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Dilan Çiçek Deniz

Dilan Çiçek DenizDilan Çiçek Deniz, born on the 28th of February 1995 is a Turkish actress, model, and beauty pageant titleholder.

Deniz was crowned Miss Universe Turkey 2014 and represented the Republic of Turkey at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant.

Deniz is known for her role as Sena in Çukur, for Rüya in on-going Alev Alev, and for Elif Urazoglu in the internet series Yarım Kalan Aşklar.

Her parents are teachers. Her mother is Hale Temizyürek and her father is Orhan Deniz. She completed three years of theater education when she attended high school.

At the age of 15 she wrote a poetry book titled I Thought the Sun Was My Mother in Turkish.

When she was 17, she joined a theater competition at her school and won a prize for acting. She started with a tourism major at Ege University but soon changed her major to literature.

Dilan participated in 2014 Elidor Miss Turkey beauty competition and won second place. In the 2015 Miss universe pageant that took place in Miami she represented Turkey.

Dilan Çiçek DenizIn 2015 she acted as 'Ebru' in Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar.

In that television show she was joined with Bensu Soral, Şükrü Özyıldız, Alperen Duymaz, Beste Kökdemir, Büşra Develi, and Burak Deniz.

In 2015 she also acted as 'Elif' in Güneşin Kızları TV show with Hande Erçel and Tolga Sarıtaş.

From August 2016 to June 2017 she played a leading role in the series Bodrum Masalı and in 2016 she was awarded with the shining star award at the Golden Butterfly Awards.

In 2018 she appeared in a lipstick commercial for Avon Cosmetic products. In January 2018, it was revealed that she was in a relationship with actor Furkan Andıç, but the two broke up in November of 2018.

From 2017 to 2019 she had one of the leading roles in the TV series Çukur, alongside Aras Bulut İynemli, Perihan Savaş, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Necip Memili and Rıza Kocaoğlu.

In 2020, she was cast opposite Metin Akdülger in the movie One-Way to Tomorrow, which tells the story of two foreigners traveling from Ankara to İzmir.

Dilan Çiçek DenizIn 2020, she starred as Elif Urazoğlu opposite Burak Deniz in the series Yarım Kalan Aşklar.

Deniz had been crowned as Miss Universe Turkey. At the same pageant with three other winners of Miss Turkey 2014.

Deniz and three queens who were crowned as Miss World Turkey as the official winner of the pageant, Miss Earth Turkey as the third place and the last place as Miss International Turkey.

The Miss Turkey pageant for 2014 was held at the Star TV Studios in Istanbul on May 27.

"I am the same Dilan for my family and close circle, but I have become Dilan, who produces more work and works more for my audience and lovers."

"Some say I said goodbye to modeling, but I didn't actually say goodbye. Let's say I suspended my modeling career to improve my acting.

Acting is a profession that I would like to prioritize in my future life and it requires a serious education and experience just like any other profession."

"I think I need to devote more time to acting in order to complete my shortcomings and become better. I also made my training plans for the next 2-3 years and there is also traveling abroad among them."

Dilan Çiçek Deniz"Beauty can create a disadvantage as well as an advantage in this business. In my opinion, as long as the actor has light and talent, the audience does not worry about beauty while watching."

"It is our inner light that determines everything. While taking the first steps in the industry, it was an advantage to come from a beauty pageant, of course."

"But it should not be forgotten that you do not have any factor that will give you an advantage while entering the beauty contest. You come there from scratch also."

"In the coming few years I want to be able to finish my second book, which I started and had to set down after this, by taking the heart of my notebook and pen.

"It felt amazing to receive an award in the Pantene Star Shining category. I'm proud. I loved those who believed in me and I felt proud of myself for accomplishing it."

"I was very happy. I was on the set at that time, I screamed a little. (Laughs) In a room full of kittens and dogs, it was several times the happiness of eating chocolate and watching my favorite TV show."

"I am aware that my description is probably not very understandable, but my joy was also so incomprehensible." (Laughs)

Dilan Çiçek Deniz"So, I immediately called my family and shared the news with them. I have been on the red carpet many times before, but as an award winner, there will be a different taste from being there."

Had you ever said to yourself “I will be on that stage one day” while watching the Golden Butterfly Award Ceremony before?

"I had said before that I wanted it badly. I just didn't think it would develop so quickly."

Deniz was included in the cast of Kanal D's popular TV series "Güneşin Kızları". She had recently starred in "Sweet Little Liars", was to play the character Elif, her friend from the university, who was brought to life on the screen by Tolga Sarıtaş. Elif was to be Selin's strong rival, who is in love with Ali.

"Sweet Little Liars" uses music by Sertab Erener, in the series about the story of four friends trying to cope with a mysterious enemy.

Sukru Ozyildiz, Bensu SoralDilan Çiçek Deniz, Melisa Şenolsun, Beste Kökdemir and Büşra Develi are starring. Deniz stepped into the set of the series with "Sweet Little Liars" and will appear with the role of Ebru in the series on Star TV.

"It has been a month since the filming started, everything is going great for now. I'm trying to get used to it. I've played in the theater before. I did not know that there were too many plans in the series while shooting. I had trouble with that. But now I'm used to it, it's okay."

Dilan Çiçek Deniz"I'm playing the Ebru character. She is the shyest of all five girlfriends. But she lives her emotions to the extreme.

She cries when she is sad, screams a lot when she gets angry, laughs a lot when she is happy. She's also a swimmer, but she's hiding this from her family."

This is because she has a conservative family from Anatolia. She hides it because she doesn't think they will look upon her warmly.

"One of the girls disappears in the show and the adventure begins. Yes, Açelya disappears. I am the one who has the most emotional bond with her. I love the girl and I am very sorry for her absence."

These five girls come together - actually, Açelya brings them together, but with the disappearance of Açelya, the group also disintegrates. Nobody talks to anyone. They are reunited a year after the event.

I took part in theater plays in school - it started when I was 7 years old! My mother is a literature teacher and they were going to perform a play at school. I had memorized all the lines of that play and it was then that I fell in love with the theater.

When I was 14, I took the conservatory exams in Antalya, and I won it. I studied theater for three years in high school.

Dilan Çiçek DenizBut, I think it was the Miss Turkey contest that changed my life. Of course it affected my life - I had been modeling since I was 13 years old.

But, Miss Turkey was also a huge stepping stone for me. I will continue to study acting as there is no age to quit learning. The longer I can continue my education, the better.

At the moment I can't continue with the theater. I can't continue because I work on a television show, but I have a scholarship from the New York Academy. Later, when I find time, I will go and learn from there.

"I have been writing poems since I was 9 years old. I published my first poetry book at the age of 15 with the title "I Thought the Sun as My Mother". Now I'm preparing the second one.

My curiosity for poetry came from my mother. Mother is a literature teacher and when I was little, she used to read me books like crazy. This love for poetry started thanks to her.

The broadcast date of Kanal D's new series "Bodrum Masalı" has been announced. The series will be screened with its first episode on the evening of August 18, 2016.

“It was produced by TMC, directed by Mehmet Ada Öztekin and written by Başar Başaran and Emre Özdür. The leading roles were played by Timuçin Esen, Şevval Sam, Murat Aygen, Alperen Duymaz, Toprak Sağlam, Hilmi Cem and myself."

Bodrum Masalı will reflect the efforts of Ergüven Family, who fell into trouble overnight, to hold on to life again. The stormy lives of Evren Ergüven, the owner of a hotel chain, and her husband and two children will lock the audience on the screen on Thursday evenings.

Dilan Çiçek DenizAwards

2014 - Miss Turkey - Second Miss Turkey - Won

2016 - 43rd Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards - Won

2018 - Yeditepe University 6th Wish Awards - Best Actress - Won

MGD 23rd Golden Lens Awards - Best TV Series - Actress of the Year - Won

8th İMK Social Media Awards - Best Actress - Won

45th Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards - Best Actress - Nominated

Best TV Couple - (Sena & Yamaç) - Nominated

2019 - Elle Style Awards - Rising Actress of the Year - Won

2020 - 46th Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards - Best Actress - Nominated

Best TV Couple - (Sena & Yamaç) - Nominated

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TV series
Year Title Role Notes
2014 Medcezir Herself Guest Appearance
2015 Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar Ebru Leading role
2015 Güneşin Kızları Elif Supporting role
2016−2017 Bodrum Masalı Su Ergüven Leading role
2017−2019 Çukur Sena Koçovalı Leading role
2020− Alev Alev Rüya Leading role
Web series
Year Title Role Notes
2020 Yarım Kalan Aşklar Elif Urazoğlu Leading role
Movies and TV films
Year Title Role Notes
2013 Balayı - Supporting role
2020 One-Way to Tomorrow Leyla Leading role

Ödülleri ve Adaylıkları | kaynağı değiştir

Yıl Ödül Töreni Kategori Proje Sonuç
2014 Miss Turkey Türkiye İkinci Güzeli Kazandı
2016 43. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards Pantene Yıldızı Parlayanlar Bodrum Masalı Kazandı
2018 Yeditepe Üniversitesi 6. Dilek Ödülleri En İyi Kadın Oyuncu Çukur Kazandı
MGD 23. Altın Objektif Ödülleri Yılın En İyi Kadın Dizi Oyuncusu Kazandı
8. İMK Sosyal Medya Ödülleri En İyi Kadın Oyuncu Kazandı
45. Pantene Altın Kelebek Ödülleri En İyi Kadın Oyuncu Adaylık
En İyi Dizi Çifti (Sena & Yamaç) Adaylık
2019 7. Elle Style Ödülleri Yılın Yükselen Kadın Oyuncusu Kazandı
2020 46. Pantene Altın Kelebek Ödülleri En İyi Kadın Oyuncu Adaylık
En İyi Dizi Çifti (Sena & Yamaç) Adaylık


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