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Buse İskenderoğlu

Buse İskenderoğluBuse İskenderoğlu, born in January 1st, 1997 in Yalova, Turkey is a model and an actress, known for Hemen Döneriz in 2019, won the title of Miss Turkey in 2016 and also represented her country at Miss World competition in Washington D.C.

Buse is a student who loves to meet new people. She shares that one of the best fun for her would be discovering and exploring different kinds of new cultures, for which she would love to travel the world and interact with these diverse people.

The beauty contest winner wants to be a good model and has been preparing herself well for this pageant as the endeavours it could bring to her life and career are sizeable.

She shared her secret wish to attend Victoria’s Secret Runway. When asked about her personal motto, she shares that she always abides by the saying - “Never say never.”

Will this exceptional model be able to make her dream come true at the coronation gala to be held at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, United States just south of Washington, D.C.? Very likely.

She has attended Eskişehir Anadolu University, where she studied in the Department of Public Relations and Advertising.

Buse İskenderoğlu, who was selected as Miss Turkey 2016, is making a name for herself with her social media posts.

Buse İskenderoğluThe 24-year-old beautiful model, who was lately on vacation in Miami, talked about how she continues to stay in shape even though she really has no weight loss regiman. .

This 24 year old model, who managed to attract massive attention through her social media Instagram account where she shares her fit image, said that she loved to eat but fortunately does not gain weight.

"I do not discriminate with the food I consume. My taste is wide. I do not follow a diet, but I maintain my form by doing strict sports and a lot of walking."

After Şevval Şahin's birthday party at the mansion for Yiğit Marcus Aral's birthday last year, some people who had attended the party were infected by coronavirus.

İskenderoğlu fell like a bombshell in the world of magazines with her posts and statements on social media where she attracted attention by frequently attending these mansion parties - especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately, İskenderoğlu was tested and diagnosed with the coronavirus in of March 2021.

After she attended the party she said, "I never left the house for a few days just in case. Şevval and Marcus made the necessary explanation. It would not be right for me to say something about it."

Buse İskenderoğluLater she said, "I was very weak in the first days of the treatment process while at home in isolation."

"Soon, I recovered by myself with medications. However, I rested constantly and could not do sports during this time. Now I do sports in my friend's private studio whenever I can."

In the past weeks, some people who attended the party organized by the model Şevval Şahin for the birthday of Survivor competitor Yiğit Marcus Aral had a positive corona virus test.

The Ümit Collection 2022 creations were introduced with the fashion show held at the Izmir Fair. In the fashion show choreographed by Akif Örük.

Models including famous names such as Buse İskenderoğlu , Elif Ece Uzun and Wilma Elles took the podium with elegant clothes.

İskenderoğlu, who took the podium at the Ümit Collection fashion show, said in a statement after the fashion show, "I was unfairly lynched because I mentioned that I did yoga."

The 24-year-old beauty recently said, "I was lynched for participating in a yoga event at Sait Halim Paşa Mansion recently - It was a yoga event."

"Why are you doing yoga in the historical mansion?" they asked? "I told them that lot of different events are being held there," she said.

Buse İskenderoğlu"They also reacted to my clothing. They said, 'You dress openly.' İskenderoğlu replied, "This is my style - I dress as I want"

"How do you keep in shape?" To the question, İskenderoğlu replied, "I do sports, I don't really pay attention to my diet. My metabolism is fast."

The model, who was caught in the lenses of photographers in Nişantaşı recently, said, "I received acting training to enhance my skills."

"Up until this time, I have received acting offers from many places, but I did not accept any because I did not see any suitable for me. If it is a good project, why not" Buse said.

"I need to make up for my shortcomings in acting. I want to be in every project that includes art. But right now, I have a few jobs to do abroad first."

Continuing her university life in the Department of Public Relations and Advertising at Eskişehir Anadolu University, Buse İskenderoğlu came first in the Miss Turkey contest held in Antalya's Serik district in 2016.

Later, Buse İskenderoğlu, who was entitled to represent Turkey in Miss World, the world beauty pageant, came to the fore with her relationship with Oğulcan Engin, who was the son of Seda Sayan for a while.

Buse İskenderoğluThis beautiful model and actress was one of the families who were victims of the 17th of August, 1999 Gölcük Earthquake.

She was only 2 years old when the İskenderoğlu family home was destroyed and she and her family were forced to move to Bursa.

Her parents separated when she was still young and her mother entered into a second marriage. İskenderoğlu now works as a model and television host.

After İskenderoğlu, who hosts the programs "Saturday Surprise" and "Sunday Surprise", caught the coronavirus, it was decided to shoot both programs without any host for a short period.

She also was a presenter on Bloomberg HT Magazine and for Haberturk Magazine's HT Club programs.

Ümit Collection 2022 creations were introduced with the fashion show held at the Izmir Fair.

In the fashion show choreographed by Akif Örük, models including famous names such as Buse İskenderoğlu, Elif Ece Uzun and Wilma Elles all took to the podium with elegant designs.

İskenderoğlu was in a relationship with Turkish football player Oğulcan Engin, but these days she is single. İskenderoğlu is also very active on social media and she has more than 165,000 followers on Instagram.

Buse İskenderoğluModeling has always come first for me. I was in Miami a while ago, and I met with a couple of agencies there.

I have a dream to continue my career abroad in the coming years. Television Presenting is, of course, an area I also love.

I'm used to being in front of the camera. Maybe in the future I'll meet the audience with a show where I take care of everything myself.

People always say I am so positive. Well, on my latest shoot we had a great shot with a great team, so it's hard not to be positive.

I'm usually calm, I can't express it too much, I can't put it in, it's debatable how good it is. I'm gemini. That's why I experience the tidal mood that my sign brings a lot inside myself.

I have been asked about whether marraige is in my immediate future. I've never dreamed of marriage. If it's going to happen one day. Same with having kids.

Some people dream of being a mother even when they're little girls, but I've never had dreams like that. One day, of course, I'd like to be a mother, but right now, it's not my priority.

I'm only 24, and there's a lot of things I want to do. First I have to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground, then the rest will come.

Buse İskenderoğlu



Buse İskenderoğlu Buse İskenderoğlu Buse İskenderoğlu
Buse İskenderoğlu Buse İskenderoğlu Buse İskenderoğlu
Buse İskenderoğlu Buse İskenderoğlu Buse İskenderoğlu
Buse İskenderoğlu



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