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Cansu Tosun

Cansu TosunCansu Tosun, born on January 26th 1988 in Nuremberg, Germany is a Turkish actress who moved from Nuremberg to Istanbul to pursue an acting career.

Her parents are of Kayseri origin - her mother was only 16 years old and her father 22 years old when they immigrated to Germany.

Her father runs the post office in Nuremberg and her mother works in a store. Tosun has a male twin brother named Fırat.

Starting at the very young age of four, she began modelling for various German brand advertisements.

After studying ballet at the German Opera for fifteen years, she shifted her focus to Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Modern Dance.

She graduated from Commerce School in Germany and her desire to combine her studies with an acting education led her to move to Istanbul in 2010.

This was when she started taking classes from the 'BKM Mutfak' team led by director Yilmaz Erdogan.

Among other things, she attended the Meisner workshop by Mike Bernardin (The Space) and Ivanna Chubbuck in Istanbul. She also took lessons from Cag Caliskur and the "35 Bucuk Akademi".

Cansu Tosun met her manager Şebnem Özberk while in Germany and later when she moved to Turkey she settled down in her managers hometown of Istanbul with her dream of acting.

Cansu Tosun

Tosun then furthered her acting education at the 3rd Mota School, where she took classes from Ümit Çırak.

She started her acting career in 2011 with the TV show Kucuk Hanimefendi on TRT 1. Later, she furthered her success and her public visibility with her portrayal of the character 'Zehra' in the TV show Kayip Sehir (English: Lost Cities) which aired on Kanal D.

Unfortunately, the socio-critical series was canceled for political reasons after thirty-six weeks - Cansu played a Kurdish girl who had to emigrate because of the war to Istanbul.

In 2013, she took on the role of 'Aysen' in the hit TV show; Bugunun Saraylisi, which was adapted from the Refik Halit Karay novel carrying the same title.

With this role, Tosun was recognized as one of the best young actresses in Turkish TV.

She made her first movie Iksir: Dedemin Sirri in 2014 with co-star Keremcem.

She caught the eyes of many once again with her role of 'Zumrut', in the TV show Goc Zamani, in which she acted opposite legendary actress Vahide Percin.

After that she was cast again for numerous productions for television. Most recently, she starred as the character 'Hare Bilgiç' in FOX Turkey's Familya series.

Cansu Tosun

In the series the life of the Beyoğlu family suddenly changes with İlhan Mansız's golden goal in the 2002 World Cup.

While living the happiest day for Turkey, the Beyoğlu households are suffering. She aslo starred as and 'Bahar' in the series Bir Deli Sevda (English: A Crazy Love).

Bahar lives with her mother Nermin (Esra Kızıldoğan) in Telli Kavak, one of the suburbs of Istanbul. Knowing that her father Cengiz (Erdinç Gülener) died, Bahar's only purpose is to provide a better life to her sick mother.

Ignoring her friend Kemal's (Cankat Aydos) love for her, Bahar falls in love with Mehmet (Erkan Kolçak Köstendil) who comes across in an unexpected moment.

Finding herself in a crazy love with the introduction of Mehmet's life Bahar's life will be turned upside down with the secrets she learned.

Cansu Tosun recently worked with director Sonia Nassery Cole in her upcoming movie I Am You. She played the main character - an Afghan girl whose dream is to win a big dance contest in Afghanistan - because for her, dancing equals freedom. The film is in post production and will be released in 2018.

I Am You is inspired by the story of a refugee, the horrendous conditions before his heroic journey, the heartbreaking indifference confronting him along the way, and the uplifting power and humanity found in hope, truth and justice.

"I like to live strong - strong traveling, strong food to working strong. I never say I'm sick. It's beautiful to live and we need to enjoy the power to live - Sultan Tepe.

Cansu Tosun

In her spare time, Cansu likes to watch European films, she loves movement and spends a lot of time in yoga and in the dance studio.

Fortunately, another passion is travel, because currently she commutes a lot between Hamburg, Istanbul and Amsterdam. A true cosmopolitan with irrepressible energy and even more love for her job.

Cansu Tosun was cast in an international project called Anna, a new movie written and directed by world-famous French filmmaker Luc Besson. Anna will be released sometime during the year in 2018.

It is a $30 million budgeted crime thriller in which she played a spy together with Cillian Murphy, Luke Evans and Helen Mirren.

"Luc Besson watched her promotional videos and contacted my agency. I went to Paris, completed the film and returned home. It was a unique experience for me." said Cansu.

In another series she played the role of Fatma, a journalist who just arrived home after a long journey of finding herself.

She has many plans to make her hometown a better place and also will unfold many mysteries that the town and it's people share.

Ismaıl Hacioglu, Cansu Tosun and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz are starring in TRT 1's Mehmetçik Kutlu Zafer.

Cansu Tosun

The set for the series is not calling on Hollywood, but using 180 acres of land on the street 60 on the Riva in Istanbul to film the series.

With castles, mosques, hospitals, houses, bazaars, inns, barracks built in Kut on the largest plateau created by the Tigris River in Turkey.

Under the city, a 1.40 meter in diameter and 1 kilometer long tunnel was excavated and in this underground tunnel numerous 10-meter cell type tunnel rooms were created.

They were 1.80 meters tall, 2 meters wide and 2 kilometers in length for the filming of battle scenes.

Tents the same length of the trenches were created - 350 tents were produced in a short period.

Also there were thousands of costumes fabricated using 150 thousand meters of fabric and leather.

Mehmetçik Kutlu Zafer (English: Merciless Victory ) will be one of the most talked about series of the season on Turkish television.

Cansu Tosun

The legendary story of Mehmet and his friends in the Ottoman state prepared for the First World War, the only dream is the resurrection and liberation of the state, and there is nothing more than a love of motherland in the heart.

Mehmetçik Kutlu Zafer

Production: Bozdag Films

Producer: Mehmet Bozdağ

Project Design: Mehmet Bozdağ

Director: Kamil Aydın

Screenplay: Mehmet Bozdag, Uhud Tekin, Yesim Aslan

Starring: İsmail Hacıoğlu, Cansu Tosun, İsmail Ege Şaşmaz, Ogün Kaptanoğlu, Berk Erçer, Özgü Kaya, Dilşad Çelebi, İsmail Hakkı, Semih Ertürk, Cansu Fırıncı, Tansu Taşanlar, Fatih Dönmez, Emre Narcı, Yiğit Uçan, Burak Alp Yenilmez, Atakan Half - World, Gökhan Karacık, Yıldırım Gücük, Hakan Örge, Mehmet Çevik and Hakan Vanlı.

Cansu Tosun

In 2018 Cansu Tosun was married to Erkan Kolçak Köstendil and when seen in Teşvikiye the day before her wedding a reporter looked at her finger which had on a simple ring instead of a diamond.

The famous actress told a reporter: "I have no time at the moment. A taxi is waiting - let's talk later", and she did not answer any of his questions.

Popular actors Cansu Tosun and Erkan Kolçak Köstendil were married in a festival-style wedding ceremony held in Antalya Adrasan Olympos in January of 2018.

Tosun and Köstendil transformed their happiest day into a festival-style ceremony to immortalize the special day for themselves and their guests.

They wanted it to be a wedding that everyone would enjoy and also remember for its special character

The couple hosted their guests from Istanbul, the Netherlands and Germany for two days at Adrasan-Olympos. The guests first attended the henna night of Cansu Tosun on Friday evening.

The two-day wedding festival was attended by famous names like Gökçe Bahadır, Ceyda Düvenci-Bülent Şakrak, Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu and Şebnem Bozoklu.

Cansu Tosun

Cansu Tosun had taken an ill relative to the hospital in Antalya where Factory techno music was playing in the gym next door to the hospital and reached loudly into the intensive care unit where seriously ill patients were.

Tosun informed the authorities of her complaint, but did not get any resolution from them, so she decided to mention the situation on Twitter.

"Antalya Medical Park Hospital and their staff did not change anything despite the repeated warnings. Playing this kind of music near the intensive care rooms of patients is causing further deterioration of their conditions. We wanted for them to make an immediate change."






Sinema ve TV Dizileri
Year Film Role Notes
2011-2012 Küçük Hanımefendi Neriman Başrol Oyuncusu/TV Dizisi
2012-2013 Kayıp Şehir Zehra Başrol Oyuncusu/TV Dizisi
2013-2014 Bugünün Saraylısı Ayşen Yılmaz Başrol Oyuncusu/TV Dizisi
2013 İksir Buse Başrol Oyuncusu/Sinema Filmi
2016 Göç Zamanı Zümrüt Yardımcı Karakter/TV Dizisi
2016 Familya Hare Bilgiç Yardımcı Karakter/TV Dizisi


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