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Serenay Sarıkaya

Serenay SarıkayaSerenay Sarıkaya, born 1 July 1991 in Ankara is a Turkish actress and model. At the age 15, she participated in a beauty competition and received a special award from the jury. She later rose to prominence by acting in the film Plajda in 2008.

In 2008, she starred in an advertising film for Turkcell and then acted in her second movie Plajda produced by Sinan Çetin and directed by Murat Şeker.

Her parents Seyhan Umran and Mustafa Sarikaya lived in Antalya until she was the age of 7 and then separated. After her father's remarriage, she moved to Istanbul with her mother.

She later described her experience of growing up without her father in an interview:

"For a little girl, father is a special factor in her evolution. Growing up without your father is a big experience".

At that time, her mother had to decide about whether they'd live in Antalya or Istanbul - Sarıkaya told her mother that she wanted to become an actress and made her mother move to Istanbul.

Sarıkaya later studied at Antalya Saime Salih Konca High School and although she wanted to continue her studies in university, she hasn't received any degree yet.

Serenay SarıkayaDuring her childhood, Sarıkaya wanted to become a model. She had been an avid player of volleyball and also frequently taken part in basketball. She is also interested in tennis and Latin dance.

At the age 15, Sarıkaya participated in the European Junior Beauty Contest held in the Czech Republic and received a special prize from the jury.

Sarıkaya made her acting debut with a minor part in the movie Şaşkın in 2006 and later starred in the film Plajda in 2008.

Şaşkın was directed by Şahin Alpaslan and Sarıkaya portrayed the character Itır.

At the same year she appeared in the television series Peri Masalı directed by Sinan Çetin and was later prepared by him for her first leading role in Limon Ağacı. She was then prepared by Çetin for her first leading role in a TV series titled Peri Masalı directed by Celal Çimen.

She portrayed the fairy godmother Talya. Her co-stars included Ayşen Gruda, Altan Günbay and Şahap Sayılgan.

At the same year she starred in the TV series Limon Ağacı alongside Kaan Urgancıoğlu. It was again produced by Sinan Çetin and directed by Deniz Ergun. After the tenth episode, Sarıkaya's character Peri was removed from the storyline.

In 2008, Sarıkaya began to take part in the TV series Adanalı which was created by Tayfun Güneyer and directed by Adnan Güler. The starring cast included Oktay Kaynarca, Mehmet Akif Alakurt and Selin Demiratar.

Serenay SarıkayaShe played the role of Oktay Kaynarca's Greek-Turkish daughter named Sofia and received critical acclaim for mix Greek-Adana accent.

She competed in the national beauty contest of Miss Turkey on 1 April 2010, representing the National Capital, Ankara. She was placed as the first runner-up to the eventual winner, Gizem Memiç, representing Gaziantep, and earned the right to represent Turkey on the Miss Universe contest.

However, she dropped this chance as she wanted to continue her acting career and Gizem Memiç took her place instead.

Sarıkaya left the cast of Adanalı in its second season and instead started to act in another TV series titled Lale Devri produced by Şükrü Avşar and directed by Murat Düzgünoğlu.

She portrayed the character of Yeşim Taşkıran. Her co-stars included Tolgahan Sayışman and Hatice Aslan.

She sang a song in an episode of this series that attracted the audience and received proposals for making an album. Sarıkaya said that she had discovered her talent in music with the help of her friend and was trained to improve her sound.

But, in an interview she was offered an opportunity to record an album to which she replied: "The offers are correct and the fees aren't bad. But I'm not going to sing. My job is acting".

She starred in a short film in 2011 titled Hoşçakal. In 2012, after finishing the second season of Lale Devri, she decided to leave the series at the beginning of the third season.

Serenay SarıkayaShe came to international attention for her roles in Lale Devri and Medcezir and received critical acclaim and won numerous accolades, including two Golden Butterfly Awards.

She continued her movie career with a role in Behzat Ç. Ankara Yanıyor in 2013.

In addition to her acting career, Sarıkaya has appeared in many advertising films and is the face of numerous brands. In 2014, she was chosen as the Woman of the Year by GQ Turkey.

In May of 2013, Sarıkaya began shooting for Behzat Ç. Ankara Yanıyor, a film adapted from the television series Behzat Ç. Bir Ankara Polisiyesi. She portrayed the character Melisa.

That same year Sarıkaya alongside Çağatay Ulusoy acted in the series Medcezir which is based on the original American series The O.C.. The scenario was written by Ece Yörenç and the series was directed by Ali Bilgin.

Sarıkaya's character Mira Beylice, was an adaptation from one of the original series' characters, Marissa Cooper.

In 2014, she appeared in an advertising film for Elidor alongside her Medcezir co-star, Hazar Ergüçlü. and in March of the same year, she appeared in another advertising film for the brand Thor directed by an Icelander.

Serenay SarıkayaShe later became the face of Mavi Jeans after signing a two-year contract. For the promotion of the spring-summer collection of this brand, Sarıkaya shot commercials alongside the famous Brazilian model Francisco Lachowski.

At the September of the same year, she again appeared in an advertising film for the same brand. The action scenes involved in the advertising film was shot in three days.

For the promotion of 2015 spring-summer collection of Mavi Jeans, Sarıkaya went in front of the camera with Kerem Bürsin. Sarıkaya and Bürsin's joint singing in the commercials received a positive response from the audience.

She played "Duru" in Fi series that based on the novels of same name. She also played Afife Jale who world's first muslim actress and turkish actress in musical of Fi series.

In 2013 she was chosen Best Stylish Actress in "Turkey Elle Style Awards". In 2014, she was chosen as the Woman of the Year by "GQ Turkey".

She is the face of numerous brands and is one of the best models that brand international "Mavi" has.

She has very beautiful voice. In a series of Medcezir she showed that she also has brilliant voice.

Serenay SarıkayaWith her co-partner Cagatay Ulusoy, they have recorded many songs, that all are hits like Isyan, Sabret, Tek Basina, Masum Degiliz and of course duets with Cagatay Ulusoy: Beni Benimle Birak Giderken, Dunyayi Durduran, Medcezir, Bir Kuyruklu Yildiza Mektup.

Even at an early age she is thought of as one the best actresses that Turkey has - leaving behind very good actresses that are older and have more experience - like Beren Saat, Berguzar Korel, Tuba Buyukustun and many others. To many people she is considered the future of Turkey.


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Year Title Role Notes
2006 Şaşkın Itır Supporting role
2008 Plajda Aslı Supporting role
2010 How to Train Your Dragon Astrid Hofferson Dubbing voice
2011 Hoşçakal Sarah Short film
2013 Behzat Ç. Ankara Yanıyor Melisa Supporting role
2016 İkimizin Yerine Çiçek Main role
Year Title Role Notes
2008 Peri Masalı Talya Supporting role
2008 Limon Ağacı Peri Main role
2008–10 Adanalı Sofia Dikkaya Supporting role
2010–12 Lale Devri Yeşim Taşkıran Main role
2013–15 Medcezir Mira Beylice Main role
2017 Fi Duru Main role


Year Award Category Work Result
2010 Miss Turkey Runner-up
2013 Turkey Elle Style Awards Best Hair Style Medcezir Won
2014 magazinci.com Awards Best Actress Won
Turkey Men of the Year Awards Woman of the Year Won
Istanbul Technical University Awards Best TV series Actress Won
5. Ayaklı Newspaper TV Stars Awards Best Actress in a Drama Series Won
Çanakkale 18 Mart University Awards Best Actress Won
>Karadeniz Technical University Awards Best Actress Won
4. İMK Social Media Awards Best Actress Won
3. Crystal Mouse Media Awards Best Actress Won
41. Golden Butterfly Awards Best Actress Won
2015 Istanbul Arel University 4. Media and Art Awards Most Admired TV series Actress Won
YTÜ Stars of the Year Awards Most Admired TV series Actress Won
5. Unimpeded Life Foundation Awards Best TV Actress of the Year Won
MGD 21. Gold Lens Awards Best Drama Actress Won
Turkey Youth Awards Best Actress Won
4. Media Awards Best Actress Won
Kayahan Media and Arts Awards Best Actress of the Year Won
6. Quality of Magazine Awards Top Quality Actress Won
42. Golden Butterfly Awards Best Actress Won
2016 2. Elele Avon Woman Awards Actress of the Year Nominated
6. Elle Style Awards Elle Style Actress of the Year Nominated
10. GSUEN Awards Best TV/Movie Actress Nominated
7. İMK Social Media Awards Best Actress Nominated
2017 24. İTÜ EMÖS Achievement Awards Most Successful Movie Actress of the Year İkimizin Yerine Won
12. İTÜ Makinistanbul Media, Art and Sport Awards Movie Actress of the Year Won


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