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Bozburun, Marmaris, Turkiye

Bozburun, TurkiyeBozburun is a gorgeous small seaside town with its own municipality in the Marmaris district, in southwestern Turkey. The permanent population is about 2000.

It is situated on the coast of the peninsula of the same name (Bozburun Peninsula) which extends in parallel to Datça Peninsula in the south.

The town faces across the sea to the town of Datça and the Greek Island of Symi (Sömbeki in Turkish).

Although quieter than Marmaris Bay and its two centers of tourism of international renown - Marmaris and İçmeler, Bozburun is a special discovery for those more adventurous visitors who take the good, but curvy road about 45 kilometers or 25 miles further out of Marmaris.

Tourism, fishing, sponge diving and beekeeping (apiculture) are the main means of livelihood for its inhabitants - its thyme honey is famous across Turkey.

It has a small yet exquisite harbor and is also one of the key stops on the popular nautical tourism route of Blue Cruises.

Bozburun, TurkiyeIts pristine sea is surrounded by coves. Bozburun is also well known in the region for its expert construction of gulets, on a par with the other shipyards in Bodrum and Güllük. Gulets are the wooden coastal cruising boats used for Blue Cruises.

In ancient times, Bozburun region was famous for its marble quarries, which accounts for the origin of one of the explanations given for the name of Marmaris. (Turkish: Mermer English: marble).

The quarries were in activity until the 19th century traveller Charles Texier encountered them.

Marble has been a very important export product for the entire region of the present-day Muğla Province, with rich reserves starting from ancient Knidos at the tip of Datça Peninsula to inland Kavaklıdere's modern installations in full activity in the present day.

Bozburun, is located at the southwestern end furthest from Marmaris on the Datca Peninsula. The distance to Marmaris is only 45 kilometers.

Bozburun is a popular town especially for it's yacht charter tourism. Life is very calm and the environment is very laid back and quiet.

Bozburun, TurkiyeBozburun is also well known for its yacht and gulet shipyards. The motorized wooden gulets which are used for the blue cruises are built here.

There are many workshops for this purpose in the region. Bozburun is also famous for its surrounding bays waiting to be discovered and is one of the most frequent destinations for the yachts and boats of the Blue Cruises.

Bozburun is also within the borders of the ancient city of Larymna. A small number of ruins belonging to the ancient city of this antiquity are only a 45-minute walk onto Asar hill.

Ideal for trekking, its old city walls and some tombstones are scattered around the perimeter. The view from Asar hill is quite spectacular.

In Bozburun, you can find a few small boutique hotels, apartments and pensions that are suitable for affordable budgets.

Bozburun Peninsula lies on the southern coast of the Datça Peninsula looking out to the Mediterranean Sea.

The most popular way to reach the peninsula is through Bodrum and taking a Blue cruise from there.

Bozburun, TurkiyeOtherwise, fly to Dalaman, rent a car and drive to the peninsula; travel times vary according to the end destination.

It is necessary to use the Marmaris-Datça road to go to Bozburun and it is also possible to find minibuses from Marmaris to Bozburun.

Private Transfer from Dalaman Airport to Bozburun are one of the most suitable solutions for your journey in a safe, healthy, comfortable and economical way.

There are other alternatives for those who like to travel. Cities across Turkey have their own characteristics. Especially the cities on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts that have become important spots for holidays.

Bozburun is preferred by many local and foreign tourists, especially in the summer months. Bozburun, which stands out due to its natural beauty, is part of the Marmaris district of Muğla.

Located in the southwest of Turkey, Bozburun takes its name from the grizzly mountains in the region. The old name of Bozburun is known as Tinos or Timnos.

Bozburun, TurkiyeIn addition, there are 10 historically known cities on the Bozburun peninsula - especially the ancient city of Larymna.

There are many different areas to visit in Bozburun - the Carian Way, a long and pleasant trek can be made. The Carian Way starts from the Bozburun Peninsula.

In addition, Datça Peninsula is divided into 4 different regions as Gökova Center and Inner Caria. Within the Caria Way, there are shepherd's paths, ancient roads and forest roads.

Sport minded pepole and those who like long walks will also prefer Bozburun for their vacation. There are many restaurants and souvenir stands to visit in the center of Bozburun.

Bozukkale Port in Bozburun is one of the points frequented by boats. In the region, there are historical remains of the ancient city of Larymna.

In the area that has survived to the present day, there are remains of a castle, three cisterns, an acropolis and a necropolis.

The ancient city of Larymna is about a 45 minute walk from the town center of Bozburun. There are also some ruins of the city on Asar Hill nearby.

Bozburun, TurkiyeLarymna is known for its meaning of the people of Sand. The ancient city, which is thought to have a history dating back to 2000 BC, also attracts the attention of tourists.

Boat tours that start in the summer months usually depart from 10.00 in the morning and go to the sea all day long to various bays and visit the beaches.

Boat tours are made through routes such as Ada Boğaz, Serçe Limanı, Üç Taş, Akvaryum and Bozukkale. In the summer months, groups of friends or families can usually join boat tours en masse.

Tourists should consider both Selimiye and Bozburun while planning a summer vacation or looking for places to see around the large resort city of Marmaris.

Dalaman is the closest airport to Selimiye. After landing at Dalaman Airport, you can reach Selimiye by taxi or by a private transfer you have reserved beforehand.

If you are going to use public transportation, you can use the shuttles to Marmaris and then take the Selimiye buses that leave from the bus station.

In order to come to Selimiye with your own car, you have two alternatives after Marmaris. The first is to follow the Hisarönü direction and choose the road that goes through Orhaniye and Turgutköy.

Bozburun, TurkiyeThe second is to come to Icmeler from Marmaris and follow the Bayır signs to reach Selimiye. Although both roads take an hour, the road in the second option is much more winding and tiring.

Nestled on the Marmaris coast of southwest Turkey, Bozburun is a picturesque seaside town that faces the Greek island of Symi.

It is positioned on the Bozburun Peninsula, renowned for its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere that lures yachtsmen from across the globe.

Bozburun is a deservedly popular stop for cabin charter gulet cruises between Turkey and Greece, accessing the beautiful Mediterranean islands of Symi, Tilos and Rhodos.

Bozburun is located just a 45 minute drive from Marmaris but feels a world away from the bustle of this tourism hub.

Its lovely harbour is home to a scattering of boutique hotels and waterfront restaurants where you can soak up the pristine fresh air and enjoy the sea.

Don't miss the opportunity to sample the thyme honey of Bozburun, which is famed throughout Turkey.

Bozburun, TurkiyeBozburun was once known for its marble quarries, which were active into the 19th century when traveller Charles Texier visited the region.

Today one of the main industries in Bozburun is the building of gulet yachts, with numerous workshops where these traditional Turkish boats are crafted.

From Bozburun it is just a short hop to the island of Symi, renowned for its photogenic town clustered with traditional stone houses.

Gulet cruises continue to the captivating island of Rhodes, home to a UNESCO World Heritage-listed medieval old town, ancient ruins and idyllic beaches.

Bozburun Yachting
Address: Bozburun, Kordon Cd. 1.Sokak D:No:59, 48710 Marmaris/Muğla
Areas served: Bozburun and nearby areas
Phone: +90 532 642 93 48 or +90 252 456 23 01
Website: bozburunyacht.com

Bozburun Yachting provides cabin charter to the beautiful wonders of the Turkish Coastline and the Greek Islands on a Turkish Gulet. Have a unique experience and enjoy the sailing trip in Turkey and Greek waters with a group of sea-lovers.

Bozburun, TurkiyeBozburun Peninsula's high season is July and August. Catch temperate weather and beat the crowds by visiting by late or early fall.

Come in May for the Marmaris Maritime and Spring Festival celebrated with yacht races and street performances, or for the larger International Marmaris Yacht Festival late in the month.

In June/July the Marmaris Cinema Festival takes over, and in October Marmaris hosts yet another maritime festival, the International Race Week.

Bozburun's host peninsula, Datça Peninsula, straddles the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas and there is plenty to explore.

Hike through pine forests and orange groves, watch the sunset from jagged coastal cliffs, snorkel in hidden coves, tour a traditional olive mill, visit the ancient city of Knidos and its 4th-century BC statue of Aphrodite, or laze about on golden beaches.


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