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Adrasan, Antalya, Turkiye

Adrasan, TurkiyeIn the Antalya Province the resort of Adrasan in the Kumluca district, also known as Çavuşköy, is one of the most popular holiday resorts of Antalya.

Located 95 kilometers from Antalya and 4 kilometers from Kumluca, Adrasan is one of the hidden paradises of the Mediterranean. Surrounded by pine trees, with its untouched nature and azure bays, it is a calm and full resting place.

Move yourself away from the noise and chaos of Antalya, enjoy the smell of pine trees, Adrasan offers a slightly quirky, but peaceful holiday respite.

Like many places that have increased in popularity in recent years, Adrasan allows escape from crowds, but only if you go at the right time of year.

You can find that peace you are looking for amongst the pine trees that surround three sides of Adrasan Bay. Enjoy its azure waters in the view of Musa Mountain, as well as in its bays like aquariums - it's all there to be had in the magnificent nature and serenity of Adrasan.

Places to visit in Adrasan from Adrasan stream to fishing bay, from Yanartas to the Gelidonya Lighthouse. Boat tours where you can see Suluada and magnificent Adrasan bays such as Sazak Bay.

There are an abundance of Adrasan hotels, campsites and restaurants. However, before continuing the article, we would like to talk about a negative issue we see about Adrasan and one that makes us a little uncomfortable and even a little sad.

This issue is exactly related to Suluada, and if you ask us, the biggest problem at the beginning of Adrasan is Suluada. Boat tours here are very nice and people flock to them in numbers. With such a demand, the number of boats has increased significantly.

Adrasan, TurkiyeDue to the boats, the area to swim has become very restricted and the smell of diesel is noticeable. In addition, no matter how many precautions are taken, there is always the possibility of oil and bilge leaks.

Considering that there are over 100 boats in the place where there were 2 boats 10 years ago, if it goes on like this, there will be no place to swim in Adrasan in 3-4 years and it will only be a stop for boat tours in Suluada.

Even now, there are people from many parts of Antalya who come in the morning with buses just to join the tour and return in the evening.

In the meantime, Adrasan's name was changed to Çavuşköy, but this name was not accepted, but do not be surprised if you see it as Çavuşköy in some places.

Adrasan attractions sit near the Lycian Way Trail, but the vast majority of places to visit are not within walking distance. There are places in the immediate vicinity where you can easily reach by car. You can also join boat tours and see many beautiful places and wonderful bays.

Adrasan Bay has a very sheltered and natural harbor with its more than 2 kilometer long Adrasan Beach. On this 2-2.5 kilometer beach, there's a place where the sea deepens rapidly and there is also a shallow place.

In addition, while part of the beach is fine sand, some parts are stony. The southern end of the coast has fine sand and a shallow sea, as you move northwards, the stones on the beach increase and the sea deepens faster.

The central part, which is the most ideal for most, has a sand/stone mixed beach; but there are no stones sinking into your feet, nor fine sand sticking all over you. If you go to the north thoroughly, the beach is completely stony and deepens very quickly.

In Adrasan, the wind blows from the land to the sea, so the sea is very waveless and calm. In the meantime, the Adrasan sea is much more beautiful in the morning, and it is not bad in the afternoon, of course, but things change when you see it in the morning.

Adrasan, TurkiyeAdrasan Beach is a free beach, so you can say that it is a kind of public beach. There are also places where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, but they do not serve the entire beach.

There's not any problem in finding a place where you can open your own umbrella and sit comfortably within a short distance from the rental places.

There is also a shower, toilet and a changing cabin on Adrasan Beach. But, the water in the shower is ice cold, so some find it is necessary to run under it and back out very quickly.

Adrasan Creek is located in the Beydağları National Park - Adrasan Creek beautifies every place it passes before it pours into Adrasan Bay.

Especially the Adrasan hotels located by the creek have evaluated this area very nicely. They built bridges over the water and they also created seating areas with wooden terraces and have illuminated them quite nicely.

Of course, the fact that the Adrasan Creek flows through the trees has made the environment much more beautiful.

The sea in Adrasan is already clean, but if you are looking for a much cleaner place, we say stop by Balıkçı Bay, of course, do not forget to bring snorkeling gear with you.

You can see a variety of fish and it has really clear water which provides for very good visibility. The beach and the entrance to the sea are stony but after 2-3 meters it turns to fine sand.

Adrasan, TurkiyeIt is very easy to find a shaded area due to the fact that this area is heavily wooded. It is also more secluded than Adrasan Beach. Only between 15:00 and 17:00, tour boats flock to this area and the water becomes cloudy.

Fisherman's Bay is located on the far right side of the Adrasan coastline and can be reached on foot from the side of Ford Hotel.

You can come a certain distance by car, so you only have to walk a part of 200-300 meters. However, it is not a road worth driving by car, even if you are at the other end of the Adrasan coast, you can reach it on foot in 15-20 minutes at most.

Since Adrasan Bay is already a natural harbor, a separate pier where tour boats depart has not been built, and the places where the boats depart and the places where the sea is entered are separated by pontoons.

You don't need to look for tour boats - you will understand when you arrive. There are 3 different boat tours in Adrasan; at first comes the boat tour of Suluada, which is the most famous, then Porto Genoa, where you will see wonderful bays, and finally the evening tours, known as the moonlight tours.

Suluada, which is even more famous than Adrasan, is really a place worth seeing. For this reason, if you are going to participate in a single tour, it is much more logical to choose Suluada Boat Tour.

On this tour, the boat goes directly to Suluada and stops at different points of the island. The number of breaks may vary depending on the intensity of the season and the boat, but there are usually 3 or 4 breaks.

The first stop is at Suluada front beach, the next stop is the heart-shaped love cave. Other breaks are given at American Beach, Fener Bay and Kargicak Bay.

In Adrasan, all boats that make boat trips to Suluada have lunch and needless to say that they all have the same menu.

Adrasan, TurkiyePorto Genoese boat tour, also known as Bay Tour, is a tour where you can see the magnificent bays of Adrasan, although it is a bit overshadowed by Suluada.

With this tour, although it varies according to the boat, you'll see 4 or 5 bays. The most magnificent bay you will see on the Porto Genoese tour is Genoese Bay itself. There is also Sazak Bay, which is a very beautiful bay.

Other bays where you will see and have the chance to swim are Akseki Bay, Pirate Bay, Tuzla, Çoban Bay, Pırasalı Island and Fosforlu Cave.

Of course, there are small changes in the tours, but you can be sure that every place you will see will be more beautiful than the other.

Actually, it is not very accurate to call it a tour, but since the boats call it Moonlight Tour, to prevent confusion, I'll do the same. A boat trip in the evening, they don't go too far.

Gelidonya Lighthouse, which is the tallest lighthouse in Turkey with a height of 227 meters, is also known as the most important guide lighthouse in the Mediterranean.

Gelidonya Lighthouse, also known as Taşlıkburnu Lighthouse, can be reached in two different ways, one through Adrasan and the other via Karaöz.

But there is no transportation by car to the lighthouse, you have to walk both routes. The Adrasan route is located on the Lycian Way and is a 12 kilometer long path, so you need to be a little professional for this road.

The Karaöz route is much more comfortable; The road is asphalt until Karaöz, then the road deteriorates a little, but it is a road that can be reached by passenger car.

Adrasan, TurkiyeIf you try to walk from here, you have to walk 7-8 kilometers, so keep going. When you come to Pirate Bay, where the camping areas are located, there will be 5 kilometers left and the road will be a little more deteriorated.

Go on and you will notice that the road has deteriorated somewhere, there will already be parked vehicles at this point. If you stop here, the road you will walk is only about 3 kilometers, So if your vehicle is not too low to the ground or too valuable to you, continue.

We were able to go all the way to the beginning of the trail and the path we had to walk was reduced to 2 kilometers. Although it may not seem long, it is not an easy path; set off with a pair of shoes suitable for walking and plenty of water.

What makes Gelidonya Lighthouse so special for both local and foreign tourists, is of course the spectacular view it has. When you experience that view, you'll forget all the difficulties you encountered on the road.

In the meantime, it is a great privilege to wild camp at Gelidonya Lighthouse, to watch the sunset and sunrise from here, to wake up to this magnificent view.

But this isn't a place where everyone would be happy camping at, so don't make the mistake of seeing tents and camping here.

If you are a hardcore camper, we think that you will not worry about the water snake that lives in the water well or the scorpions that appear when it gets dark while drawing water from the well next to the lantern.

Adrasan Castle, also known as the Maiden's Castle, is now in ruins and you can only see what's left of its ruins. In fact, the purpose of those who go to Adrasan Castle is usually the view rather than seeing the castle.

Adrasan, TurkiyeIt has a really nice view but the road is a bit challenging. When you enter the road behind Likya Adrasan Hotel, you will see the sign, where you can leave your car and go up to Adrasan castle from the path.

Wooden stairs were built on the path leading to Adrasan Castle before, but now most of them are broken and useless.

The path is mostly more of a climb than a walk and really needs someone in great condition to really enjoy it . If you have not taken water with you or if you have flip-flops on your feet, drink a tea by the Adrasan Creek and come back because the walk to Adrasan Castle will make you quite unhappy.

Chimaera, which is an interesting beauty offered to all by nature, or Yanartaş as it is commonly called by locals in the country, is one of the places that should be visited not only in Adrasan but also wherever you come to in the area.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity - go but go in the evening in the dark to see the beautiful image of the flames coming out of the stones.

If you take a headlamp with you, you will not have to deal with the light from your cellphone, although there is also a chance to rent a lantern there, but the head lamp would definitely be more comfortable. Also do not go with flip-flops because you are climbing on the rocks and you can slip and fall in the dark.

Chimaera, which is said to have burned for thousands of years, has witnessed many legends in history, as you can imagine.

For example, the most common myth is Chimera; A monster that lives seven floors below the ground with a lion's head, goat body and snake tail, - these flames are his breathing.

It's a great legend, so in the past, when people saw the flame coming out of the rocks, they thought of this, but now they think of sausage.

Adrasan, TurkiyeYes, there are people who actually cook sausage on that fire, it's fat is everywhere and it smells of sausage, but do they care...? Nope.

Too many people can not do without cooking something in the flames. There are also those who criticize those who cook sausage and claim to be more aware - more conscious, and they take marshmallows and put those marshmallows in the holes where the fire comes out so that all the garbage they stuff in there burns.

Those who do this also think that they are doing something very clever and give you advice such as "if you go to Yanartaş, take sausage and marshmallow with you..." Why not bring an entire lamb you idiots? The damage they have done is not enough, so they send others to do even more harm.

It is not over, there is someone who pours water and extinguishes it by saying that it is not over, does not cook anything and will my bahim burn again. So many people have come to see Yanartaş, but someone spills the water to satisfy their curiosity. More idiots.

As a result, go and see, take your photo and marvel that this is a miracle, or you can collect the garbage around and get off the mountain safely. But, please do leave it just as you found it.

Olympos, one of the popular regions of Antalya and very close to Adrasan, is on the other side of Musa Mountain. The most important place you need to see here is the Ancient City of Olympos.

Entrance here is paid, but not very much - but if you are interested in ancient cities it takes 3 hours. Generally, the purpose of those who come here is not to visit the ancient city, but to go down to Olympos Beach.

Adrasan, TurkiyeThere is also transportation here from the Çıralı side, but it is easier for those who stay in Olympus to come through the ancient city.

Olympos Beach is a very stony beach, and the water seems very clear because the sea is also stony. At the same time, you feel that coldness in places while swimming here because fresh water mixes with the sea.

Çıralı was an agricultural village in southwest Turkey, in the Kemer district of Antalya Province, but has now focused on the tourism for its beach, the Chimera and the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos.

It is walking distance from the ancient ruins of Olympos and Chimaera permanent gas vents, located in the ancient Lycia region of Anatolia.

Çıralı is a very small rural village located just over an hour's drive southwest from Antalya. It has a 3.5 kilometer secluded beach. The ancient ruins of Olympos are located at the far end of its coast. A long hike up the mountains is required to reach the flames of the Chimaera.

Karaöz, who you will pass by on the way from Adrasan to Gelidonya Lighthouse, attracts your attention with his calmness. It's very surprising that there are still such calm places around Antalya.

If you're packing as much fun into your travels, it is useful to say that; Karaoz promises nothing but sea and calmness, so if you're looking for fun and excitement, it might not be a stopping point for you.

Sazak Bay - the Porto Genoese boat tour stops here but Sazak Bay has a road, but not a road that every vehicle can go, if you have a vehicle with off-road capacity, you can go by land and spend a longer time.

Adrasan, TurkiyeOn the way from Karaöz to Gelidonya Lighthouse, you will see a place where campsites are concentrated, Pirate Bay is located right here.

The number of campsites here is far too many, Pirate Bay is not a big bay, but almost like a pool of rocks. When it is crowded, there is no place to swim in the bay.

Therefore, it is useful to go in the morning when no one is there; You can make a nice start to the day in its immaculate and turquoise water.

Actually, Adrasan is not that big a place, but when you look at where to stay in Adrasan, you can find a lot of alternatives.

Of course, if you are looking for luxury resorts with all-inclusive concepts, it is not possible to find them here, in this case, Adrasan is not the right place, You need to visit other parts of Antalya.

The best part about vacationing in a small place like Adrasan is that wherever you stay, you don't get too far from the sea, in fact, most of the hotels and campsites are almost by the sea.

There is a road with parking in between Adrasan Beach. Even the farthest places are within walking distance of the sea, so you don't have to worry about the location when deciding where to stay.

If you are looking for a luxury hotel to stay in Adrasan, you can choose Changa Hotel, Likya Adrasan Hotel. Atici Hotel if you are looking for a slightly more affordable hotel.

The number of hotels in Adrasan is high, so the number of places to eat increases considerably when normal restaurants and cafes are added. You will not have difficulty in finding a place to eat in Adrasan and you can find restaurants offering almost every cuisine you are looking for.

Adrasan, TurkiyeMost of the restaurants in the hotels in Adrasan also offer outside dining. Adrasan River Hotel's restaurant also serves the outside under the name of Arikanda River Garden Restaurant.

Their table above the water is quite enjoyable and the menu is very diverse. Of course, when the menu is so diverse, the flavors drop a little, but in general, you could say that the food is above average.

A little further away is Paradise Cafe, the same concept of tables as those on the water affords a nice cool ambiance on the water. It is the restaurant which serves the Paradise Hotel.

There is something that applies not only to Adrasan but also to the whole of Antalya and even the entire Mediterranean region - definitely July and August get very hot and crowded. If you go outside of these months, at least you will not regret it, but if you want to fully enjoy it, the best time to go to Adrasan is May and June, September and October.

Adrasan is a village in the District of Kumluca, Antalya Province, Turkey. Although the fact that it is connected to Antalya makes you think that it is very close, the distance between Adrasan and Antalya is about 90 km.

Even those who come on holiday are not interested in Adrasan center, but more so in Adrasan Bay, 5 kilometers from the center. In other words, the distance between Antalya and Adrasan Bay is actually 95 kilometers.

Due to the long distance between Antalya and Adrasan, it is thought that transportation by bus could be difficult. But it's not as hard as it seems; First of all, you need to come to the Antalya Otogar station by bus, there are minibuses that go directly to Adrasan Bay from the districts terminal in Antalya.

Adrasan, TurkiyeThe distance between Antalya airport and Adrasan Bay is about 110 kilometers and unfortunately there is no chance of direct transportation.

The easiest method is to rent a car or take a taxi to Antalya bus station first and then you can reach Adrasan Bay by minibuses. The distance between Antalya airport and the bus station is not very long - a distance of 17-18 kilometers.

When coming to Adrasan by private car, whether you come from the direction of Kemer or from the direction of Kaş, you will first come to Kumluca.

Already after coming to Kumluca, you will see the Adrasan signs. After Kumluca, the road is a bit twisty and there are ramp descents. It is not a difficult road for the vehicle, but if you are coming with a towing caravan, it is useful to take this under advisement.

Don't sweat though, there are people who come with all kinds of caravans, so we're not saying you can't go, but if your caravan is big or your car doesn't pull well, pay attention.

The thing that surprised me the most was the number of Adrasan Camp areas. This is not an exaggeration, there is a large number of campsites and the vast majority of them are very close to the sea.

Adrasan campsites and hotels are side by side and you are not far from anything. The vast majority of campsites are suitable for tent camping, but they also take caravans, but they usually corner them on the sidelines.

In the region, where the sea water temperature is high and the holiday season is long, the sea, especially clear and with an underwater visibility of close to 29 meters, creates sufficient conditions for fishermen and underwater photographers.

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