most Successful TV Series Actress Poyraz Karayel Won
4. Crystal Mouse Media Awards Best Actress Nominated
42. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards Best Actress Nominated
6. İMK Social Media Awards Best Actress Nominated
Haliç University 2015's Top Awards Best TV Actress of the Year Won
2016 2. Elele Avon Woman Awards Actress of the Year Won
23. İTÜ EMÖS Achievement Awards Most Successful TV Actress of the Year Nominated
5. TURKMSIC Bests of the Year Awards Best Actress of the Year Won
2. Turkey Youth Awards Best TV Actress Nominated
7. KTÜ Media Awards Most Liked Actress Nominated
11. İTÜ Makinistanbul Media, Art and Sport Awards Best TV Actress Won
Ege University 5. Media Awards Best TV Actress Nominated
Sabancı University Media Club 3. Navy Blue Awards Actress of the Year Won
3. Mersin Golden Palm Awards TV Actress of the Year Nominated
1. YBU Media Awards Best TV Actress Nominated
10. GSUEN Awards Best TV/Cinema Actress Nominated
Gazi University 9. Academy Career Days Awards Best Actress of the Year Won
MGD 22. Golden Lens Awards Best Drama Actress Won
6. Ayaklı Ayaklı Newspaper TV Stars Awards Best Detective TV Series Actress Won
43. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards En İyi Kadın Oyuncu Won
Best TV Couple (Ayşegül & Poyraz) Nominated
Poltio.com TV Survey Awards Most Successful Actress Won
7. İMK Social Media Awards Best Actress Won
2017 15. YTÜ Stars of the Year Awards Most Liked Series-Movie Actress Won
5. Bilkent TV Awards Best Drama Actress Nominated
1. Müzikonair Awards Best TV Actress Nominated
24. İTÜ EMÖS Achievement Awards Most Successful TV Actress of the Year Won
6. TURKMSIC Bests of the Year Awards Best Actress of the Year Nominated
8. KTÜ Media Awards Most Liked Actress Nominated
Most Liked TV Couple (Ayşegül & Poyraz) Nominated
11. GSUEN Awards Best TV/Cinema Actress Won
Poyraz Karayel Special Awards Series Contribution Special Award Won
Yeditepe University 5. Wish Awards Best Actress Won
3. Turkey Youth Awards Best TV Actress Pending

Television achievements and nominations

Year Award Category Work Result
2016 Gecce.com Year-End TV Survey Awards Best Actress of 2015 Poyraz Karayel Nominated
Best TV Couple of 2015 (Ayşegül & Poyraz) Won
Noluyo.tv Year-End Surveys Best Actress of 2015 Nominated
Best TV Couple of 2015 (Ayşegül & Poyraz) Nominated
2017 Gecce.com Year-End TV Survey Awards Best Actress of 2016 Nominated
Best TV Couple of 2016 (Ayşegül & Poyraz) Nominated
Noluyo.tv Year-End Surveys Best Actress of 2016 Nominated
Best TV Couple of 2016 (Ayşegül & Poyraz) Nominated
Valentine Day's Symbol Couple Survey Awards Symbolic Couple of the Year (Burçin & İlker) Won
Poltio.com TV Survey Awards Most Liked Couple (Burçin & İlker) Won


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