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Çağla Kubat

Çağla KubatÇağla Kubat, born on the 16th of November 1978 in İzmir, Turkey is a Turkish model, actress, television personality and professional windsurfer on the PWA World Tour.

She graduated from Italian High School of Istanbul and Istanbul Technical University with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. She was the first runner-up for the Miss Turkey 2002 beauty pageant and represented Turkey at Miss Universe in 2002. She speaks English and Italian fluently and of course, her native Turkish.

Çağla is also a champion professional windsurfer who won the IFCA windsurfing European Slalom Championship in 2005, in Alaçatı, Turkey where she currently runs a windsurfing school.

In 2006, in her first PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) event, she placed 6th in IFCA Slalom World Championship.

Kubat married American surfer Jimmy Diaz on September 21st, 2013 and later they founded thier own windsurfing school "Çağla Kubat Windsurf Academy" in Alaçatı in the İzmir Province.

In 2011 she and her champion surfer husband Jimmy Diaz started the Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy, where one of thier biggest ambitions is to motivate the younger generation to take up the sport and follow thier passion.

Çağla KubatShe ranked third in the women's category at the 2012 World Slalom Championship in Spain. In 2013, she became champion in the Master Female Slalom category of the IFCA Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom World Championships held in Alaçatı. She took the third rank at the 2013 World Cup.

Kubat's pastimes beside windsurfing are snowboarding, wakeboarding, rollerblading, horseback riding and scuba diving and playing tennis.

She starred in successful leading female roles in two Turkish television series to date. They are Sağır Oda ("The Deaf Room") in 2006 and Kuzey Rüzgarı ("The Northern Wind") with Kadir İnanır and Oktay Kaynarca this year.

Her own description of herself says she is a "Television Personality and Professional Windsurfer on the PWA World Tour, Lover of the Sea, Lover of Nature, Lover of Animals, Lover of my country, and most of all, mother of Selin7."

Cagla graduated from Italian high school in Istanbul where she was the first in her class. Afterwards she went to Istanbul Technical University where she received her degree in Mechanical Engineering.

During her time in University she started modeling which led her to represent Turkey in the 2002 Miss Universe contest in Puerto Rico. Afterwards she started working in television doing sport programs, hosting talk shows, and acting in several popular television series.

During all this time she was continuing her racing often times flying in the morning to Alacati for one day of training and catching the plane back to Istanbul at night so she could work the next day.

Çağla KubatShe has been the 9 times Turkish Slalom champion, the IFCA European champion, and has had a couple of PWA podium finishes.

The windsurf sport she encountered during her education years, has become her biggest passion over a short time and has always been an inspiration to her. Even though she has been known for her television programs and series that have taken place, it is as an athlete that she has achieved significant success - not only in Turkey, but around the world.

Now it is her desire for more people to give this sport a heart and to pass on their experiences to younger people. Çağla Kubat Windsurf Academy has been established in order to instill the secrets of healthy living, to enjoy the unique natural beauties that Turkey has provided to her and her husband and to share their passion for this sport with others.

Çağla Kubat Windsurf Academy is located on the Orsa side which is the most ideal place of the magnificent Alaçatı Bay where you can learn windsurf sport quickly, easily and reliably.

"There is a high-level of education and a warm environment in our school, combined with the natural beauty of windsurf which is easy to learn, safe, but also fun. Let us teach you this sport that you can enjoy in your life. We are looking forward to enjoying our school in water and land together with you."

"In the Academy, beginners, intermediate, advanced and even professionals can be trained. One of the most important goals of our school is to introduce the windsurfing sport to as many people as possible and to instill the skills necessary for them to enjoy this dynamic, healthful sport throughout their lives, regardless of their youth or age."

Çağla Kubat"Our aim is to spend as much time as possible in our school which is both in the water and in Alaçatı Bay. While enjoying the natural beauties Alaçatı gives us, we will offer you healthy and athletic experiences with the balanced activity program we provide."

Competing at the Turkey Sailing Federation Windsurfing / Slalom Championships were Cagla Kubat trained young athletes from the Cagla Kubat Windsurfing Sailing Club who participated in the championship. Çağla Kubat athletes were the winners of the 6 categories in the championship.

Turkey Sailing Federation (TYF) and the Maritime Chamber of Commerce - Izmir Branch organized under the coordination of WTO TSF-Turkey Windsurfing Championship with the third leg of the Turkey League, was held from September 20 to 23 in Cesme Alacati.

At the final races organized by Çağla Kubat Windsurfing Sailing Club, around 100 athletes competed in this great competition.

The first was made in Ayvalık on 12-15 July TSF-DTO Izmir Branch Windsurfing Turkey is the second leg of the League was held on 2-5 August in the Standing Çandarli.

In Turkey there are hundreds of thousands children who "need protection", who do not have a family or who are abondoned or whose personal existence is under threat despite his/her family, who are ignored or abused, or left defenseless against bad habits.

Çağla KubatTurkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection, founded by volunteers who aimed to establish and promote villages for children in 1979, aims to enable children in need of protection ("koruncuk" in Turkish is similar to "protectdren" in English as a representation of both the words 'protect' and 'children') to live in a family environment as soon as they arrive in "the children’s village" and grow up in a healthy environment, to receive education, to develop their personal skills, to prepare for the future and contribute to the society at large.

In 2005, Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection was awarded “ECOSOC Special Advisor Status” by United Nations Economic and Social Council for its successful and devoted work for "children who need protection".

Read more about the Koruncuk Foundation in English: www.koruncuk.org/vakfimiz/aboutourfoundation

In ÇEŞME The 3rd Koruncuk Surf Festival will be organized for the benefit of Koruncuk Foundation at Çağla Kubat Surf School in Alaçatı. Public contributions and contributions of all sponsors who support the festival will be spent for the children's village of Koruncukköy.

The event started at 10.00 on August 29th and finished with the award ceremony on August 30th at 20.30.

The woman who hosted the significant organization bearing her name for the third time is the world-class windsurfer Cagla Kubat, "It is the only organization in the world for children - the only competition for children is the Koruncuk Surf Festival.

Çağla Kubat said that while the children are competing, they will be exhibiting their windsurfing skills and awareness will be created within the scope of this social responsibility project. Children who are ranked at Koruncuk Surf Festival are given holiday and bicycle awards. The presentation will be presented by the famous television presenter Saba Tumer at the award ceremony of the organization.

Çağla KubatBarbie no longer wants to be known as the perfect blond. The new generation of Barbie doll is in different costume types, in business and in power. The iconic toy maker brand Mattel has created their doll all over again. Taking part in this movement is the surf champion Çağla Kubat, who made her Barbie debut.

"When I was a kid, everyone would say, 'You're like a Barbie doll' but I would never have guessed that they would make me like Barbie one day!!" says Çağla Kubat, the 38-year-old surfing champion.

In her possession, a very attractive Barbie doll that is smiling. No, the reason why Kubat is being Barbie-ized, as opposed to what is believed, is not the blond hair, not the blue eyes. It is because she inspires young girls as an athlete. With this ability, she was one of the 17 women who was made into the doll around the world.

The reason for this change was the program that Mattel, the maker of the toy, launched in 2015. Mattel now points to women who are pushing the boundaries in their own field, who will set an example for young girls, are selected within the scope of the program and dolls are made from those chosen.

Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly from the Atlantic to the Atlantic, Mexican feminist painter Frida Kahlo, black director Ava Duvernay was on this year's list.

"The first time they selected a name from Turkey, it was Cagla Kubat.

This is why I started the sport of windsurfing - this doll. I was 12 and had a Barbie with a roller-blade. I got a roller-blade from my mom and I'm going everywhere with her. Then I met windsurfing - so I owe Barbie for the discipline I gained to do a sport.

Now that the times have changed, Barbie has also changed.

Çağla KubatSo what made the legendary toy producer Mattel produce different types of toys? According to CNN, there was world-wide research with 8 thousand mothers taking part.

The result led the toy giant to the revelation that 86 percent of respondents explained that they were 'worried' about these dolls being presented as role models to their children. This led to the remake of the legendary blonde's image.

They were talking about change, but the doll of Kubat doesn't look so different. Again, blond hair, again with long lush hair, blue-eyes and feminine beauty. "Where is the revolution in this...? But Kubat says: "I was not chosen because of my appearance. My sportswoman identity and the surf school that I opened is what has made me one of these names..."

So what's going on in Kubat's life and what awaits her in the future?

"I will continue to surf. Last year I was second in the Turkey League, the management of the school takes time and I want to do a television project. It could be on sports or health. I'm trying to be a good mother to my four-year-old daughter Selin."

Her daughter will love the fact that her mother is the first genuine Turkish Barbie.


Çağla Kubat


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