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Azra Akın

Azra AkınAzra Akın, born on the 8th of December, 1981 in Almelo, Netherlands is a Turkish-Dutch actress, dancer, model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss World 2002 in London.

Akın's parents are Turkish - her father Nazım, and mother Ayda, emigrated from Turkey to the Netherlands in 1971. Akın has one younger sister named Doruk.

She completed her primary and secondary education in the Waldorf schools in Holland.

In 1998, at the age of 17, Akın was selected Elite Model of Turkey; she then participated in the Europe Elite Model competition in Nice, France, where she reached the final 15.

She then continued to model in Germany for the German catalogue Otto.

In 2002, Azra won Star TV's Miss Turkey. Thus, she represented Turkey in the Miss World beauty pageant which was held on December 7th, 2002 at Alexandra Palace in London, which she also won.

She brought that title to Turkey for only the second time since Keriman Halis won the title in 1932.

Azra AkınAkin accepted the tiara and $156,000 cash prize from the previous year's winner Agbani Darego.

During her reign, Akın travelled to the United Kingdom, Turkey, the United States, New Zealand, Ireland, Jamaica, Australia, China and several other countries.

"I hope I will represent the women of the world in a good way," said Akin after being crowned Miss World.

"I think it is good for a woman to have this position, and I hope I can make a difference."

Miss World contestant Azra Akin was crowned Miss World 2002 in London on December 7th, 2002. Akin beat Miss Columbia Natalia Peralta and Miss Peru Marina Mora Montero who came second and third respectively.

With a gorgeous smile and a exquisite bow, Miss Turkey aced the Miss World contest, bringing to a close an international pageant that had incited deadly rioting in Nigeria.

Ninety-two contestants had finally taken part in the show, which was transferred to London after Muslim-Christian rioting had killed more than 200 people, forcing the pageant out of Nigeria.

Azra AkınThe organisers of the pageant defended the decision to continue with the event despite the riots in Nigeria which left 220 people dead.

Six entrants boycotted the competition and the assets of Miss World Holdings had been frozen by the High Court.

It was meant to have been held in Nigeria until an article in a local newspaper sparked religious outrage.

A journalist writing in the Lagos-based This Day newspaper said that the Prophet Mohammed might have approved of the contest - and even chosen to marry one of the contestants.

In the wake of the violence the 90 contestants were flown to London as organisers hunted for an alternative venue which had been quickly arranged in London.

Much of the controversy started even before the riots when a group of contestants, led by Miss Denmark, announced they were boycotting the competition over Nigeria's decision to condemn a woman to death by stoning for committing adultery.

The pageant organisers claim more than a billion people watched the show on television - but potential British viewers missed out as none of the country's television channels had agreed to broadcast it.

Azra AkınIn 2003, Azra won a gold medal when she participated in the British reality TV show The Games.

Games is a celebrity reality format where ten celebrities spend six weeks training in six different sporting disciplines which are then put to the test live every night for a week.

The men and women compete in a different sport every night and the live nightly show is when the final of an event is held. (the qualifying heats, if any, are usually shown live in the afternoons on E4).

Contestants score five points for winning an event, three for second, two for third, one for fourth and zero for coming last with a bonus point if they beat their personal best on the night.

Later series awarded five, four, three, two and zero respectively, plus that oh-so-crucial potential bonus point, to shift the emphasis from winning to not losing.

The money raised from ticket sales, viewer polls and telephone competitions went into a big pot from which the celebrities take a cut for their charities in proportion to the amount of points scored during the week.

A wide variety of events are seen - from swimming, judo, speed skating for the women to diving, weightlifting, the horse and curling for the men.

She competed with Teri Dwyer (ex-Hollyoaks actress), Mel C (Spice Girls singer), Gail Porter (tv presenter) and Josie d'Arby (tv presenter).

Azra AkınThe final day featured the track and field events from the Don Valley stadium in Sheffield and the crowning of the champions.

The athletes spent the week living in the "athlete's village" at the Don Valley Stadium, and this being a reality show, a reasonable amount of time is given over to gossip from the night previous.

In 2004, Akın modelled for the postcards of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 which were shown before each song.

In 2010, she won on the TV dance show Yok Boyle Dans, the Turkish version of Dancing With the Stars.

In 2004 she was the face of Turkey International Tourism Campaign. that same year, she started her acting career with the TV Series Yagmur Zamani and continued with Oyun Bitti, Ruzgar Ayrilik, Genis Aile, M.U.C.K.

She has started her film career in 2005 with the movie Anlat Istanbul and continues with guest starring in Ilk Ask, Pespese, and Cilek which was in theaters in 2014. She also took place in the theatre play called 72. Kogus.

In 2011 she won the competition called Dancing With The Stars, held for the first time in Turkey. Next year she was awarded being a jury member in the new episodes of the same competition.

She has been the face of many Turkish and International brands such as Avon, Pepsi, Pantene, Avea, Arcelik and the TVC's have shown for a long time in Turkey and in many other countries in which she is well known.

Azra AkınBesides her charity work which she did for the year when she traveled around around the world when she won the Miss World title, in 2012 she was elected to be the face and voice of UNFPA - Turkish Office On Violence Against Women.

Azra plays the flute and declared that her passions are ballet and belly dancing.

She starred in the Dutch film Heer & Meester in 2017 and now shares the same scene as Haldun Dormen in What's up.

Since 2012, she has been a spokesperson for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

And in Turkey she was the face of their international tourism campaign in 2004.

Until today, Pepsi has appeared in advertising campaigns for brands such as L'oreal Paris, Avon, Pantene and Arçelik.

She can speak Turkish, English, Dutch and German fluently.

Atakan Koru and Azra Akin have been married for 9 months since 24th Aug 2017.

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Year Film Role Notes
2010 PesPese Pelin
2006 İlk Aşk Bahar
2005 Teberik Şanssız Fulya
2004 Anlat İstanbul Pamuk Prenses


Year Title Role Notes
2016 Miss World 2016 Judge TV series
2015 Miss World 2015 Judge TV series
2014 Miss World 2014 Judge TV series
2013 Miss World 2013 Judge TV series
2012 Muck Elif TV series
2009 Ayrılık Firengiz Babayev TV series
2009 Ah Kalbim Herself TV series
2008 Rüzgar Leyla TV series
2005 Miss World 2005 Judge TV series
2005 Barend en Van Dorp Herself TV series
2004 Nationaal songfestival Herself TV series
2004 Yağmur Zamanı Eylül TV series
2003 The Games Herself TV series
2003 Mister World 2003 Judge TV series


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