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Selma Ergeç

Selma ErgeçSelma Ergeç, born on November 1, 1978 in Hamm, Germany, is a Turkish-German actress, beauty pageant titleholder, model, designer, philologist, psychologist and doctor. She studied medicine at the Westfaelische-Wilhems Universitaet Münster for three years and psychology and philosophy at the FernUniversität Hagen. Ergeç is the first child of a Turkish father and a German mother. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a nurse. She started modelling in 2000. She has been a professional actress since 2001 and has acted as Uğur Polat's wife in Sis ve Gece, as the teacher in Beş Vakit and as the Hatice Sultan in Muhteşem Yüzyıl. Her interests include painting, fashion design, modern and jazz dancing, horseback riding, Taekwondo, Fencing and Diving. She plays the violin as well as speaking German, Turkish and French fluently. Selma can also speak Italian, but with less proficiency than the other languages. Selma has brown hair and eyes and stands 1.78 meters tall.

After 6 years of school, she came to Turkey and worked as an intern in Adana. Ergec wanted to take a break for a while after her period of internship training of one year and received permission from the school telling one of the doctors:

"Yes doctor, I have to save the world, but first I want to be an actor..."

Selma ErgeçShe joined an agency and began modeling and did an Emre Altug music video. She had made the decision to discontinue medicine and in 2002 enrolled at Fernuniversitaet Hagen where she studied psychology and philosophy. In 2003, she met the famous theater and TV series actor Alia Uznunatağan and eventually she began to take acting lessons over a period at the Mujdat Wandering Art Center. In addition, she studied drama in England. Empowered by a visit to New York in 2004 and she did a 360 in Istanbul, working as a stylist at Soul Star clothing. But then a few years later Selma Ergeç starred in two films in 2006.

Times and Winds (Turkish: Beş Vakit) is a 2006 Turkish drama film directed and written by Reha Erdem. The film premiered in the United States on January 11, 2008. It won the Best Turkish Film of the Year Award at the Istanbul International Film Festival. The film is set in a small village in the mountains overlooking the sea the people struggle to survive on a daily basis. Their lives, like those of their ancestors, follow the rhythms of the earth, air and water, of day and night and the seasons, with days divided into five parts by the call to prayer. Childhood is difficult and a father typically has a preference of one son over the other. Ömer, the son of the Imam, is such a victim of his father's dislike and he wishes for the death of his father. When his wish is not granted he begins to look for ways to kill him as a twelve-year-old boy might think of with his friend Yakup. Yakup seeing his father sexually interested in his teacher, played by Ergec, also develops a hatred of his father in the same way and as the children grow up they are riddled between guilt and love and hate for their fathers.

Selma ErgeçThe Voice (Turkish: Ses) is a 2010 Turkish horror film, directed by Ümit Ünal, about a young woman who begins to hear a strange voice whispering to her. The film opened on nationwide general release across Turkey on March 5, 2010. Director Ümit Ünal explained his surprise decision to collaborate with film-critic and novelist Uygar Şirin on this film by stating that, “The script is the best I’ve seen.” The film was shot on location in Istanbul, Turkey. Derya (Selma Ergeç) works in a bank's call center to support her elderly mother. One day her life is suddenly turned upside down as she begins to hear a strange voice whispering to her. The source of the voice is a mystery and it tells her things and facts no-one else would know. Word gets out, and many in the community start to believe she is receiving messages from the divine. But soon the voice starts to become louder and louder, its tone becomes more and more threatening and Derya’s life starts spiraling into a nightmare.

The Net 2.0 is a 2006 direct-to-video film written by Rob Cowan and directed by Charles Winkler. It is a sequel to the 1995 film The Net directed by his father Irwin Winkler but has a separate plot. In the film, Hope Cassidy, played by Nikki DeLoach, is a young computer systems analyst who travels to Istanbul for a job. While on her flight to Istanbul, she meets an airline hostess, and then a taxi driver upon her arrival to the city. She soon discovers that her passport is no longer valid, and the new one issued by the American consulate contains the wrong name. She learns that her identity has been stolen, and that certain people are out to kill her. The cast aside from Selma Ergeç includes, Nikki DeLoach as Hope Cassidy, Şebnem Dönmez as Roxelana, Demet Akbag as Dr. Kavak, Keegan Connor Tracy as Z.Z., Neil Hopkins as James Haven.

Selma ErgeçSelma Ergeç is a member of the cast of Muhteşem Yüzyıl (English: Magnificent Century) - a Turkish prime time historical soap opera television series. It was originally broadcast on Show TV and then transferred to Star TV for its second season. It is based on the life of Süleyman I - also known as Suleiman the Magnificent, the longest reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

At age twenty-six, when his reign began, Sultan Süleyman sought to build an empire more powerful and more extensive than Alexander The Great and to render the Ottomans invincible. Throughout his 46-year reign, his fame as both the greatest warrior and ruler of his age spread both East and West. The "Magnificent Century" refers to the period of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent's reign, dramatizing the intrigues of his harem and court. Most of the incidents and action are based on fictional stories of the Ottomans, especially of Sultan Suleiman and his harem. The young Süleyman receives news of his father's death and ascension to the sultanete during a hunting party in 1520. In haste to reach the capital he leaves his consort Mahidevran and their son, little prince Mustafa, at his palace in Manisa, he takes the road to Topkapı Palace in İstanbul accompanied by his close friend and favorite Pargalı İbrahim. At the same time another ship sails from the Crimea across the Black Sea, bringing Christian girls as gifts to the Ottoman palace. On this ship Anastasia Lisovskaja, daughter of a Ukrainian Orthodox priest, is making a very different journey. Kidnapped by Crimean Tartar raiders, after seeing her father, mother, little sister and fiance killed she rebels against her slavery at every opportunity. Nonetheless she is destined to captivate Sultan Süleyman, rising from palace slave to sultan's favorite until Süleyman takes the nearly unprecedented step of making her his wife. She will bear his sons and rule his empire with him through bloodshed and intrigue, becoming famous throughout the Ottoman empire as Hürrem ("Cheerful") Sultan, and as "Roksolana" in the West.

Selma ErgeçThe television series shows Süleyman's consolidation of his power: executing a corrupt vazir, reenforcing the rule of law throughout the empire, meeting foreign diplomats, and preparing for military campaigns. But the main focus is on the relationships between the members of the imperial household, especially romantic entanglements and rivalries. The animosity between Hürrem and Mahidevran and the role of Hafsa Sultan, the valide sultan; Hürrem's rise as Süleyman's favorite while pregnant with his son, her fall from favor after her son's birth and her eventual return to grace; Pargalı İbrahim's entanglement with the Sultan's sister; all set against the backdrop of the tension between Christian Europe and the Ottoman Empire. Selma Ergeç played the role of Hatice Sultan, who is Sultan Süleyman's sister. The show generated controversy and complaints from some viewers, for what they referred to as a "disrespectful", "indecent" and "hedonistic" portrayal of the historical sultan. Turkey's Radio and Television Supreme Council, known as RTÜK, claimed they had received over 70,000 complaints about the show and warned Show TV to publicly apologise for wrongly exposing "the privacy of a historical person". The Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan condemned the show as "an effort to show our history in a negative light to the younger generations." Small groups of Islamists and Nationalists protested the studio but the show remains popular with viewers, with consistently high ratings.


Year Film Role Notes
2010 Ses Derya
2007 Sis ve gece Mine
2006 Beş vakit The teacher
2006 The Net 2.0 Hotel Receptionist


Year Film Role Notes
2011 Muhteşem Yüzyıl Hatice Sultan Mainly Role
2010 Kalp Ağrısı Azize 14 Episodes
2007–2009 Asi Defne Kozcuoğlu 71 Episodes
2005 Şöhret Natalie Unknown Episodes
2005 Körfez ateşi Mini series
2005 Yarım elma Ayça Mini series


Selma Ergeç Backstage


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