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Büşra Pekin

Büşra PekinBüşra Pekin, born on the 30th of June in 1982 in Saudi Arabia is a Turkish stage, television and film actress. The family had relocated to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because of her father's job demands.

She has since appeared in more than fifteen films since 2004. She is an actress and director, known for Neseli Hayat (2009), Let's Sin (2014) and Hayat bilgisi (2003).

At the age of 5, her family settled in Izmir where she graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Theater. While in high school she studied in America at Lake Side High School in Arkansas.

But after graduation from high school returned to Izmir to attend Dokuz Eylül University where she graduated and in 2005 moved to Istanbul to join BKM Mutfak players.

He first played in 2002 in "The Latest Fathers Duyar" series. In 2005, he made his feature film debut in 'Organize İşler'. With the character 'Carrot Mother' she recieved wide attention. In 2006, "Fırtına" series in 2007, "Sacred Damacana" starred in the movie.

In 2010, SİYAD won the award for Best Supporting Actress at the award ceremony organized by the Association of Cinema writers for her role in Merry Life .

Büşra PekinApart from the series, she started her film career in 2007 with the film Öz Holy Damacana Kork and Şafak Sezer appeared in this role with Settar Tanrıöğen, Yıldırım Memişoğlu, Ersin Korkut, Eyşan Özhim and Erdal Tosun.

In 2014, Büşra Pekin, Murat Boz, Cezmi Baskın and Sinasi Yurtsever starred in the film role Hadi İnşallah len, which was inspired by the Internet phenomenon Pucca's Little World of the Fool, God Made Me so Much and Ay Hadi İnşallah.

In 2014, Büşra Pekin starred in "Kardeş Payı" series starring Ahmet Kural, Murat Cemcir, Seda Bakan, Sinasi Yurtsever and Ayşe Kökçü.

On January 1st of 2015, she appeared in a film that was directed by Mahsun Kırmızıgül and directed by Mahsun Kırmızıgül.

Büşra Pekin frequently shares photos with her boyfriend, Ersoy Üner. Büşra Pekin's lover, Ersoy Ünver, who has been together for a long time, is a musician.

Büşra Pekin was the director of Ersay Üner's American film 'Nokta'.

Büşra PekinProduced by Mahmut Kayımtu and Ertuğrul Fındık , the comedy film The Baker's Wife, starring Alper Kul , Büşra Pekin and Korhan Herduran , started shooting early in June 2019.

Director of the film Murat Onbul, actors Alper Kul, Busra Beijing, Korhan Herduran, Ferdi Sancar, Seda Turkmen and Ayça Koptur answered questions from members of the press during the filming.

Actress Alper Kul said, "I have a man in Central Anatolia, the oilless lad, I'm playing a very jealous man, one day, this man's habits are beginning to change and a man becomes otherwise.

Alper Kul pointed out that the character of the baker was very stingy and ambitious, and that the role of Büşra Pekin and her sister-in-law Korhan Herduran, who played the role of the wife of the film, were discussed following the oddities of his baker character.

"I hope it will be a great job"

Büşra Pekin, one of the film actors, said that they had a lot of fun during the filming and said, "We're a delightful team, we're getting along very well.

Her character, 'Ferdane' in the film, said: "The typical Turkish woman has a very similar character traits, but we have added some things on to it because it is a comedy movie. Korhan'la and we were like a sister-in-laws and we took very nice scenes together. ".

Büşra Pekin"Ferdane" from the character's husband, but his brother, narrowing the life of a person who noted that Beijing, a nice comedy movie voiced waitresses said.

"I have to do this," I said.

"Hacer" in the film actor Seda Turkmen, indicating that the character will not be told, "Ferdane's brother" hero's high school friend, I'm in the film. We can say it in girl mode. " he said.

Screenwriter Murat Tashkent , while writing the story that everyone wants to write a text that can work fun, he said, "We are working with a very nice team.

Director Murat Onbul pointed out that the script is one of the most laughable comedy scenarios, "As I read the script, I called the producer, and I said, okay we have to do this.

Everything starts with the secret follow-up of Ferdane (Büşra Pekin), her husband Mustafa (Alper Kul), who is suspicious of her movements. Taking his brother Ramadan (Korhan Herduran) alongside him, Ferdane's follow-up adventure turns into a chase including Ismail's crippled older sister, his daughter Hacer and the sorcerer "Vahdi Dede".

Things are getting more complicated when the reason for this chase comes out. Mustafa leads Ferdane and Ramadan on a great adventure.

Büşra PekinBüşra Pekin talked about the Ferdane character played by Pekin, saying that they had a lot of fun during the filming and they got along very well. "Ferdane is a very sweet woman, very naïve, I like it very much. Actually, we have character traits very similar to a typical Turkish woman but we added something to her because she is a comedy and a curious woman.

Alper Kul told Büşra Pekin that they were in front of the camera for the first time. " A man is the oil-less lad of Central Anatolia . Büşra is playing the character of Ferdane. Mustafa is very jealous, very masculine man. One day, this man's behavior is changing, so we are starting to follow his wife.

The young actor Korhan Herduran, who gave life to the character of Ferdane's brother Ramazan, explained his role as follows;

Taking his brother Ramadan (Korhan Herduran) alongside him, Ferdane's follow-up adventure will return to a chase including Ismail's crippled older sister, his daughter Hacer and the warlock "Vahdi Dede". When the cause of this chase emerges, things will get more complicated, and Mustafa will lead Ferdane and Ramadan to a great adventure.

"Ferdane needs the help of Ramadan to observe the different movements of his wife. He meets Hacer with an old high school friend as he accompanies his older sister on the quest. Ramazan's story begins in there."

In the film, portraying the character of Hacer Seda Turkmen , "the film has two sections; a chasing Ferdane and Ramadan, and a fleeing part of the business that has flipped in this section. Hajar is actually chasing the girl in the movie mode."

Screenwriter Murat Tashkent; "I actually came up with something so that everyone could work and have fun. I saw that it really was, I witnessed it and I am very happy about it. We work with a very nice team."

Büşra PekinDirector Murat Onbul said, "It is a really precious scenario. I taken comedy work for many years, and this film is one of the most comical scenarios. I'm very thankful that we came together with this particular team.

Ferdi Sancar, Seda Türkmen, Beyti Engin and Ayça Kopturyer are also directed by Murat Onbul and directed by Murat Tashkent .

The subject of the film: Everything begins with Ferdane's (Büşra Pekin) secretly following his husband Mustafa (Alper Kul), who is suspected of his actions.

Taking his brother Ramadan (Korhan Herduran) alongside him, Ferdane's follow-up adventure will return to a chase including Ismail's crippled older sister, his daughter Hacer and the warlock "Vahdi Dede". When the cause of this chase emerges, things will get more complicated, and Mustafa will lead Ferdane and Ramadan to a great adventure.

The Republic of Cologne is one of the most researched films of its day. Starring Çağlar Çorumlu and Büşra Pekin in the leading roles and including Mahir Ipek, Uğur Bilgin, Ersin Korkut and Gülhan Tekin.

Today's search of the most popular list of trends in the trendy list of the Republic of Cologne draws attention. Sıla Çetindağ, Murat Kepez and Eray Akyamaner's script is written and directed by Murat Kepez. It is time for Peker Mengen, the mayor of the town, to deliver the campaign promises.

The first work requires taking action to bring the prime minister there as promised. However, unexpected events occur during the welcoming ceremony, and the town becomes an independent country.

Büşra PekinMoreover, they entered into a war with America. America leads this war with five thousand soldiers. Peker, with his wife Mualla and his advisers, begin to understand that it is not easy to establish a country from scratch while trying to cope with the Americans.

Çağlar Çorumlu and Büşra Pekin are in the leading roles of the Republic of Cologne. Mahir Ipek, Uğur Bilgin, Ersin Korkut and Gülhan Tekin.

Footage for the film was taken in resorts such as the Republic of Cologne, Muğla, Dalaman, Akyaka and Köyceğiz.

2010 - 15.Sadri Alışık Awards - Best Supporting Actress (Joyful Life)
2010 - 42.Siyad Turkish Cinema Awards - Best Supporting Actress (Joyful Life)

Theater Plays:
2013 - Huysuz musical - Aysa Production Theater
Heavy Roman
III. Richard
Witch Goose
Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım - Sadri Alışık Theater

Scenarios : Scenario:
2011 - Down Up Yemişliler (TV Series)
2008 - 2010 - Very Nice Movements (TV Series)

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Movies and Television

Cinema and TV Films
Year Title Role Notes
2007 Kutsal Damacana Selen Başrol Oyuncusu
2009 Neşeli Hayat Ayla Şenyurt Başrol Oyuncusu
2010 Çok Filim Hareketler Bunlar Hatice Başrol Oyuncusu/Senaryo Yazarı
2010 Gişe Memuru Nevra Yardımcı Karakter
2013 Mutlu Aile Defteri İsmet Taşyumruk Başrol Oyuncusu
2014 İtirazım Var Nebahat Kuzu Başrol Oyuncusu
2014 Hadi İnşallah Pucca Başrol Oyuncusu
2014 Mucize Gülten (Güle) Başrol Oyuncusu
2015 Nadide Hayat Konuşan Kaplumbağa Seslendirme
2016 Benim Adım Feridun Başrol Oyuncusu

TV Series

Television Series
Year Title Role Notes
2002 En Son Babalar Duyar Esma Konuk Oyuncu
2003 Hayat Bilgisi Öğrenci Figüran
2006 Bir Demet Tiyatro Songül Konuk Oyuncu
2006 Fırtına Melahat Yardımcı Karakter
2008 Sınıf Melek Yardımcı Karakter
2008-2010 Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar Büşra Başrol Oyuncusu/Senaryo Yazarı
2010 Geniş Aile Behice Konuk Oyuncu
2011 Muhteşem Yüzyıl Şirin Hatun (Bohçacı Şirin) Konuk Oyuncu
2011 Aşağı Yukarı Yemişlililer Menekşe Başrol Oyuncusu/Senaryo Yazarı
2012 Annem Uyurken Defne Başrol Oyuncusu
2012 İşler Güçler Ecevit Tersyatan (Ece) Yardımcı Karakter
2014-2015 Kardeş Payı Ev sahibi kadın Konuk Oyuncu (1, 23.Bölüm)

TV Programs

Television Programs
Year Title Role Notes Notes
2014 Kim O Hatice (Havuçlu Anne) Başrol Oyuncusu
2015 Komedi Türkiye Kendisi Konuk Oyuncu (5.Bölüm)
2016 Buyur Bi'de Burdan Bak Kendisi Takım Kaptanı


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In LIKE A VIRGIN, the biology writer Aarathi Prasad discusses how reproduction without sex is achieved in animals and explores why evolution hasn’t made it an option for humans – yet. In doing so, she provides a quirky, entertaining and perceptive overview of the mysteries of evolutionary biology, sex and reproduction – past, present and future.

It’s a remarkable story that ranges across Greek mythology, natural history, agriculture, conservation and medicine; takes in some of the most exciting areas of developmental genetics and molecular biology that other popular science books largely ignore; and is packed full of a cast of amazing characters, be they obscure animals or eccentric scientists such as the respected geneticist Dr Helen Spurway who in the UK in the 1950s unwittingly sparked a nationwide search for a virgin mother.

There is now a plethora of strategies being developed in reproductive medicine that could ultimately keep our species going in a world of embellished sex: the creation of artificial eggs and sperm from bone marrow, labs-on-chips on which eggs are fertilized, silicone wombs and artificial wombs (where fetuses can spend their full nine months), and even research to prepare us for reproduction in space. What’s more, we are finally beginning to understand what genetic modifications are needed to allow for the creation of women who could have babies without having sex. Now that we have the competent hand of science in our lives, will girls still need men?

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Pub Date: 16 August 2012
Status: Draft manuscript
Length: 288 pages

All rights available excluding:
UK & Commonwealth, US, Arabic (Arab Scientific), Japan (East Press)

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