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Songül Öden

Songül ÖdenSongül Öden was born on February 17th, 1979 in Diyarbakir, Turkey. She is an actress, known for Sour Apples, Bitter Love, and Underground. Not only is she quite beautiful, but is even more so because she is also a highly intelligent, thoughtful and outspoken womens advocate.

Songül has been acting on television since 1999 when she did a TV series entitled Ferhunde Hanımlar. After that, she acted in five other TV series Vasiyet (2001), Havada Bulut (2002), Gümüş (2005–2007), Vazgeç Gönlüm (2008) and Mükemmel Çift (2010).

In 2005, Öden landed the title role in the series "Gümüş" ("Silver") where she acted side by side with Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ. The series lasted for 2 and a half years.

"Acı Aşk" ("Bitter Love") was her film in which she co-starred with Halit Ergenç, Cansu Dere and Ezgi Asaroğlu - it was her first-ever cinematic performance and was released on December 18th, 2009.

Öden returned to television in 2011 with the series Umutsuz Ev Kadınları.

She has not only become one of Turkey's most popular actresses, but has a big following in the Middle East and the Balkans.

Songül Öden, against her fans this time with a movie Seren Yüce. Öden, whom we met on the occasion of 'Nilüfer on the Wind', said: iyle

Songül Öden"The increase in the amount of violence is the biggest problem of this age. With every new event, we find ourselves asking what a person can do that could be worse than this. It seems as though we're living the Middle Ages again."

"Although people have everything, they cannot be happy, they want to produce something, but they do not know what to do for a woman. But is this the country of a man who kicked the woman he saw on the bus just because she was wearing shorts?"

"This is the biggest problem in this age. It's not just about men and women. In every event we find ourselves asking what a person can do to a human being worse than that?"

"We're living back in the middle ages. We've become accustomed to children's corpses washing up on the shore, the sale of women by auction, the constant changing of borders on maps, and leaders who act as if they were the most important individuals on earth."

"In every case, it almost freezes our human blood - we are horrified. We've been talking together and crying for a while until the tip of my eyelashes are always wet."

"We express our reactions on social media, then attend meetings in one or two places, but we get used to it in time when we look at any news. It's horrible to witness."

"How I feel when I saw the news about the violence against the women for wearing shorts on the bus?" "Great anger". Öden laughs and says: "I'll kick him in the mouth!" I shouldn't need to put my reaction onto Twitter - I have to trust justice."

Songül Öden"I mean, that violence shouldn't make me feel a sense of violence. Justice must intervene with precision measures - but this is not the case. For example: Hrant Dink is murdered, and the people behind it must be able to get justice behind the scenes.

But justice is something everybody needs. I don't want to be assaulted in public, I don't want to kill anyone, I just don't want women to be subjected to this type of violence."

They say "would that be happening if you were wearing a headscarf?" - "But even if it's a headscarf, it's a woman with shorts, why is she being subjected to this violence in the first place? What are you asking for? We haven't split up enough? Is it a supporter of that team? ...that ethnic group? ...that other religion...?"

"I ask myself what kind of a role does the artist have in this violent environment? Can things be done through the arts?"

"Contrary to popular belief it is not something to fear, but to the contrary, it has a healing side. Television, the most powerful tool in the modern world enters everyone's home. So there is a lot of work to be done in the media sector - certainly more elaborate projects should be done."

"Divorces in Iraq have doubled compared to back in 2004. Women in difficult situations are less fearful and sociologists argue that this is the beginning of coming changes."

"We thought we were doing a modest 'soap opera' with Silver. We were quite surprised to see so much attention given it abroad. I noticed the seriousness of this situation in New York City. There are people from 72 nationalities living there. People have come there from Albania, Bulgaria and Egypt and many other countries."

Songül Öden"Being famous is a very heavy burden if it is not made useful. By referring to it, I mean it should be used to raise awareness of any issue impacting society."

"Together with Azra Akın, we are working on violence against women with the United Nations Population Fund. I'm trying to address every woman's questions on women's rights. But I'm aware that we need to do more."

“We are not alone; able women who are famous and affluent. Beren Saat's harassment and Songül Öden's methods of coping with a difficult divorce can inspire them."

"We all have great breaches in our souls. We are depressed because our soul is not satisfied. Everybody talks about not being in love. But love requires labor. But you can deepen as you love. We share the thoughts of Mevlana on social media, but keep away from our own hearts."

"The film tells it like it is; people sitting in beautiful houses, driving expensive cars, learning foreign languages, arranging piano lessons for their children, eating salads in the name of a healthy diet and people going to sports events - but they have a void in their lives and they cannot find what it is that it can be filled with."

"On the other hand it was understood that there was no special blessing to have money. Why are so many antidepressants used? Why is there little or no love? Why are there needs for deep-breathing therapies?"

Songül Öden"It is because we are primitively modernized. In an age where you can find almost anything by asking Google, you can't find the contents of your heart. We're all hypermetropic. We see others very well, but we do not see ourselves. This is why we're always stumbling."

"Women are forced into competing with each other in this modern age. With those shorts, she's wearing a headscarf, she's beautiful, she's nicer, has cellulite. Even when a man is old, he has the right to carry weight, but she is treated as though she had an 'expiration date'."

I grew up in a multiracial family with five sisters - it was a little Mediterranean, a lot of Eastern, it was a warm, lively home.

My mother raised us alone. She the hero in my story - actually, I don't believe in heroes, but from a subjective point of view, I see her as my hero. We learned to read and write while I was in elementary school. She made us all read. I'm the one who was able to relate very quickly to my uncle. Looks like I don't look like my mother, but we're so much the same. It's me who gives me the ability to understand and love the other.

My mother was Zaza and we grew up in the Armenian quarter of Diyarbakır. In a place where the Turks, the Kurds, and the Armenians, they were all living and loving. Sometimes they say to people, ket Why did you make it when something happened to her, and why didn't you take that? Buna She doesn't have anything for me, I have a hometown!

Would you go to Diyarbakir as a child?

I'd go to Diyarbakir as a child with my family during the summer holidays. My uncle lived in a nine-room house with a huge courtyard. That house bewitched me. Now I don't know how it is.

Songül ÖdenI remember the Diyarbakir of that time - It was hot. It was very hot. Just like people. Seven, non-judgmental - very funny. When I was in the State Theater, I also worked in Trabzon. Even though they are on two separate ends, I'm very similar to the two people of the region, very entertaining.

My mother raised all her children by herself, right? - my dad and mom split and my father left, but not one we would say was bad. A father who wasn't very responsible for his children, but a good person.

What kind of figure was your mother? - Very strong. She was a housewife. When I started primary school, my mother learned to read and write with the literacy campaign.

Two days per week she devoted her life to our education and we all learned to read. Somehow it was hard and normative. It was also very funny. And his comicness was from her purity. I took advantage of her in 'Hopeless Housewives'. 'my character in the Serçe Palace looks a bit like my mother.

If one looks at the female players in your era; Beren Saat, Tuba Büyüküstün, Bergüzar Korel - all very talented, very successful, very beautiful. But you're a little overwhelmed. You've been keeping a distance from fame. Okay, don't you ever get involved in scandals, but doesn't a man ever want to do something special to the stars?

"I don't know. But if I think about it, yeah, I did not grow up on fame. Most of the time I remember when someone came to me I didn't have a strategy like looking just right. I live just like I am and I'm actually shy."

Songül Öden"I don't like to be considered, I just like being watched on stage. Plus it is also very easy to reach us now . Something you share in good faith on social media can turn into a fight. We may be able to treat ourselves with this instinct."

"I sleep at seven if I sleep. I have cats, they are waking. I am doing sports. I'm writing a very systematic story. I'm reading. I spend a lot of time with my friends, my sister and my niece. I really like traveling.

Many journalists find it hard to interview someone who doesn't like to talk about herself . But Songül Öden is an exception. Because there are many interesting things to tell about outside of her character and life.

Songul Oden has taken on a dangerous role to shed light on the sensitive issue of prostitutes in Turkey. Songul plays 'Louloua', in a theater play entitled "Al Nisaa" or The Women. She is a young woman who is pressured into becoming a prostitute after her boyfriend takes advantage of her and throws her out in the street.

She lives in fear, worried that she might be killed by her family. What a life! She then falls in love with "Barlak", yet the couple find it hard to solve their problems and find it difficult to live a decent life.

Songul isn't a stranger to theater as she studied acting and majored in theatrical Arts and worked in The International Theater. She loves the theater, it has always been her dream to perform on stage, even if she's found success in movies and TV series.

Songül ÖdenOden, who was away for a long while, said that she misses her Turkish and Arabic fans and said she will be returning soon to their homes through a new TV romantic drama.

She also spoke about her success in the Arab world and said that she believes her spontaneity and simplicity are behind reaching to the hearts of the Arabic fans.

You're like a princess in the Middle East and Arab countries. - They like it. They want the person they like to be their relative, wife, brother. I guess that's how they show their love and they're very sincere.

Am I a Middle Eastern type? - Sometimes you communicate with the audience, you're just a worlder for them. I think they found the characters I portrayed as being real. Then they linked it to me and saw that I was close to them.

On the other hand, Oden is prepping to shoot her first Egyptian drama entitled "Taht Al Ard" (Underground) with Amir Karara.

A graduate of the Department of Acting, Department of Theater at Ankara University, Faculty of Theater and Performing Arts, she received training singing at the Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory, in the Ankara Sanat Theater (AST), Ankara Deneme Stage, Trabzon State Theater.

She worked in Diyarbakır State Theater (3,5 years) and in private theaters. The actress played Yasemin from the years 2011-2014 in the series titled olduğ Umutsuz Ev Kadınları Um, a Med Construction signed by Fatih Aksoy whose producer was channeled to FOX TV from Kanal D.

Songül ÖdenAre you afraid of censors on the screen? - "I'm against all kinds of censorship, especially in art. And I also hate cigarettes. But the flower logo that they put in place on the screen is more interesting in my opinion. In short, bans arouse curiosity. Art improves as long as it is free. It repairs and gives hope. A restricted conception of art only takes it back."

- It's hard to be a woman in this world. It's hard to be a woman in this country. The laws are insufficient. There are women in a lot of fields, but you have to be male to stay on top.

Are you doing anything against it? - "We took on the role of the ambassador with Azra Akın on the 'No to Violence to Women' platform of the United Nations."

"If you ask me how do I describe love? - I don't know the answer to that - it's better to live it than to describe it."

You think the evasive answers have started again but no - I'm not saying that to escape or evade anything...

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