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Yağmur Mislina Kılıç

Yağmur Mislina KılıçYağmur Mislina Kılıç, born on the 30th of March in Erzurum, Turkey, 1996 is a Turkish volleyball player for Kale 1957 Spor and the Turkish national team.

She participated at the 2015 FIVB Volleyball Women's U20 World Championship, and the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League.

She has played for Galatasaray from 2014 to 2018, for Türk Hava Yolları from 2018 to 2019, Beşiktaş from 2019 to 2020 and is now is with Kale 1957 Spor for the current 2021 season.

Of course I want to play on the Fenerbahçe team because I am from Fenerbahçe . My father and uncle were fanatic Fenerbahçe fans. This may have affected me when I was little.

However, as a professional athlete, I sweat by feeling that spirit in every team I go to. Because we always get the reward for our work and for our efforts and we do it for a lot of people and fans. We have to show respect.

Yağmur Mislina KılıçDue to the effects of lockdowns and safety protocols for corona virus I could not devote a lot of time to myself and my family due to the intensity of our training during the season.

Ever since I was little, I have always loved painting, so I painted a lot, when the canvases were finished, I would almost paint the walls of the house :)

I was very impressed with the books and movies I read during this time. I think I have improved myself psychologically and spiritually because we have so much time of on our own - it made me realize that we ignore most values because we live for pleasure and speed.

I think the volleyball federation has made the right decision regarding the leagues. Since volleyball and most branches were played as a team sport, our continuation put us and the people around us at risk.

As time progressed, we all saw that theirs was the best decision. Unfortunately, this process is difficult for us athletes.

Because the work we do at home with the training tempo we do in the regular season definitely does not give the same efficiency.

I continue to exercise regularly at home, with the movements I can do to maintain my fitness. This makes me more motivated, I feel good.

Yağmur Mislina KılıçI don't regard myself as a young athlete anymore, but I still see myself as a person who is always hungry for learning and development.

Because no matter how old I am, success is always about doing better and adding something new to yourself.

Of course, everyone can have ups and downs both in their life and in their athlete career, and these times provide experience and perspective.

I have goals that I want to achieve. One of them is to participate in the Olympics with the national team like every other athlete.

So I am at the beginning of the road and believe that I will do my best to reach my goals in spite of all kinds of difficulties without giving up.

I am currently without a club. There has been uncertainty about the team in the last few weeks. For this season, I will sweat under the PTT jersey.

I feel lucky and think I made the right choice to work with a coach that I believe has contributed a lot to me to achieve my goals as a team member and individually. I know that I have to work hard and sweat a lot to reach my goals.

Yağmur Mislina KılıçBut, I miss playing volleyball and I am looking forward to the start of the season.

I started playing volleyball in the Galatasaray infrastructure and made my first professional contract there. Last season, I sweated under the Beşiktaş jersey.

Both of these experiences have provided me with proud and unforgettable moments. As fans, coaches and teammates, I think I am very lucky to always live in a family atmosphere.

We are Fenerbahçe members as a family. It is one of my biggest dreams to play in my favorite team since I have been a Fenerbahçe member since my childhood.

One of the most popular topics about me lately is about my looks. For a while, old photos appeared of me and the images were compared on social media with current photos.

When I began to see all those comments it unsettled me because actually, I would like to be talked about, but rather in regard to my athletic identity before beauty.

When I heard about this subject, I was very surprised and sad. One of the comparative photographs was a photograph taken after training when I was a 15-year-old, and the other is a 23-year-old posing.

Yağmur Mislina Kılıç"Of course, we are experiencing periodic transitions since our childhood, and we all experience physical and even spiritual changes."

"As I said before, I did not have any plastic surgery, but I did have my lips filled out a little with collagen."

Yağmur Mislina Kılıç , who previously wore Beşiktaş and Galatasaray jerseys , made revealing statements in the second issue of Diyagonal Magazine.

"OK what happened behind the scenes in the separation from Beşiktaş - which has always been curious."

"I know that - I have been asked far too often what happened during this period. We had to leave for administrative reasons."

"At Beşiktaş, we all started the season with very good goals and enthusiasm for the year. I can say that we established a family atmosphere with all my technical people and my teammates."

"Beşiktaş Volleyball branch is a very professional branch. Unfortunately, we had to leave the team for some administrative reasons."

Yağmur Mislina Kılıç"This was not the result that any of us wanted, but since the problems were not solved during the season, everyone was transferred to other teams."

"We all continued to play and fight through a very difficult period. We did our best - but after a short break, I transferred to the PTT Sports Club."

"The corona virus quarantine process has, of course, affected the transfer period. But I am very happy that I will sweat under the PTT shirt this year . I will work with a trainer that I believe contributed a lot to my career."

Too often I am shown as one of the more beautiful athletes of our country. Sometimes it happens that the beauty issue precludes my athletic identity when my priority has always been my athletic identity"

Everyone's perspective and assessment on a given topic is very different, so there are those who think like that. Human beings have been open to criticism and judgment since their birth.

"We all have good or bad times in some way. The important thing is to see the real reasons and results that underlie them, then evaluate and interpret accordingly. My priority is always my athlete identity and sports career."

My answer to this topic is always the same - I have always said that I wanted to be remembered as an athlete.

Yağmur Mislina KılıçAn unnamed observer touched on the aesthetics of the 23-year-old athlete's photo comparisons and said, “It's almost an aesthetic wonder, it is necessary to congratulate the doctor”.

The young volleyball players response about this type of cyberbullying she was subjected to: "I am very sorry, I would like to be talked about not with my physical appearance but because of my athletic identity."

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