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Gamze Özçelik

Gamze ÖzçelikGamze Özçelik, born on August 26th, 1982 in Istanbul, Turkey where she is an actress, model, television hostess and humanitarian.

In 1999, Gamze finished 4th in the Elite Model Look competition. One year after the competition, she participated in the Kanal D beauty contest and was the second to be selected.

She did not do any modeling or modeling related activities except for fashion shows. In 1998, she joined the TV series with the girl named Eyvah Kızım Büyüdü. Gamze was also a co-host of the Turkish version of Popstars, Popstar 1 and afterwards Pop Idol, Turkstar.

In 2004, Gamze made her debut with the movie-making company called Hırsız Var. In this film, Haluk Bilginer had the opportunity to work with experienced players like Mehmet Ali Erbil.

Her mother is an immigrant from Thessaloniki and from Bayburt on her father's side. She is the second of four sisters. She completed her primary school education in Yeşilbahar Primary School and completed her secondary and high school education at Maltepe Anatolian High School.

Afterwards, she continued her education in Istanbul Bilgi University 'Stage and Performing Arts Management' department.

Gamze ÖzçelikGamze went to Antalya with her family at the age of 15 and started to receive consecutive proposals for modeling and acting when she attracted the attention of an agency owner.

Although her family did not give her permission for a long time, she could not cope any longer with all these proposals that she recieved after a while Gamze finally registered with the Gaye Sökmen Agency.

At the age of 16, she participated in the Miss Turkey competition in 2000 and came in 2nd. After the competition, she began to present a music program on Kanal D , and also appeared as a guest on 4 episodes of the series EYVAH KIZIM BÜYÜDÜ.

Before she turned 17 years old, she took on the role of Yasemin in her first lead series, GINS AND FAIRIES , in a production of the Yagmur Agency .

Shortly after the series was over , she played the character ' Pelin ' for 3 years in the series TATLI HAYAT with popular names such as Türkan Şoray and Haluk Bilginer .

Gene Sweet Life series continued, while the 2nd leading series SERSERI began. For 21/2 years, she took part in that series which became a phenomenon.

While she was still filming the series, she was the host of the ' POPSTAR ' contest, broadcasting live and touring for two days a week.

Gamze ÖzçelikHaluk Bilginer, Gülse Birsel and Fatih Akın shared the lead with 'HIRSIZ VAR ' in the last season of the series.

Shortly after the bum series came to an end, BKM produced the lead role in the TV series KARISI'IN KARISI with Şevket Çoruh and Cihan Okan.

Once finished with shooting the sequence to succeed, I LOVE YOU she has been involved in theater.

In 2006, Gamze began the shooting for the series REAR STREETS , which became a phenomenon in a very short time .

Gamze increased her fan base with her role as ZEYNEP COMMISSIONER. During her pregnancy and after her break, she lived in London for a while.

When she came back, she started shooting the series CANAN where she played the character of Canan. Shortly after completing the Canan series, she returned to the Arka Sokaklar series and continued for two more years.

After leaving the series Sokak Sokaklar , Channel D broadcasted FATİH for a short time in which Gamze starred. She then took a long break from acting to continue her spiritual journey which she had embarked on before.

Gamze ÖzçelikGamze Özçelik, always known for her emotional and compassionate sideUmrah journeys, which she made - especially back in 2007, 2008 and 2009, have been very effective in advancing her spiritual journey.

Gamze had always been trying to get involved in many charity projects ever since her childhood, but always dreamed of more than just that, made her first trip to Africa in 2016 and took a very important step towards living her dream.

Taking her son with her, Gamze returned to his country with a heart mixed with the realities of life, spending time with African orphans and children in poverty, participating in charitable organizations as well as participating with the residents in many poor villages.

After that, she starts by promising to do her best for charity. Later, they she travels to Gaziantep, Nizip, Carchemish, the Syrian border and to refugee camps where she meets a lot of families, listens to their life stories and becomes friends with the Turkish soldiers on the border.

In the meantime, the environment starts to expand every day in this endeavor. Around the world, especially Africa, in many other countries, a lot of communication begins with Turkey about the very good work achieved by people and institutions and a cooperation begins when she starts receiving invitations from around the world.

Gamze ÖzçelikAt the same time, while mothering her own 7-year-old son, she has cares for multiple spiritual children. Her shares in social media attract the attention of a very large segment of the people. While the majority of the world tries to encourage people to exist in the materialist world, Gamze Özçelik undertakes the purpose of inviting and encouraging people to the love, charity and kindness of a spiritual journey.

"Life is a journey. We walk all the way as long as we live. We are constantly experiencing new experiences and events. Good or bad - What is not possible to change? In the face of events I always try to learn, I try to understand the reason."

"Sometimes I judge myself, question myself. My continuous observations of my environment, life, people, animals, nature, events and the whole of creation."

"But after a while, if the person continues to question it doesn't seem to have any end, and thank God one realizes that they can't get the same taste for it. I think this is the way it should be."

"But I have been praying for many years that change will always be true and good. And I saw that the acceptance is commanded that doors are opened to me, which are much more understandable, much more peaceful, and more spiritual. Thank God."

"I think it all starts with questioning and trying to understand. Otherwise, every human being is going through something, but I think it is necessary to try to approach the events with an open mind and heart, to try to see and most importantly to really wish to be among those who walk on the right path."

Gamze Özçelik"There is a conscience inherent in our hearts. Why is that? We need to weigh what we feel responsible for. Of course, people have breaking points. We, mankind, do not easily question or mind a purposeless life as if we will never die - arrogance has taken most of us captive."

"So sometimes our nurturing process can be painful. With our patience and gratitude during our troubled times, we can stand out with a more beautiful heart. Or for others whom it may produce worse results. They can be rebellious. Let us be one of those who are patient and thankful, insha'Allah."

"The definition of happiness according to me is whatever comes, giving thanks and knowing that you are the owner gives you deep peace and surrender. I think it's a bliss."

"Love for the sake of Allah, the creatures, again 'to take the path for His consent, advance, share, forgive, ambition, ego, striving to be human, and every step you take in this way' to approach him."

"Love in the heart is the greatest happiness I think. It is a great pleasure for me to have that heart and the desire to give thanks to the giver of my child. The laughter of every oppressed I see, the happiness of innocent children is a pleasure for me. I can't describe how butterflies fly in my heart where I'm going. That happiness is for me, thank God."

"The definition of good people according to me? Look, this is really a very difficult question for me to explain. So I try to be very sensitive about this and not to separate people as good people and bad people."

Gamze Özçelik"So, it's been a long time trying to improve myself and keep on the right track. Because only if you have enlarged your heart, mind, and knowledge, can you distinguish those whose hearts have been sealed, and eyes that have been blinded."

"But if you ask for substance from me, it is distanced from the self of arrogance and tries to move away, does not eat the right of servants, does not get involved in lying."

"The person who does not envy others, who seeks the truth, the good, the beauty, who does not work with the trap game, does not care about the class difference is a good person, or is trying to be a good person. Perfection is already contrary to human creation. The distinction between being good and being perfect must be made."

"On social media I have a lot of contact with African and Syrian children. Of course for goodness and charity I could not remain insensitive to the injustices, poverty, wars and tragedies of children in the world."

"I just didn't know exactly where to start, how to proceed. I had a huge fire about them. I remember thinking a lot, intending, praying for my way. I started to study and read a lot."

"After realizing that my life would not change until I changed my life, for a long period of time, I stripped as far as I could from the parts of the outside world what I found that was false, that I did not feel myself."

Gamze Özçelik"Thank god. I still care to live that way. And then I began to look at the doors begin to open. In the past, taking small steps, a growing environment, comrades, I found myself in many opportunities. And I started taking steps to make it happen and started to work more actively."

"We made preliminary studies and organized various trips with the people we trust."

"In recent years, I have had a lot of interests besides acting. I was able to develop myself on different subjects and to advance in different ways. We also have an art gallery that works with a team that I love and trust."

"Again, with a certain percentage of income, sick children, victims of war, orphans, fight against poverty is a project that aims to provide more health and beauty to these children's lives. It is my intention and prayer that the projects that I take part in will serve these purposes."

"Every oppressed child I've met deeply affects me and actually heals me. I'm supposed to be doing the favors, but they give me more beauty than I can give them."

"There are many memories, but I cannot forget the crying crisis that I started when I got back to my vehicle at the airport when I returned from our trip to Syrian refugee camps in 2016. I had held it in so long that I couldn't hold it another moment when I got in the car. I started sobbing in the airport parking lot - I cried for hours. Every tear washed me up and it seemed as if I've been doing this on all my African travels."

"There's so much needed. But, let me talk about the needs and actions that I have been in contact with, that I have observed or acted with from time to time."

Gamze Özçelik"For example, there are people all over our country who work and cooperate in line with the needs of those in need. Whether the need is related to food, space, clothes, or education. There are permanent and sustainable projects. They have educational scholarships. In Africa, for example, there are water well drilling projects, orphanage projects and educational scholarships."

"For example, there's an orphanage in Ghana that has a water treatment device that the donors donate so that they can generate their own income. Here they can produce drinking water and generate income.Another example is bread making machines which have been donated that enable them to make and sell bread as well, so that the children staying there can eat regular bread for the first time. Even a slice."

"There are vocational workshops for women. So they can contribute to their families. For example, my friends have agricultural trainings, seeds and agricultural tools that they give to extremely poor farmers in Tanzania. We have installed solar water distribution and electrical systems."

"There are doctors and nurses all over the world who volunteered to provide health services to the needy. We have doctors who voluntarily provide psychological support to our refugee children so that they can deal with trauma after the war, and to children whose lives are darkened as a result of sexual abuse."

"I mean, it's such a thorough question that I can't finish explaining here. That's why everybody's got enough to begin to help. Let them read, follow. The most important thing is to want to share, to intend to do so and to take the steps. And with a smile, charity. May he pray for his oppressed brothers. We all have something to do - that we can do."

Gamze ÖzçelikFilmography

Eyvah Kızım Büyüdü (1998) TV series
Cinlerle Periler (2001) TV series
Tatlı Hayat (2001–2002) TV series
Serseri (2003) TV series
Hırsız Var! (2004) Movie
Düşler ve Gerçekler (2005) TV series
Savcinin Karısı (2005) TV series
Arka Sokaklar (2006–2009; 2011–2013) TV series
Buzda Dans (2007) reality show
Canan (2011) TV series
Fatih (2013)

Umuda Koşanlar Charitable Foundation
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