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Selin Şekerci

Selin ŞekerciSelin Şekerci, born on June 1st, 1989 in Karşıyaka, Izmir, Turkey is a popular actress in her country - she has more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 350,000 followers on Twitter.

The daughter of an Arab father and Azeri mother, she grew up in Bornova, Turkey. She completed her primary, secondary and high school education in İzmir and received ballet training until she was 8 years old.

Her parents were divorced when she was 5 years old but with her mother's insistence and help she went on to get her ballet education.

She first played in children's plays in a private theater in Izmir and later graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University in the Department of Cinema-Television.

When she first came to Istanbul, she played in numerous commercials for companies such as Tariş Olive Oil, Turkcell, Cellocan and Panda among others.

Then in 2006, at the age of 18 she had moved to Istanbul where she began her acting experience with Sağır Oda ini (English: The Room of the Right) directed by Onur Tan and the series Sağır (Angels).

She played in many TV series. After acting Melekler Korusun as Özgür, she started to become popular.

Selin ŞekerciShe played leading actor in the Kaçak Gelinler and became known in social media for the Şebnem Gürsoy character in the show. At the same time, he starred in the series alongside Deniz Baysal.

In 2007, she starred in the television series 'Kavak Yelleri' and broke into the spotlight.

However, her role was short and she made her debut in 2008 with asıl Bless the Angels.

Selin Sekerci is affiliated with the Magic Key Agency in Istanbul - is 1.68 tall and weighs 57 kilos.

In 2008, She and Özge Özpirinçci, Rojda Demirer, Hümeyra and Avni Yalçın took part in the series "Melekler Korusun".

Adapted from Necati Cumalı's story of the same name written by Necati Cumalı in 1969, Ayça Bingöl, Hazal Kaya and Fırat Çelik performed in the series with the motion picture director Şerif Gören.

In 2012, together with Mert Oner, they made a program called "I Do" for TRT School and also she starred in the series "I'm Sorry".

In 2012, she appeared in a Turkish film called I Can't Sleep. She won the character Irmak in The series Heise For Me, directed by Mahsun Kirmizigul.

Selin ŞekerciSelin Şekerci, who won a big fan base with her character Şebnem in canlandır Kaçak Gelinler h series, played Zühre in k Çoban Yıldızı büyük series on Fox TV screens.

In 2014, she starred in the series "Runaway Brides" starring Deniz Baysal, Açelya Topaloğlu, Selin Şekerci, Furkan Andıç and Fırat Albayram.

The other players in the series were Şenay Gürler, Ege Aydan, Fırat Altunmeşe, Cihan Yenici, Romina Özipekçi and Tuğçe Kıltaç.

On New Year's Eve in 2014, connecting with the "One Voice Turkey" Christmas Special program 'Feeling Good' she sang a song called Ebru Gündeş and was included in the cast.

Actress Selin Şekerci said her friends during her childhood had made fun of her because of her big eyes.

Zeynep Özek'in MBC4 channel prepared for the 'Turki Extra' series of interviews with actress Selin Sekerci was published. Şekerç described the 'Bless Angels' set as being a lot of fun and funny, while her peers were friends and the directors were young and the only moving scenarios were tired.

'Smoke Brides' series since a long time Şebnem had, according to the character, a habit of changing her hair in pink, purple and blue color in some places, she said.

Selin ŞekerciSelin Sekerci said, "I am a little bit better at the drama. I want to show it." Describing her past co-stars Ozge Ozpirincci and Rojda Demirer as great luck for her, Selin Sekerci evaluated Kadir Inanir for his starring role in the ' Izmir Gang' series .

"I'm too much of a BIG EYES. I attracted attention with my big eyes - I was a fan of filmmaker Tim Burton" she said the following:

"Everybody called me when I saw the animated movie Big Eyes while I was in high school. She said her schoolmates during her childhood had always made fun of her because of her big eyes".

Şekerci, who went on trial for "Insulting a public official", was initially sentenced to be imprisoned for 4 years and 4 months.

Şekerci, went before the court and stated that she was an actor during the identification process, and that she was not currently working and had no fixed income. She further stated that there was nothing she wanted to add.

Nail Gönenli, the lawyer of Şekerci, said: "Each tweet Şekerci posted should be evaluated in-house. Some of these are retweets that are not written by herself."

"The spiritual elements of the crime of insulting a public official had not taken place."

"My client has not acted with a criminal intent. We demand that the situation of the defendant, who is here in good faith and who is regretful due to the incident, should be taken into consideration."

Selin Şekerci"We want to take into account the fact that the action is a criminal complaint because of the fact that this took place in the period when he was not the President - and that the President had also withdrawn his complaint."

The judge postponed the hearing, stating that he would review the file for the decision. The case was later dropped.

In 2016, Selin Şekerci published an apology message for the Twitter posting to President Erdoğan's wife Emine Erdoğan. She told her that "the subject tweet belongs to me."

"I may have been misunderstood due to my inexperience. I did not target Emine Erdogan in my tweet."

"I apologize to Emine Erdoğan because of the misunderstanding of my tweet."

In 2017 the Star of Shepherd television series cast Selin in the role of Zühre Filiz. Produced by Most Production, the series was shot in Ürgüp, Nevşehir.

In addition to Şükrü Özyıldız and Şekerci, the cast includes Selim Bayraktar, Menderes Samancılar, Serhat Özcan and Feyza Işık.

A FOX television production, it is a love story in begun in Cappadocia and moved to Istanbul.

Zühre is a rebellious, beautiful and innocent girl. But her beauty does not give her happiness. Zühre has worked with her mother in the fields and weaving carpets in Niğde.

Selin ŞekerciShe refuses to accept her father's arrainged marriage to someone she does not want, and she will not accept the life drawn out for her.

In all this chaos, Fikret's passion for revenge, Zekkar's crazy love, the pressure of the family standing in the face of matters of the heart bring tensions to the story.

Selin Şekerci's series and films include:

2005 - Bayfire (TV Series)
2006 - Deaf Room (TV Series)
2007 - Kavak Yelleri (Feyza) (TV Series)
2009-2010 - Melekler Korusun (Ozgur) (TV Series)
2011 - The Moon Growing Up (Leyla) (Cinema Filmi)
2011 - Canım Abi
2011 - 2012 - Leyla ile Mecnun (Sekerpare) (TV Series)
2011 - Izmir Gang (Mira) (TV Series)
2012/2014 - Don't Worry About Me (TV Series)
2014 - Fugitive Brides ( TV Series) Sebnem)
2015-2016 - Bitter Love (Sude) (TV Series)
2015 - Left Banner (Nurse) (Motion Picture)
2016 - Colorful (Color) (TV Series)
2016 - Avoid Draw (Color emotion) (TV Series)
2017 - Black and White Love (Ayhan Dağıstanlı) (TV Series)
2017 - Star of Shepherd (Zühre Filiz) (TV Series)
2018 - My Dear My Neighbor (Motion Picture)
2018 - My Girl (TV Series)

Selin Şekerci






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